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My self-summary
This profile, although trying to be entirely honest, has been cleverly designed to entice the unwitting reader into wanting to know more. Those with a tendency to be easily influenced may wish to leave now.

-I always finish what I start even if it is no longer relevant.
-I prefer to be second knowing that I could have won.
-I never agree, just to be nice, I will argue my point to the end.
-I have strong willpower and am able to resist temptation.
-I function best when others have lost control and hope.
-If everybody else is doing it, I'm probably not interested.
-I am frustrated when I see things not done to the highest
standards, especially relating to ergonomics and design.
-I don't feel the need to define everything around me.
-Under no circumstances do I ever stand in a queue.
-I prefer Wood and brass to plastic.
-I once crossed a minefield whilst playing Jim Reeves' Christmas album.

In general, I do what is required from life. I am very focused at whatever it is I'm doing at the moment and usually achieve my goals. I can successfully navigate most things without needing the involvement of others. I appear to be easy-going but at the same time am very tuned in to what's going on around me.

I am tolerant of others and non judgemental. I get on equally well with murderers, terrorists and gangsters as I do with intellectuals and creative types. That doesn't mean I'm any of these categories or condone their particular behaviours but just to say, throughout my life so far, I have come into contact with many diverse elements of society and got alone fine with all of them.

I grew up in England but lived in many countries since and gained from many cultures. I don't have fixations like religion to limit my view of things or feel the need to be converting someone to something.

In a previous phase of my life I was a professional soldier and was actually quite good at it. I learnt a lot about myself and life in the process. Forget the Rambo stereotype, brains beats brawn every time.

I think I have a genetic modification in my response to danger, where it doesn't seem to generate the necessary fear to survive that it should. I had to give up parachuting because I simply was not that stressed about opening the parachute on time, to the dismay of my instructors.

Arrogance, narrow-mindedness, bad manners and fixation with low level things like money, power and possessions are a turn-off, wisdom and confidence of self and spirit are preferred.

I have a great sense of justice and don't go well with people who think they, for some reason, are better than others. Even if they are, I will always side with the under-dog.

In relationships so far I always ended up worse off for it. I was married to a really nice woman for 7 years, who turned out not to be so nice. After divorce, I decided never to marry again. Over the years I've had other girlfriends who ranged from manic depressives to suicidal schizophrenics. I do seem to attract people with problems. I know I'm a problem-solver but I really would prefer someone without major issues, I just prefer an easy uncomplicated life these days.

You may wish not to believe it, but I've had several paranormal encounters, mainly when I was younger and am in no doubt about the existence of spirit forces, although I cannot explain what they are or what they want. As a child, we had both a poltergeist and an exorcist visiting our home long before I knew what the terms meant. Nothing much happened since I left UK however, maybe ghosts only want to interact with someone who knows the local language.

OK. Some weirder stuff. People tell me I am speaking in some ancient language when I am asleep. Those who have heard me, tell me I am speaking in Aramaic, Hebrew or the like. What does it all mean? I haven't a clue and don't really feel the need to find out.

I feel I have some absurd stories to tell.
What I’m doing with my life
Just cruising through life. Again I appreciate it may sound a bit "fringe" to some, but I believe that this is probably my last reincarnation in life before moving on to other things, whatever they may be. I don't really have any grand aims for this life and certainly don't want to be remembered for anything, that would be too pretentious. It is not for me to preach to people but I think I am really good at giving impartial advice.

I once tried to raise funds for my "last British eccentric south-pole coffee shop project". The funds raised only covered my advertising costs and somebody sent me a jar of coffee, so I suppose it must be counted as a successful enterprise.

A future project idea is to be the first person to successfully take a grand piano up mount Everest.

I'm currently running my own consulting company trying to solve other people's technical problems. It pays the rent and I seem to be good at it so I'll do that for now. I'm constantly amazed at how I can make a good living from telling people common sense and what they should already know.
I’m really good at
Anything involving endless patience
Problem solving
Reducing complex things to their essentials
Common sense
Planning things
Doing exactly what I said I was going to do without deviation
Predicting trends 3 years before they happen
Instinctively understanding the true value of things
Getting the best deal
Ergonomics and good design
Appreciating talented people
Survival,escape & evasion & anti-interrogation techniques
Remember, I really am going to do exactly what I said I was going to
The first things people usually notice about me
-I don't get noticed, I prefer to be the grey man and not stand out in a crowd. However you would certainly notice me working.
-Tall, dark hair & blue eye combination.
-I have some good stories from real life.
-I think differently.
-I appear to be a little eccentric in comparison to the norm
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: All kinds of history books, paranormal, occult & esoteric. Fiction would come last in the priority list but Charles Dickens would have to still be my favourite story-teller.

Films: something with good direction and acting, which usually implies not Hollywood mainstream.

Music: Very wide spectrum

Culture: Edinburgh fringe festival, Theatre and Pantomime

Poetry: John Cooper Clark
Six things I could never do without
British sarcastic humour
International Travel
Cross-Cultural interaction
The right to disagree
Good tea &coffee
A calculator for adding up lists
Someone to check my calculations are correct
I spend a lot of time thinking about
-Philosophical stuff
-Why things are designed so stupidly
-Other people
-Business ideas
-Why people want to be part of the machine instead of thinking for themselves.
-Why the most valuable members of society (Not me!) are not paid the highest rewards.
-Why the most intelligent people (Again not me!) are not the ones making the decisions.
-Why irresponsible people (Definitely not me!) seem to have a better life.
On a typical Friday night I am
Researching some ongoing project or out socializing somewhere with a group of multi-national people.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Not that I concider it relevant, but I sometimes like to dress up in women's clothing. You could say a closet transvestite, cross-dresser, however you wish to describe it. Of course I don't go out like that. Just a harmless hobby really. Don't get the wrong idea, nothing to do with sexual orientation or effeminate behaviour.

I'm only telling you this, not because it's an important part of my character, but because I think it demonstrates my attitude to honesty, even when honesty may not always be to my advantage.

Also I wouldn't want you to develop an inferiority complex when you discover that I have better legs than you.
You should message me if
-If your over-worked butler is too busy to do it for you.
-You are astute enough to realize that responding to a profile without a picture could give you a strategic advantage over the competition.
-You don't take yourself (or me!) too seriously.
-You could be just as happy living on a park bench as in the beach-side villa.
-You think my profile cannot possibly be genuine and would like to check that I am not "computer-generated" as one person claimed I must be.
-You are capable of original thought.
-You absolutely think that you hate me based on the presented semantics. I would like the challenge of trying to show you otherwise.
-You don't buy things just because they say Apple on them.
-You own absolutely no Apple products, or you are about to be divorced from them.

NOTE. I feel it important to point out that having re-read my profile, I completely understand that the average girl may have some considerable trouble finding any affinity to it whatsoever and quickly move on to a "safer" profile. This may act in my favour as a filter mechanism. It would mean anyone actually contacting me made a conscious evaluation and recognized that the person behind the profile just might have something to offer.

I do appear to be in a bit of a niche market
(or completely out of the market!).
I haven't decided yet, I'm sure you will.

Love Tom
The two of us