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My self-summary
I love horses. No, you may not understand--- I *LOVE* horses. Like a little girl does. You know: I squeal with delight, going "Ooooh!" and "Ahhhhh!" when I see a pretty horse. I love riding horses, and caring for them.

But I like women; I like women a great deal. If women always came with a horse, like a telephone bill or credit card bill always comes with a payment envelope, Earth would be my idea of what Heaven must surely be like.

Are you a woman? Are you sitting on a horse? If you nickered "Yes" twice, then by the gods I love you. I want to marry you and your horse. You can have me for a mere song: just whinny, and I'll come trotting over.

Yes, a song. I sing, constantly. I am always singing, usually out loud; if you find me at a moment when a song is not coming from my lips, you can bet even money that there is a song going on in my head. I'm the darling of karaoke night!

When I'm riding a horse, I am also singing. If there is a horse with a woman next to me, or a woman with a horse next to me, while I am riding, then I am not only singing, but also grinning with bliss.

Do you sing? Do you sing to your horse? If yes, I love you already: I don't even need to meet you, nor your horse--- I already love you.

Other things:

o) Yes, I cried when Flicka was attacked by the cougar; yes, I cried when War Horse got caught in the barbed wire. Well okay, I didn't *ACTUALLY* cry, but I considered doing so.

o) I love science including astronomy, evolution and evolutionary theory, the physics behind human-caused climate change, space-time, and quantum mechanics. I am a long-time member of the Skeptics Society.

o) Past jobs included computer programmer, boat delivery, and environmental service supervisor at a long-term health care facility. I currently work as a ranch hand on a cattle ranch in the canyon lands of northern New Mexico.

o) I have sailed the South Pacific, North Pacific, Hawaii, and through the Panama Canal, on to the Grand Cayman Islands, Cuba, and the Florida Keys.

o) I detest the taste of alcohol. I hate the stuff. But I also like bluegrass music and karaoke night at The Cowgirl Bar and Grill in Santa Fe. Wee hee!

o) I am strong, fit, hyper-active," and hard to keep up with. I walk like a Tennessee Walker (long, fast gait), and I jump over obstacles like Kiss Me Not (that's a famous horse).

o) The only "men's magazine" / "literature" I'm interested in is Horse & Rider Magazine.

o) I write. My current project is "Ten Horses for Snow Hare."

[June 2014 update: my images here are at least two years old; I will upload new ones.]
What I’m doing with my life
November 2015 update: I have been filmed for a few movies and TV shows this year, mostly as a "background actor." I have added three images from those films.

Some of my time I spend on YouTube: I have around 8,000 subscribers, and I make videos about how insulting and asinine Creationism is, and videos about how "free energy" is impossible, and about life here on a cattle ranch.

As I mentioned above, at the moment I live and work on a cattle ranch in Northern New Mexico. When fences are all mended, and the horses cats goats chickens dogs are all fed, and the small engines are repaired, and the cattle are on the mesa for the summer, and the leaks in the plumbing are all patched, and the gates are finally swinging open and closed freely, and the hay is stacked, and the grass is mowed..... then I get to do it all over again! Woo hoo! I do not like working all day, every day, but a cowboy's work ain't ever done.

Meanwhile, I also write (two novels at the moment), read a great deal, sing, hug the horses, mop the floors.

No one lives as well as I do.
I’m really good at
I sing very well; there have been times when I was working at my desk operating a mid-range computer, or programming a computer, where I was also singing loudly to myself.... just to turn in my chair and find the room full of women who had come to listen. (Me, bushing to death.)

I also write well, solve many varied and assorted problems well, and cook well.
The first things people usually notice about me
.... the horse under me.

Also, I have no hair on top of my head; what hair I do have is Psycho Doc-from-back-to-the-future hair, and it is stark white. I am currently cultivating facial hair for a movie I wish to be a "extra" in. [UPDATE: The facial hair has been removed, and whew what a relief! In the past two months (May, June 2014) I was filmed for one theater movie, one "reality TV" show pilot, and one ABC (Australia) "Dateline" episode.]

Also, I move very quickly. I am hyper-kinetic. When walking through a store or down a sidewalk, I have to leap around slow, dull, low-energy people or I'll trample them like I'm a big dull-witted Percheron (that's a horse, of course!) without meaning to do so. I like to climb things: walls, trees, rocks, logs, buildings....
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
*MUSIC* Any song that has horses in it. Also: Aretha Franklin; Alannah Myles; Alison Krauss; Baillie and The Boys; Bangles; Beach Boys; Carpenters; Celine Dion; Charley Pride; Claire Lynch; Clint Black; Conway Twitty; Crystal Gayle; Dale Ann Bradley; Dido; Dixie Chicks; Don Williams; Eddy Arnold; Emmylou Harris; Jessica Andrews; Jewel; Jim Ed Brown and Helen Cornelis; Jo Dee Messina; Joan Baez; John Denver; Johnny Rodriguez; Judy Rodman; Juice Newton; Kate MacKenzie; Kate Wolf; LeAnn Rimes; Lee Ann Womack; Linda Ronstady; Lorrie Morgan; Melissa Etheridge; Miranda Lambert; Nanci Griffith; Moody Blues; Pam Tillis; Patty Loveless; Reba McEntire; Roger Whittaker; Ronnie Milsap; Rosanne Cash; Sammi Smith; Sara Evans; Shakira; Shania Twain; Shawn Colvin; SHeDAISY; Sheri Porter; Simon & Garfunkel; Susan Ashton; Suzy Bogguss; Sweethearts Of The Rodeo; Sylvia; Tammy Wynette; Taylor Swift; Terri Clark; The Eagles; The Statler Brothers; Tim McGraw; Trisha Yearwood; Vince Gill; Wynonna Judd; Willie Nelson.

*MOVIES* "Flicka," "War Horse," "The Black Stallion," "Secretariat," "National Velvet," "Seabiscuit, "Blue Fire Lady," "Hildalgo," "Black Beauty," "The Black Stallion Returns," "All the Pretty Horses." [I think I detect a pattern here....]

16 years ago I shot my television to death (frightening my neighbor in the process), and I have not watched TV since then. I loathe television, and I wish it did not exist: society would be vastly more healthy without it.
Six things I could never do without
Toilet paper
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Horses, women, horses, writing, horses, ranch work, horses.....

... and where the Okcupid users' journals and quizzes went.
On a typical Friday night I am
... reading a book, or writing a book, or checking the non-human animals, or cooking myself a fabulous dinner.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I sleep outside at night, every night.
You should message me if
I find it frustrating that OKCupid tells me that more than a dozen women "like" me, yet most of those women have not sent messages to me. Why not?

1) You're female, and
2) Love horses, and
3) Sing!
4) "Get" my sense of humor.
The two of us