45Palmdale, United States
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My self-summary
I am, Open minded realistic, rather on the quiet side, No ego tripper.
I love nature, animal's, Gardening and to cook and getting to Eat good international food.
I like to play guitar I'm not great but okay, forgot how play Clarinet, Violin, Piano over the year's, love Music.
I try to stay healthy Love biking, hiking and outdoor's activities in general.
Try to be a realistic person, not too intense, seeking balance at all times, who's perfect?
I moved from the S.F. bay area, I'm hoping to find a friend/ adventure partner in the area who relates to the basic thing's already written.
So other thing's about me. Spiritual-"ish" not religious, I'm into Fact through out-history / herstory - "Our-story".
I've traveled all lot, to place's like the Grand Canyon, Great Window rock Arches National Park and many other great out door destinations, short of Florida, Alaska, Hawaii, I'd love to go. Adventure has always been one of my big passions in lifo. Too see new lands, mountain tops, forest valleys and beaches of far away places.
I lived in Canada 1 year, traveled to China( Hong Kong), Philippines Peru and Costa Rica.
I'm waiting for my next adventure, looking for a Travel Partner.
What I’m doing with my life
Right now adjusting to Palmdale life, since I'm new here to this town.
Trying to find possible fun that this area might have to enjoy, when I'm not taking care of a elderly relative.
Also being a geek type reading about electronic's, ZERO POINT Tech, I'M, in awe of the pioneer's making it happen, in the name of Nicolas Tesla, Bendini, Stanley Meyers AND Hutchison.
I'm a tinkerer, love tool's and trying to D.I.Y. project's off U-Tube in spare time. Like gas saving HHO cells, endless battery's( electric energy accumulators).
I've home made Electrolysis cell's for learning, I'm hoping to put one on a motorbike again soon, one day in a car=Screw Gas Baron's!
I've built a 3-D Printer recently and now, learning how to use it, as a project for Proto-type modeling. I have a few idea's, to cheat the Cheater's= Gas, Electric company's and greedy Government.
I'm looking for a Smarter Nerdy girl/women, that might under stand some of what Stuff I, might build and why and Brain storm together.
Though subject's of under standing, Not important, Brains are Sexy
I’m really good at
Surviving. pushing ahead regardless of the bruises.
Growing stuff, Cooking, brewing beer, building and creating.
I'm fFIRE, Change is always Present!..It's In my birth sign..Aries
The first things people usually notice about me
My Blue eyes.
Long hair
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books:The monkey wrench gang, 2001-2016 Space Odessey,Daniel Boone, On the road,Hitch hikers guide to the Galaxy...In the belly of the Beast, Robinson Crewso, Stupid White Guys, Preatoritarian Guard, Confucious,the third eye, Machiavelli's- The Prince, The Urantra, The Spiritual Technology of Ancient Egypt and short stories like "An Every Day Thing".

Movies: Star Wars...Never Cry Wolf, 2001, Close Encounter's, Greystroke, Clerks, Good fellas, Natural born killers, Evil dead...The Lord of the Rings...Matrix..Forest Gump, The gods must be crazy..Hell cab, Fahrenheit 350-and-451, Clockwork Orange, Mad Max..Loose Change, America-Problem/Solution Ziteggiest, Kymatica, The Trap- BBC, Thrive, Sirius, Ethos. and randoms of culture and politics as well as silly- B flicks, to name a few

Food: Cheese Cake++,BBQ ,Chocolate++,Sea food ,Italian, Indian, Greek, World food in general. Trying to be a healthyish OmniVor
Stuff like Squid stuffed braised, Spannacopita, Ahi- Raw or grilled, Beef stew made with Guinness, Chimmay Red Label, A rich Burgundy & smoked Game Hen's.

Diversity in all things in life,adds to a well rounded picture/person.
Music:Not really hip to hip hop, to much exploitation, ego, chauvinism talk-in in hip hop, Not Hip at all, disgusting REALLY!
I Saw in concert Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, CSN, Ramones, Metallica, Dead Milk men, Rev. Horten Heat, B.B.King, Indigo Girls, Beasty Boys, Eric Clapton, third World + many many more and a whole lot of raves along the way,( was my work)
thu not a raver kid!
Been to several Jazz, Symphony and ballet performances as well, I just like music and it was a job working at entertainment venuesbefore I burned out, on it, music industry is sick or should I say full of sick, vain, greedy and soul-less people.
Before the job, Spent a lot of dough in the day going in search of good music Live, then it was job for a few, till that blew- Drama on the Job, Payed rent though.
Six things I could never do without
Sun-shine, Food/water, Shelter, Peace, Bike, Tools.
Some what in that order.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How many bigger than Giza Pyramid's are in China, when will religious people give up Silly Religion and wake UP, realize Heaven's is the SKY and Angel's are Alien's!!! Will the Government get me cause I've Whistle Blown on them Liar's(not to much success).
I also have shown 3,000+ how burn with "Water"= H2O, I can make that stuff burn, I wonder why would people want to hurt me for doing so,(?), and for showing other's how to do this "Simple" science.
I wonder, How come so many don't know what a Tesla Coil is.
Where's my Nerdy Sexy Friend, I'm looking for, Smart Girl's are hot.
On a typical Friday night I am
I'm shy and over the all the, cause its Friday "Hyping" Can take or leave the big social thing got a little burnt on it, working in the entertainment industry (Butt sniffing, is a crime, for humans, not dogs!) A movie and dinner and a beer and ..biking some where for a scenic sunset, dinner at home, laundry?!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
After N.D.E.. I lived through, I'm over come a lot, tired with the blunt mean, selfish, greedy, attitude of most people. This NDE was a while ago and yet I'm still growing from that Near Death experience, It was a hard learning experience.
You should message me if
If your over all the "drama" of young-ness, been there over it.
Your young in body( do to exercise, healthy food) and spirit through reading good literature and life experiences, Looking for the same.
You-Have a heart and respect Yourself and OTHER'S.
Have gotten past CONTROL and Materialism issues in life.
Wanna have some fun, hiking, biking, adventuring, dancing, cooking awesome food together and watching the world change with a friend, of a very diverse interest's and life Experiences = ME.
The two of us