33 Pittsburgh, United States
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My self-summary
I was thinking the other night about this rune I've worn around my neck for almost a decade now, only removing it whenever the hemp rope broke. It's Nordic in orgin. The rune is Kenaz (It's commonly reprsented as a C that looks more like a V tilted on it's side.)

I always thought that runes were nifty, but not much else. Can't say that I really believe much of the wiccan ideaology that can be associated with them either. Rather, the meaning of this rune seems to summarize myself in a general sense. It's a fire. A passion. A desire to create. A desire to lead by example, to forge ahead. It's warm, and yet it's volatile.

Originally I only got the rune because I was a goofy teen who knew that it symbolized creativity and wanted something I could use as a conversation piece. (Look! It still is.) Also, at the time, I was aspiring to begin a degree in computer animation. It's a bit ironic to me that it's other meanings should be so spot on as well, though.

I love to create, but I've only really known one muse. Life has so much potential, but it seems all the more brighter when you have someone to share the simple things with.

Okay, it's true.. I have a pretty sarcastic wit sometimes, but I'm also only outgoing among friends, so I usually don't end up with my foot in my mouth when by saying something uncalled for to strangers. I tend to be generally shy around people I don't know, but I'm not afraid to drum up conversation to get to know them better either. Yet it happens to be a bit more challenging if the person in question is a cute girl..

I am perceptive, thoughtful, and animated
What I’m doing with my life
Actually, even though I have a degree, I'm back in school yet again for Graphic Design.

Currently, however, I'm smiling at all these questionaire boxes, and hoping I can be succinct enough to finish this up.
I’m really good at
Sketching/life drawing, writing. I like to cook, as well, though I wouldn't say that I'm great at it, but I am making steady progress!

I'm a big Street Fighter nut too; I've been a fan since the original SFII arcade machines and even after 20 years, it never seems to go out of style. Guilty pleasure, but only among friends who enjoy it the same.
The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes, or so I'm told.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
A) By author: C. S. Friedman, Melanie Rawn, Jack McDevitt, J.R.R. Tolkien, Dean Koontz, Stephen King. I also indulge in random mangas every now and then, though I'm not the anime nut who I once was.

B) Boiler Room, The Last Samurai, Kill Bill, The Thomas Crown Affair, Gladiator, Shaft (The 1971 version with Richard Roundtree)
The Dark Knight seems to have made it on this list as well...

C) Mostly things that don't go by artist, though I do listen to Enya, B-Boys, Slipknot, Live.
I enjoy classical and opera quite a bit.. It's relaxing and really great to sleep to. Most importantly, anything Jazzy / Techno (Though I really dislike using that word to classify what I like). D&B and Deep House mostly. I also nerd it up a lil bit by enjoying 8-bit flava brought back: see So good.

D) Being in the NW generally means you like Chinese and Japanese cuisine, and I'm no exception. Pho, Sushi, Calzones, Burritoes.. I could go on. I like alot, though I tend to cook mostly asian themed dishes when left to my own devices. Spicy dishes are a plus. So is chocolate. And raspberries! All meanings intended.
The six things I could never do without
Food, shelter, clothing.. Friends & Family, companionship, and conversation! Goodness, one can have the first three without it, but please don't try and present me with the others without it.

I like to talk out disagreements, not avoid them. I tend to debate issues; sometimes into the ground. Stubborn, yes. But I also like to think that I mean well. However, don't get the wrong idea. I do NOT like to argue. Because even if we don't see eye to eye, I want there to be understanding between myself and anyone I call a friend.

People who back down in conversation just because they don't want a confrontation irritate me. I love finding like interests, but I also enjoy discussing the how and why of differing viewpoints.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The future quite a bit. Occasionally mortality. It's a bit cryptic, I suppose, but there are lots of things I'd like to do with my life and time waits for no one.

Finding the balance between managing responsibilities and pursuing dreams is srsbsns! But really, figuring out how to travel with student loans to pay off is quite a task..
On a typical Friday night I am
I'm not big on clubs or bars. Did that for a short while, but it's really not for me. That scene really doesn't produce the types of people I'm looking to meet very often, and just tend to be money and time sinks.

I'm an avid fan of galleries and theatre. Unfortunately, I'm the type who really doesn't like to go places by myself. It's a bad habit that I've got to get out of. So if I'm not out with friends, I'm probably staying in watching TV, reading or on the computer.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Nothing! That is, I'll be happy to tell if you ask. (Being a bit enigmatic creates more interest anyway; doesn't it?)
You should message me if
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You have a furry tail and ears.
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