32London, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
*Random but important note*
If you comment on my looks *at all* in your first message with me, that's an instant red flag. (That doesn't mean you can't comment on something about my photos and/or style, whatever) I don't trust, like or appreciate anyone who's first exchange with me includes something about my looks or comments on me physically. I find it tedious, objectifying and I don't take it as a a compliment, nor am I morally obliged to act like it is one. This is also me setting a boundary, if you choose to break that then your actions have already told me all I need to know about how much we're not going to get on.

Also - I am not here for sex. I am here to meet good, decent human beings. So again, if you can't at least make an attempt to talk to me like a human being, then we're not going to get on.

So now that's out of the way... Here's a bit about me...

I appreciate people who show respect for me as a human being, my body, my feelings and most importantly my boundaries. In short, don't be an asshole and we'll get on just fine! :)

I'm mainly looking to meet new friends. A good start would be if you are a spinny/juggling/burner type or are interested in or already living with a polyamorous relationship background.

In terms of relationships, I'm a very "it is what it is" kind of person, no expectations. The way I like to see it is I'm basically in some kind of relationship with everyone I know, just each person/situation has different boundaries. (hugging only relationships, kisses only, intimate sex, fun sex, snuggles etc...) But I'm not interested in one-night stands or sex for sex's sake. I don't and won't do that. I am not here to get into anyone's pants or let anyone into mine without knowing pretty damn well who you are first. I'm very particular about who I share sexy time with.

Most of my closest friends and best friends are male and I'm exceptionally cuddly with many of them. I stopped being myself around my friends once to keep a guy happy because of jealousy and badly handled anxiety and have never been so miserable! So if you're the jealous/possessive/high demanding type then we're probably not going to get on very well.

I have a hugely active imagination and regularly have really abstract thought processes. I'm a little random at times but I like me that way.

I'm a musician and fire performer and have some very limited magic skills as well.

I will always say and take what you say at face value. I do't pander to hinting. If you say you are fine, I will assume that is the case unless you tell me otherwise. I don't BS about how I feel about something but I won't attack you when I tell you about it either... and it's pretty much impossible to really piss me off.
What I’m doing with my life
Nothing specific and proud! I have a degree in music teaching but I will work any job to pay the bills, especially when it allows me to do the things I love doing... I love performing, either music or fire dancing and more recently magic! And I try to do these things as much as I possibly can. Getting paid for it is an occasional bonus!
I’m really good at
Dunno about "really good at" but I love singing and performing. I like being on the stage and will take most opportunities to do something for a crowd of people. Not in an extroverted "show off" way... but in a "like to see the happy face reaction" way.

One of my fave compliments a friend gave me was that I am "Malleable " because I am good at hugs, very good at hugs ^_^

being patient? Not sure if this is the right place to put this little nugget of info, but I'm incredibly hard to annoy/piss off and have been blessed with an endless amount of patience.

Another word that has been used to describe me is "consistent" which I liked :) Generally people always know where they stand with me.
The first things people usually notice about me
I talk very, very quickly! And my brain doesn't always keep up with what I'm saying ...

That I have very blue eyes (I regularly get asked if they are contact lenses) and usually people comment on whatever my hair seems to be doing at the time!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I enjoy reading generally when I have the time, and read anything that takes my fancy. However at the moment I'm writing my own book so that's taking up a lot of my attention.

The Labyrinth, or anything by Tim Burton/Jim Henson

Love most music. Favourite composer is probably Danny Elfman. I love the "Dance Macabre" by Saint Saens. I love musicals, "Phantom of the Opera" has always had a special place though. English Art Song is my "Speciality" when I'm singing, though again will sing most things and can regularly be seen at some of the musical theatre open mic nights!

I'm a difficult Vegetarian, or "Piscetarian" (veggie but eats fish). So I will eat/try most things that fit under this category!
Six things I could never do without
Flow toys - specifically my flow-wand
My voice
Something fluffy
Did I say Hugs?
My friends
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Life, the Universe and everything! I'm easily distracted and get side tracked into thinking about loads of stuff from a simple conversation.... kind of like clicking the "related" videos on Youtube... and will always side track to something random and interesting..... or just random...

Why most people seem to think being in open/poly
relationships means you're not committed to those people, or that
"open" is code for "Sleeping around", or that being poly means you will sleep with anyone (-_-) ... this is not true and is a stereotype I'd like to see rectified.

This is an awesome "little" read for anyone who is interested or at least would like to know a little more about what the poly thing is all about -

Where I want to go next and what I want to do there! Doesn't have to be far away to be an adventure.
On a typical Friday night I am
Working, performing or playing with fire toys :)
Failing that, curled up in copious amounts of fluff with a gigantic cup of tea
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I break easily. Sex is something that is more physically demanding for me than the average person. I'm not about to give myself 3 days of pain for some guy who's idea of a "good night" involves sticking it in and out as fast as you can for 40 minutes. I'm 90% foreplay and some of my favourite/best/hottest sexual experiences have involved absolutely no penetration. If that seems like a really strange concept to you, then don't message me.

Also, I just can't deal with snoring.. I love curling up and cuddling up with people and being sleepy and if there's snoring there's no sleeping for me.. which means a grumpy sleepy kitten.
You should message me if
You understand the following -

a) women are not morally obliged to give you their time, or a chance or reply to every single message they receive.
b) name-calling and abuse is not the way to handle dealing with a rejection.
c) women know when they are being objectified. Some like it, some don't. It's called being and individual and having a personality... yes women do that.
d) Women are also not morally obliged to take your objectification as a compliment.
e) Women also know when a conversation is beating around the bush and trying to veer towards the "let's meet up, NSA" direction. Again, some women are interested. Some are not. Deal with it... then see point a) ...

Basically if you're a not an asshole then we're going to get on great :) to quote Little Red Ridinghood - Nice is different than Good.

Other reasons!! -

You're not just out to 'do' me and actually have an interest in some of or similar things I am interested in.

You like to perform or enjoy watching musical/fiery things.

You like adventures.

You have been/are open to poly relationships and would like to talk about them and your experiences.
The two of us