25Bern, Switzerland
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My self-summary
well, after much thought i have come to the conclusion that i just don't really know. i can make people laugh, but does that make me a funny person, or do i just have a little funniness? i can create things, but i'd never say i'm a creator.. but what i can tell you is that i love to write, and making up stories is one of the most beautiful things someone can do for a living.
so then, that should be enough to get you started, and i'm glad you read this far :) because to be honest, i probably would have been bored by the time i read "after"

RNTB, for those who are interested
What I’m doing with my life
let me just start off by saying: yes, and to a lesser, or maybe greater extent, no
after this brief introduction, for which you might need clearer instructions on how to understand (please contact the helpline provided), i am a inventor of stories, a lover of films and books and a not-quite-yet deviser of gizmos and knick-knacks. what i am therefore doing with my life, to come back to the initial question, is enhancing my ability to express my strange and often silly thoughts so they can be read as stories, and advancing my as of yet very limited knowledge of mechanics, electronics and, most importantly, aerospace engineering. I WILL FLY!!
also i would love to someday open a caké (café that mainly serves various kinds of cakes) with a strong influence of literature surrounding the customers. i believe that is all there is to my doings of lifey activities.
I’m really good at
everything. except that one thing that you're going to ask me about.
The first things people usually notice about me
is, that i have the requisite amount of extremities to fit the criteria of normality within the human species
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
i haven't read enough books yet to be able to deem one a favourite, but i do quite like oscar wilde

since i don't feel like having pains in my hands i'll keep the films list short: a lot

i love doctor who above all else, i also love utopia, sherlock, robin hood, hustle, leverage, sanctuary, jonathan creek, community, luther, simpsons, quite like merlin, arrested development, black books, futurama and others

music is something i enjoy with almost no boundaries, just not so much metal, and no jodel at all, EVER!!! but all else i am open to give a listen to

YES!! FOOD!! HAHAHAAAAAA!!! i love food!
however, if you were bothered to look at that column of short informations, it says i eat strictly anything... NOT TRUE!!! i do NOT, repeat NOT eat celery, you can't make me, and if you try be prepared to suffer greatly
Six things I could never do without
a pen, a note-pad, an idea, the words to articulate the idea, someone to tell me that it's a terrible idea, and a publisher to publish said terrible idea

luckily i can do without oxygen
I spend a lot of time thinking about
six is a very specific number... i mean what if it had been seven, could people have come up with seven things? or five, what if some people couldn't have fit it all into the number five... maybe six is a scientifically divined number, and the folks from OkCupid actually had a plan when they said "the six things"... who knows
On a typical Friday night I am
eating a book, reading a film, whatching food, or just thinking up silly things to say
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i am slightly mad, and i like it
and i am clumsy as no other living thing and manage the funniest accidents, e.g. i was cutting cheese one time and cut my nose in the process
You should message me if
you feel that inner urge to take a plunge into the great unknown. let yourself fall, just let go, and go on an intellectually absurd journey to the centre of the conversation with me.
The two of us