33Atlanta, United States
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My self-summary
I am an eclectic mix from my ethnic heritage and influences, to my taste in food music and other.
Some would say i'm eccentric. i would say i'm just true to who i am and i have confidence in to be my self no matter what the world thinks.
I've been said to be one of the most passionate, accepting, compassionate, patient, and funny person they've ever met.
I firstly I believe effective non-violent communication is key in any situation especially in a relationship.
Secondly directness and honesty are paramount.
Thirdly there's always room for humor, the world is hard and sad enough not to laugh.

A few important things to know before you read on.
*I do not do drama i do not play games. We are grown there is no need for us to wast our time on that.
*I am an atheist, If you are very religious, or cant rap your head around the idea, we probably wont get along.
*I'm a heavy duty activist. Even my job any graduate degree are directed at working towards social and economic justice.
*I do not watch TV listen to corporate radio or follow up on pop culture or the cult of celebrity, so if that's what your conversations are mainly based on I'll be at a loss.
*I'm Pan-Sexual. This does not mean im greedy, a horn dog, perv, or disloyal. It means i am attracted to a person for who they are and not what's between there legs.
What I’m doing with my life
Im currently on the road to finishing my masters in Applied Anthropology(now on hold because im working to save up more money). When im not focused on my education(now work) i work for many progressive groups and causes. my day life filled with random activities from biking to the kayaking or building things out of junk or creating stencils, and nights are just a roll of the dice. I just moved to Atlanta from St. Petersburg and im still tring to figure this place and its people out, so I don't have to many steady activities or hangouts. I did however pick up the old sax and sheet music for the first time in a while and im practicing to possibly form a jazzish or second line brass band one day. I am also in the process of getting healthy and going greener, I ride my bike to work every day and have started working out again, buying organic, and cooking all home meals from scratch and over all healthyish eating. I have been creating new furniture and decor out of old ones that I find. I used to go camping hiking and canoeingalot, id like to find some friends up here that are interested in it. I enjoy Urban out door activities too; Ally cat races, theater in the park, pick up sports, cook outs, back yard bon fires and beebee gun range.
I’m really good at
Cooking, coming off as a pompous ass, being cute an endearing but simultaneously making you wanna hit me. stupid jokes, knowing trivia (every thing but pop culture), accents, smelling good, Being in every scene while never finding one truly my own. picking up and leaving for what to most people seems like no reason to (straw that broke me people), travailing, meeting new people/ making new friends. Gypsy Roven, breaking furniture that wont fit in the dumpster, languages, fitting alot of stuff in a camery, blatant disregard for my own safety, listening, Being able to put a smile on your face and make you fell better no mater how bad it is (whilst being a horrible pessimist) massages, languages, insruments, starting bands making a few songs than moving. KUNG FU (no seriously i know kung fu) hiking, paddleing, camping and the like. learning/ being open minded........................... And apparently rambling.

oh and ive been told im a great kisser &.............ahh yeah ill leave it at that
The first things people usually notice about me
it would probably be one of these three; my Passion, Humor, or Kindness/Generosity.
physically; as my friend said im a big bear of a man. Im 6'5" and well built(no not fat).
Ive been compared to zangief from street fighter.
I am tall, have a mohawk, beard, and accent, so i guess it could be true.
i also have 00 gauge labret, and venom piercing (others not mentioned because if you'd notice them first theirs something horribly wrong)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I have no real favorites in any of these areas it just realy depends on my mood although their is always the trusty standbys.
One thing though i have killed my T.V. and i havn't watched it in more then 6 years. I try not to indulge in mindless activities. (i still have a T.V. to play my Wii and PS, which i only do with my roommate or when there's guests who want to play bowling or something of that sort).
Books basicly any thing interesting, Currently being read are; The Basque history of the world, A Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time, and Marquis De Sad (compilation), Good Omens, and collected Asimov's.
Movies I don't realy catch any in theaters any more i just watch ones recommended to me by friends usually their indi. or foreign and i only watch them with company so that's it an event not a passive activity, or when im going to bed.
Music im quit eclectic Usually Punk, World, Jazz, Funk, Soul, Older Hip-Hop, Goth/industrial trip-hop, blue grass, and many many more genre including Classical and Opera.
Food Is even more varied Im up for about any thing aslong as its not bland my favorite would probably be traditional Chinese though.

For all of these The Universe is to vast and varied to limit yourself to any one thing. I believe in loving the whole diversity of the universes infinite possibilities.
Six things I could never do without
Traveling, Liberty, Love, The Arts, Good food, and Good drink (and people to share these all with)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to make this world a better place from a community level to the international. Where to move next. Development theory Marxist and Anarchist theory. The zeroness of zero, Theoretical physics, I don't know....... random shit.
On a typical Friday night I am
Nothing is typical beside that im not home. It could be a show it could be a party it could be chilling at a bar or a gallery opining at dinner maybe work, who knows.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I hate mediocrity because even if your doing something i dont necessarily believe in my self. at least have the courage to stick by your convictions and go for the gold (even if its only worth a gold star in a special ed class). Dont be afraid of make a complete ass out of yourself. Trust me its funny most the time, i do it alot myself, but at least i have the cohones to do so.
You should message me if
I really dont care hit me up if you feel like it, for any reson. for example id realy like a Rhubarb Pie recipe if ya got one. be creative.
The two of us