27 Odessa, United States
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My self-summary
Updated 8/7/16
So here I am again... reactivated my account because I thought... what the hell why not? So here's the part that I convince you that I'm awesome. But in my past relationships I've wished that all the flaws were laid out so you know what you're getting to.
Here it goes....
I'm a single mother of one and she is my number one everyone else fallows. My time is valuable so don't waste it.
I'm originally from sweet beautiful AUSTIN TEXAS. Soon I will be making my way back. Sorry to offend but I hate it here. It's so boring!
I'm THICK. I have curves and I embrace them. I'm not your basic, skinny, blonde Barbie.
I'm blunt. There's no reason to sugar coat anything, I'm gonna tell you like it is.
I'm vulgar. I swear like a sailor! Habit I'm trying to cut down.
I smoke. Cigarettes are extremely hard to quit and don't try to convince me to quit. I'm doing it at my own pace.
I'm an orphan! My mother passed almost 4 years ago. Dad is still alive but left when I was 3 & lives out of state so I'm use to not rely on him. Have siblings but they're off doing they're own thing. So I guess I'm independent.
Um is this the part where I say I drink like a fish? Because I don't. I drink socially and even then I'll only get a buzz. Growing up with alcoholics will do that to ya.
I'm silly at times and love the quote by the joker "Why so serious?" Because you got to take things lightly sometimes.
I have a lot of guy friends! Majority if them are gay! Some aren't. But those who aren't, we have been friends since elementary school.
I can't get a long with most girls. I know it says I'm bisexual because... I am. But man. Bitches be Trippin sometimes. So I'm very selective on the type of girls i talk to.

Okay, if your still reading this and i didn't discourage you on any of that, here's the goods:

I love watching movies
I love hiking. Going on long walks.
I love to read.
Anything Batman i love! Besides dawn of justice. Wtf was that crap?
I love to rollerblade. Not great at it but i love it.
I love to cook. New recipes are my favorite!
I guess you could say I'm the typical stay at home mother (when I'm not working of course)
On a typical day you'll find me listening to some dub & reading a book.
I can't stand what TV is today. Nothing but reality shows.
What I’m doing with my life
Being the best person I can be.
I’m really good at
Cooking! Being a Mommy!
The first things people usually notice about me
My glasses. My Lips.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Authors: Charles De lint, Melvin Burges, Hunter S. Thompson, Chuck Palaniuk, ugh so many i forgot most of them...

The Crow
Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind.
Pineapple Express.
The Fountain.
The Tree of Life.
Batman begins.
Batman dark knight
Uggghhhhh.... Okay lets just say I'm not your typical girl! I'm not the one that pulls you into a chick flick when you really want to see Mad Max I want to see it too! I love almost anything as long it has a good cast and a good plot.

I hate twilight! Lestat would demolish your whole group, Edward. And Louie would make your pack into fur coats, Jacob.

Music: I love anything and everything! I'm not hard to please with music. As long it's not crazy hair metal bands we're good! Country is okay...
Death metal, black metal, hip hop, r&b, dub, electro, house, folk, blue grass. Ugh the list goes on :)
The six things I could never do without
My daughter. Internet (hey your on it now right?). Money.... I hate being broke. Food. Water? Sex? Ya know the necessities.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The future!
The past!
The present!
On a typical Friday night I am
Probably working.Yeah I know I'm lame.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I love Seinfeld!
You should message me if
My brutal honesty didn't scare you off.

And you don't look like you had a hybrid beaver-porcupine die on your face then go ahead and message me! I don't mind beards but clean and short! Can't stand this duck dynasty trend that ppl have started. Men in Texas shouldn't have one because beards are meant for the cold! There is no such thing as winter in Tejas.