36Palo Alto, United States
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My self-summary
Instagram: rickyflipsk8
This video might make you relax a bit on here! Hahaha! Remember dating is all about YOU too! You shouldn't be trying to impress someone as much as finding someone who lets you be yourself! Good luck to all the lonely hearts out there! ;)

If you don't know me, then how do you do? If you know me, you know I'm just about as raw and genuine as they come. A true gentleman, a hip hop head from '93 'til Infinity, a skateboarder who only comes off posin' in front of some expensive cameras, a proud Polish-American, a savage beast, a gentle sweetheart, a shy introvert, a pit starting metal head, a seductive lover, a pride fighter, a compassionate nurturer, a conceptual artist, life of the party when no one else steps up (oh, the responsibilities of a gentleman. So selfless, so giving! Ha!), a musician bound to no one genre, passionate liver of life, punk rocker almost as down for the cause as Fat Mike, a mystik journeyman, an organizational mastermind, a filmmaker, a leader of the people, an intuitive listener, and a photographer. Now I'll go on with some more pretentious horse dookie—They say I'm confident, but nah, I'm just cocky. They say I'm way too hard, but nah, I've just been known to get down. They say I'm out of my mind, but nah, it's just their opinion. Me in a nutshell. Fancy? 🙃
What I’m doing with my life
Grabbing it by the balls! Hahaha! Freelance digital media production and construction work pays the bills. A little bit of skateboarding here and there where I can fit it in as well.
I’m really good at
...working with my hands. I can play guitar, keyboard, and various drum machines. I'm a veteran skateboarder, my work producing videos and photos stands out. Making a lady feel like one. Writing songs, recording original music, dancing like a fool. I'm good with gadgets. I'm pretty intuitive when it comes to placing music to a scene or mood and vice versa. I can kick a verse or two in a cypher if you know what that is. And of course, have experience with a variety of powerful power tools.
The first things people usually notice about me
I wish it were my shoes! Ha! But probably my hazel eyes. My slick shave up top, or the slang I speak coupled with the wit that I flex is either intoxicating or noxious. We'll know right off the bat if we're friend or foe! Hahaha
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love anything that entertains the absurd, yet brings us all closer together. Love a good comedy. (Superbad, Tropic Thunder, Gentleman Bronco, the Lonely Island music videos) And also things that make you look inside and examine yourself at the core as just another human like everyone else. (Carl Gustav Jung - Man and his Symbols, Hermann Hesse - Demian)

I think everyone should go read some Jiddu Krishnamurti. Game changer... Here's a passage below:

You can be a light unto yourself...

To be aware is to watch your bodily activity, the way you walk, the way you sit, the movements of your hands: it is to hear the words you use, to observe all your thoughts, all your emotions, all your reactions. It includes awareness of the unconscious, with its traditions, its instinctual knowledge, and the immense sorrow it has accumulated—not only personal sorrow, but the sorrow of man. You have to be aware of all that; and you cannot be aware of it if you are merely judging, evaluating, saying, "This is good and that is bad, this I will keep and that I will reject," all of which only makes the mind dull, insensitive.

From awareness comes attention. Attention flows from awareness when in that awareness there is no choice, no personal choosing, no experiencing... but merely observing. And, to observe, you must have in the mind a great deal of space. A mind that is caught in ambition, greed, envy, in the pursuit of pleasure and self-fulfillment, with its inevitable sorrow, pain, despair, anguish—such a mind has no space in which to observe, to attend. It is crowded with its own desires, going round and round in its own backwaters of reaction. You cannot attend if your mind is not highly sensitive, sharp, reasonable, logical, sane, healthy, without the slightest shadow of neuroticism. The mind has to explore every corner of itself, leaving no spot uncovered, because if there is a single dark corner of one's mind which one is afraid to explore, from that springs illusion...

It is only in the state of attention that you can be a light unto yourself, and then every action of your daily life springs from that light—every action—whether you are doing your job, cooking, going for a walk, mending clothes, or what you will. This whole process is meditation...

J. Krishnamurti
Six things I could never do without
• good friends
• music
• skateboarding
• a camera
• a motorcycle
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to take over the world, provocative story/plot ideas for a script or photo, new skateboard styles I should master, and how humans are destroying the Earth and each other...
On a typical Friday night I am
interested in doing something fun, or on my way to an adventure that weekend.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Lonely, jaded, know what sort of woman I'm looking for—ussually consistent with one that is never single for too long because she's epic! Hahaha!
You should message me if
... you like what you're seeing, like what you're hearing, are babealicious-expialadocious, and would be into taking over the world with me and ruling as my queen! ;D

DISCLAIMER: It's fine if you're not into skateboarding. However, if you don't respect it, we aren't going to get too far here! Haha

Don't message me if you're a creeper! Haha Not sure what dictates creeper status, I've definitely seen some creepy ladies on here! But how does a creep know s/he is one? A creep that like acts in adult films or is a sociopath of some sort? Not sure about that term and it's prolific use by all you ladies on here. If someone is genuine, despite what maybe interpreted as maintaining a creepy lifestyle, that's all that matters. Just 2¢. You should know after a couple messages whether screws are loose or not! Haha So if you're a creeper go ahead and message me anyways! Haha
The two of us