40Milwaukee, United States
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My self-summary
According to the Nerd-Geek-Dork Test on here, I'm "pure nerd." But I've always felt like more of a geek. I've never been very good at math and I can't fix your computer. However, I'm passionate about the things I love and endlessly fascinated by all kind of new things. I'm the guy you want on your trivia team.
I have a film degree and I'm a trained projectionist so I am very passionate about movies, though I gravitate more towards the goofy and odd than what one might expect. I've seen more zombie and vintage Jackie Chan films than a productive human being probably should. My hobby is nature videography.
I've always enjoyed making people laugh and I spend much of my time trying to do that. I'm very laid back, and open minded, and tend not to take too many things too seriously. I'm the type that notices the person who's not having fun and focuses on trying to get them to have some fun, whether it's at work or play.
Overall, I don't know if I'm more Nerd, Geek, or Dork. I guess I'd like to think I'm an odd but fun hybrid of all three. Hopefully you'll think so too!
What I’m doing with my life
Working, saving up to travel again. Trying to write more often, maybe re-kickstart the ancient art of letter writing. Trying to finish a 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle slowly but surely. Learning to cook more things, to learn French and Maori, see more movies, try out more restaurants, and of course meet new people. But that one you probably knew already.
I’m really good at
making people laugh, even if it's at my own expense. Learning new things, making work fun. I'm good at sales though I don't enjoy it as much as I once did. Learning new languages. Making scrambled eggs. Rubber band marksmanship. Exploring and learning about new places. Apparently not so great at jigsaw puzzles. Giving advice although I seem to be totally immune to my own, for some reason. Putting a tent up in the rain. Getting a smile out of someone who doesn't feel like smiling. Being able to tell you the name of that actor who was in that movie about the thing and what's-her-name was in it too (The answer, by the way, is Stephen Tobolowsky.)
The first things people usually notice about me
My glasses and my smirk. My glasses because even though I have contact lenses, wearing glasses feels more like me, a bit nerdy and introspective. My smirk because it seems to be there most of the time, be it a sarcastic smirk or a playful one to let you know I'm joking.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books:A Christmas Carol, The Princess Bride, Lord of the Rings, anything by Christopher Moore, World War Z, The Martian, I Love You Beth Cooper, The Name of the Wind, Band of Brothers, Long Way Round, Long Way Down, Devil in the White City
Movies:Big Trouble in Little China, Goonies, Ghostbusters, The Abyss, Dark City, Bad Taste, The Princess Bride, Notting Hill, Casablanca, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
Music:Nine Inch Nails, David Bowie, Nobuo Uematsu, Depeche Mode, Sting, film scores, video game scores.
Food: Crab legs, oysters, french, greek, german... basically anything I haven't tried before.
Six things I could never do without
A notebook and a reliable pen, camera, digital video camera, Lucky Charms, Netflix, and a stack of good books.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Hey, remember when Shark Week was cool? My writing, new ideas for stories. How to get people to try new things instead of following the crowd. How to not follow the crowd. Where to go for dinner. If time travel is ever going to be possible... where are all the time travelers? Why I'm not as excited about the new Star Wars movies as I probably should be. Why Americans care more about what Lindsay Lohan is doing than they do about people in other countries with no access to clean water. Traveling again very soon. Getting back to New Zealand.
On a typical Friday night I am
Typically I'm working. If not, then maybe seeing an opening night movie or trying out a new restaurant. Continuing on my quest to find the best burger in Milwaukee. Or I might be relaxing at home playing video games. Or finding something weird or goofy on Netflix that I wouldn't publicly admit to watching.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I... don't know how to say this so I'm just going to say it: I have XBox360 boxer shorts.
You should message me if
you like a good zombie flick (or even a bad one... hell, especially a bad one), spiders don't scare you, you're not averse to sleeping outdoors and possibly even away from indoor plumbing, you like seafood (the odder the better), you enjoy a nice long hike or a day trip to some new interesting locale or travel in general. You can quote "Ghostbusters" or "The Goonies." You know who Bruce Campbell is. You want to check out that new french bistro or that new indie/horror/Matt-Damon-kicking-someone's-ass film and don't feel like going alone. Or if you're an interesting, original, fun kind of person who likes interesting, original, fun conversation.
The two of us