37Minneapolis, United States
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My self-summary
So the Beard is gone, I decided it was time to shave after a year and a half not doing so. Will it come back? Maybe. In some ways I have the feeling that I'll never be able to just let it go again, that I will now spend my life keeping it edged in and trimmed and tamed in order to present a proper image. Call me Samson.

I have recently moved back into the Twin Cities following a series of short-lived, but quite interesting jobs scattered between Arizona, Aitkin, and the North Shore. I generally like the area, good food, good bars, good people.

I have an ecology degree from the UofM, and have been referred to as a hippie, commie, and liberal by a variety of friends and not so friendlies. I take no offense to any of these really, and suspect that I may be further down the rabbit hole of environmental/liberal thought than any of these.

Theater season has started!

I am kinetic, inquisitive, and tactile
What I’m doing with my life
Working as a field technician at an environmental engineering firm. It is a good job, which I will be staying at for a few years most likely. Sometimes I feel like I'm waiting, but other times I feel like I have it really good. It makes it hard to figure out if I like where I'm at right now. The answer I've arrived at is that I DO like my job and life right now, but if conditions were perfect I'd be doing something else. I hope to continue working at environmental education, perhaps by getting a masters, and maybe leaving the standard system to fully join the environmental system in a few years.

I take a perverse pleasure in making people guess my age. They almost always fail. We're talking 99.9% of the time, I think only 1 person has got it right in the last 5 years. Anyone reading this has an unfair advantage however. Most likely the poor guessing has to do with me being bald, it's been that way since I was 18, and I honestly don't know how "hiding" it by shaving my head does me any good outside of a darwinian reproduction sense. And while I like nookie as much as the next guy (or girl for that matter), I do not like to let the persuit of sex dominate my life.
I’m really good at
Baking, learning from my mistakes, putting things off, getting things done when I have to, indicision, 500 (the real version with bauers and whatnot, not that rummy crap), cards in general, growing a beard, not caring much about first opinions because I generally don't do too well on the first glance system. I'm getting good at cooking in general too. Wanting to go outside and play. I've hiked a good number of the ranges in the upper rockies, and just enjoy nature in general.
The first things people usually notice about me
Now that I took off the Beard, the first thing I expect people to notice is the lack of beard and hair. Well that is certainly the first thing that people I know notice. As for people who don't know me, probably the height and the shiny, shiny head. "You DO have adorable dimples!" was what a co-worker's boyfriend told me the other day.

I am generally quite difficult to catch without a smile, unless I am trying to focus a crappy camera phone.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
a) Sometimes a book grabs ahold of me and getting away is tough, now might be one of those times. I can put the book down and walk away, but it follows.

I have quite the list depending on the genre. I've decided to eliminate the genre headings and just list the books though. Language Older Than Words, Sex, Economy, Freedom, and Community, Wheel of Time, the Mars series, Flatland, [The Things They Carried]], while I don't like some of Heinlein's philosophies; Stranger in a Strange Land is a truly amazing book, Botany of Desire, The Monkeywrench Gang

B) Dogma for a laugh, Time Bandits too. The Muppet Movie is an all time classic, and The Dark Crystal should never be forgotten. V for Vendetta! Clerks II was good. The comic book geek in me tries to see all the Marvel movies.

3) I just got a good amount of bluegrass, folk, and polyrhythmic music from a co-worker. I'm not familiar enough with everything he gave me to choose favorites, but I have had some darn good music flowing from my speakers lately.

Druken Irish Rock is good music.

Angry music tops are The Dropkick Murpheys, The Reverend Horton Heat, Floggin Molly.

Downer music favorites are Lucinda Williams, REM, Low, Iron and Wine, Leonard Cohen, Counting Crows, Greg Brown.

Indie favorites are The New Pornographers, Neko Case, Ani DiFranco, The Decemberists, Metric, Broken Social Scene, Matt Bingen, Accident Clearinghouse, Old Crow Medicine Show, Splashdown.

General alternative favorites are, Harvey Danger (man that free album is awesome), REM, The Violent Femmes, Mike Doughty, Soul Coughing, Counting Crows, Ben Folds (sometimes when I listen closely to the lyrics I wonder why, but then I just let the sound overwhelm me), Cracker.

All time favorites would be REM, Violent Femmes, Johnny Cash, Cracker. I can't believe I forgot The Magnetic Fields

That Other One) Bread, I love to eat it, I love to bake it, I just really like it. Atkins can blow me from the grave as far as I'm concerned, give me my fresh loaf of Cardamom Orange. I also am getting into an experimental mood, mainly involved with taking very good quality ingredients (organic, local, etc.) and cookbooks and seeing what happens. I am rather proud of my Egg Nog, although I don't know if it would taste as good in the summer. Tamales are wonderful, and fun to make!
Six things I could never do without
I generally don't like these questions because they support this view that we are identified by, and need to be tied to stuff. Here's my list though...

Friends, music, stars, conversations about silly things that might not really be silly, going outside and moving, and human interaction.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The handbasket we put this world into, where we are sending it, and what I can do about it. Unfortunately I haven't gotten too many answers yet.

Lately I've been delegating thoughts towards vermiculture and keeping my worms alive, if anyone can help me out there I'd apprciate it.

How cool wikipedia is.

My grandpa.

Elroy Berdahl.
On a typical Friday night I am
That is extraordinarily variable, pretty much everything from out drinking at a bar (but avoiding meat markets) to reading. I probably would be most likely to be playing cards (real cards), (not poker) with a group of friends. Once I shaved, but it is kind of like the old joke where the showman lights himself on fire, the downside is that I can only do it once.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Most people are surprised by what I am willing to admit in conversation, and a good number of people are also surprised by what they are willing to admit to me after a really short amount of time. Not that I would abuse such trust, which is quite possibly the reason why it is given.

I eat berries from the vine, a few of which are possibly on a "bad" list somewhere. Luckily there are very few berries in the wilds of Minnesota that will kill you, and I know those ones.

I don't like window blinds or door locks, but use them for other people's comfort.
You should message me if
You don't have a nightly schedule for TV watching.

You've noticed that I change what I write here fairly often. (If I haven't changed this for awhile should I erase this line? Or would that constitute changing?)

You are suspect of the veracity of what people keep telling you succesful is.

Where's Waldo.

You want or have some damn good bread formulae, or scones, or various other flour bearing food recipes.

You have always wanted to learn a card game.

You're looking for a conversation or three. The fourth might take some extra work.
The two of us