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My self-summary
i am: Daria, Leslie Knope, and Abbi from Broad City. That might seem a little conflicted, but people who know me say "Yeah, that makes sense.."

Just returned from v2.0 of solo ~8300-mile looping 'round-the-country road trip. (Reflected in my linked Instagram.)

Beware, there are lots of words:

Straight up,: I'm seeking a primary. If you're not a potential primary but are exceptionally awesome (and especially if you're an honest, warm, self-aware, kind, ethically-concerned human who is Into good communication /bonus points for outdoorsy, adventurous, and kinky), I might date you anyway.

PSA to men who feel entitled to a response from every woman they message: A) No. Stop. B) From what I've seen, there is a massive difference between the number of messages men and the number of messages women receive, and beyond the fact that you shouldn't feel entitled to this regardless of the details, you should probably also know that it's an unreasonable expectation.

I'm mostly ethically nonmonogamous but am currently *single* for the first time in so long (because lots of overlapping poly makes that rare).
I'm going on dates and sometimes have a kink "play partner" here and there, though. I'm interested in finding a compatible partner for a primary long-term relationship, but I'm open to great dates with more awesome humans, too. But-- definite preference for people who are open to connecting on a deeper level, affection, and all that jazz, should things lean that way.

*A bunch of random stuff:

I've recently been described as tenacious and diligent, and I would not disagree. I work hard, have endured many trials over the last five years working my ass off to survive in SF. Thankfully, my life has stabilized a bit, and I have more bandwidth for intimacy. (Survival mode is a hell of a thing !)

I carry $2 in quarters at all times in case of a pinball emergency, and visiting new-to-me National Parks probably excites me more than it does you.

85% of the time I am highly analytical, 15% I'm completely oblivious.
^I'm trying to change this a bit and add a buffer of "relaxed and present" to the middle

Nature is my religion.
Honesty, integrity, and not being an asshole are my morals.
I like people who are introspective.

Artfully posing nude on driftwood is one of my all-time favorite activities (mostly retired).

I like horror films [and other genres, but horror is the one that most people don't share]..

I am 4 parts mountains, 3 parts beach, and 1 part huddled under a heavy pile of soft blankets.

As a kid, I played nearly every sport available to me at least once (but nothing really stuck for long, though I would love to join a casual soccer league in SF!) I was a Girl Scout for nearly a decade, a Rainbow Girl (Freemasons but for girls), and a national-level competitive cheerleader. I've worn lots of hats over the years and am trying to find my West Coast tribe(s), having left one on the East Coast.

I like to use handmade [wheel-thrown ceramic] dishware and hand-blown drinking glasses. Preferably those made by my own hands (though I'd imagine gifted pieces from loved ones would be pretty rad, too.)

I need intense experiences on a regular basis to keep me level/calm me (be that a strenuous day hike, some time watching/hearing the endless waves or staring into the distance from a scenic mountaintop, or stimulating and challenging activities through kink)..

Last year I took a spontaneous 19-day, 8300+-mile, solo looping cross-country road trip.

From a small town deep in central Appalachia, I moved around a bit in adulthood- Pittsburgh<3 - more than once, Florida (Tampa), and Baltimore before my 4.5 years in SF and recent move to Oakland.
What I’m doing with my life
Attending festivals (no, cooler and weirder than Coachella), expanding my mind

Helping to raise two infants into awesome little people (professional full-time nanny), pondering school debt vs degree value, studying psychology, itching to make art
I’m really good at
raising other peoples' children, instagramming nature, driving long distances, recognizing patterns, organizing other peoples' things, caring about a lot
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Dec 2015 edit:

Finishing books require an attention span I haven't been able to wrangle in a while, but I like nonfiction on topics not limited to: nonmonogamy, sideshow/circus history, and food, and I'm taking fiction recommendations (but keep in mind the fact that the last fiction I finished was either Wicked or something by Chuck Palahniuk and not recently).

As the holder of a pay-per-month unlimited movie pass card thing, I'll see pretty much anything that looks not awful, because it's nice to put everything down for a couple of hours. I like psychological thrillers, dark and/or smart comedies, some dramas, and I like good horror but can't ever find horror-watching company.

Broad City, Orange Is the New Black,

I listen to a lot of indie rock, and I've been on a metal kick this week. Lately: Avett Brothers, The National. As a former choir/musical theatre geek prone to fits of karaoke, I also listen to a pretty wide variety of anything that makes me want to sing or might elicit dancing.

I love food and am sad to currently be so restricted in my options. The Whole Foods prepared foods are my best friend right now, as I am gluten free, dairy free, and also trying to avoid eating non-organic meat and non-organic soy products. Avocado, dark chocolate, and scotch are all things I love.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Queer, kink, sexism, environmentalism, killing my Facebook account and running away to the woods, daydreaming about making a huge road trip through North and South America or hiking the Appalachian Trail.
On a typical Friday night I am
At the Citadel, Harbin, a couch (Netflix/Hulu/HBO GO), a wine bar, a scotch bar, or other..
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I pretty reliably have nightmares if the room I'm sleeping in is too warm.

Also, ASD/AS. This is highly relevant and informative but also highly stigmatized and misunderstood...
You should message me if
You are a genuine human interested in connecting with the same. You don't have expectations but are open to possibilities. You value and live by a personal code built on honesty and integrity, are kind to animals and respectful to other humans. You like dogs. You like nature and hiking. Ideally, you also like theatre.

You don't "ghost" people.. Let's be respectful adults, please.

And "negging" isn't your only method of flirting. Banter is fun, but being a dick isn't. And how 'bout some romance if you wanna be "dating", eh?

Worth Repeating/ Extra Points For Any Of:

*You want to go hiking (seriously, I want as much of this as possible before winter).

*You enjoy horror movies (especially good ones--- Did you see It Follows?) and want to watch/discuss.

*You can introduce me to new adventures and/or physical challenges.

*You enjoy and want to accompany me to theatre stuff.
The two of us