35 Bethany, United States
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My self-summary
To be honest, I'm not even sure most of you exist.

I am the kind of guy that just goes for it. I don't usually plan things out. I guess you can call that spontaneous. I wouldn't call myself average although I try to stay fairly grounded.

I stay pretty busy. I work a lot of hours and I'm in some local bands. I like punk rock quite a bit. I don't wear spikes or a mohawk, but a lot of those types like my bands.

I'm a minimalist. I prefer youtubers and podcasts over TV and my interests are not ironic. I won't wear lederhosen, sport a twirly mustache, or ramble on about how your favorite band was better before they got famous. I can typically talk for hours about music and maybe even show how certain musicians do what they did. I used to be enthusiastic about growing my beard until it became trendy. I suppose I'm a non-conformist with my clean shaven, crew-cutted self.

ENFP for those of you who put weight in that fancy Briggs/Meyer thingy. I personally don't, but I get into conversations where it comes up. (Robin Williams, Bob Dylan, Mark Twain)

I am neutral to religion. I like learning about all of them in an academic sense, but I'm a free agent. I also tend to lean very liberal politically. I know that I don't like extremism in all of it's forms. To be honest, I really don't care what a person believes. If a belief system gets you through your day and makes you want to do good, then I think it's a good thing and you should do it.

I get a lot of compliments on how I live in the moment and not worry so much about the future.

I'm very serious about my art, but I know how to laugh at myself. Humor is very important to me.
What I’m doing with my life
No idea. I just want to have fun before I become wormfood.

I make my living as a manager of a shop, and I do well with it. I just moved to Bethany with some cool roomies and their doom band that practices in the living room on the weekends.

I'm mainly just winging it though. I would move tomorrow if the right opportunity presents itself.
I’m really good at
I'm good at a number of things, but I'm also my own worst critic. I mentioned being a minimalist earlier, but I'm also a perfectionist. If I miss one note in a song while on stage, I will obsess over it.

Also, run-on sentences, incomplete sentences, playing devil's advocate, picking a bass, bombing first dates, stage fright, motivation, and damage control.

Experimenting with sounds, throwing away manuals to synth modules and getting the most screwed up tones. I am currently starting a noise project with an artist friend that I met on okcupid. I have a new pedal called "the mothership" and it's out of this world.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Food: I'm a taco addict. I also like fried chicken. Lately it's been salads and sandwiches, because burritos and fried chicken put the pounds on me.

Movies: I'm a nerd. I watch nerdy movies, but rarely. I have a hard time watching them by myself. I'd honestly rather play a game.

Books: I just finished "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" which was a good read. I like the mid 20th century classics. I do a lot of blog reading and I'm a bit of a newshound as well.

TV: I watch Hulu and netflix mainly. I like animated shows quite a bit. I think Archer is my spirit guide. I watch sports sometimes when I'm bored on a Sunday.

Music: Ramones, The Beatles, Run DMC, Rolling Stones, Bowie, Elvis, Black Sabbath, Germs, Black Flag, Wipers, Bleak House, Public Enemy, (70s) Aerosmith, Soundgarden, L7, Bad Religion, Saxon, Parliament, James Brown, Sleep, Boris, Hank Williams III, Death, NWA, Slayer, Hendrix, Darkthrone, Electric Light Orchestra, Pentagram, Cock Sparrer, Johnny Thunders, Sex Pistols, James Taylor, Leftover Crack, Agent Orange, Dr Know, Cat Stevens, Ohio Players, Destruction, Kreator, Veruca Salt, Merciful Fate, The Ventures, Witchcraft, Van Halen, White Stripes, Dead Kennedys, Diamondhead, Blitzkrieg, Witchfinder General, Electric Wizard, Saint Vitus, Tygers of Pan Tang, Budgie, George Harrison, Michael Jackson, Sperm Birds, ill Repute, Beastie Boys, Pavement, Clutch, Helmet, Melvins, Kiss, Fugees, Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Ornette Coleman, Miles Davis, Joy Division, Buzzcocks, Tank, X, The Cars, Led Zeppelin
The six things I could never do without
My tools. I literally can't make a living without them.

My Fender Jazz Bass, Sunn amp, tuner and picks. I like to get funky and I won't settle for a shitty Ampeg.

A pillow, blanket, and a fan blowing on me when it is time for sleep.

Money, because as idealistic as I can be, I still need money to do all of that cool shit I like to do.

Electricity. Getting back to nature is fun for a week or so, but I like all the things electricity can do for us.

My cellphone, because I have to stay in contact with my corporate overlords.

My stupid vape because I have an oral fixation and a nicotine addiction and I have no willpower. I will quit smoking, dammit!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I'm starting to get annoyed by my super political friends on facebook/twitter. The topics don't bother me so much as the flamewars that arise from people who can't handle their shit in a debate.

I really want to start a podcast, but I get crippling writer's block every time I attempt to write an outline for the first episode. I've been trying for 3 years.

Maybe the 2012 Mayan apocalypse wasn't so much of a prediction as it was a recommendation.
On a typical Friday night I am
I do shows at least once a month and that sometimes falls on a Friday. I work every Saturday, so I'm usually at home smoking crack and worshiping the devil. (It's a joke)
You should message me if
Just be your awesome self. I don't like people who put up a front.

Be nice and I'll do the same.