64Mississauga, Canada
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My self-summary
I'm here to look around. There's always a chance some of us will get lucky, right? In the meantime I'm having some fun checking profiles otherwise called girl-watching. I DO believe in chemistry but not all chemical reactions explode. Some simmer, bubble and pop first - THEN explode. If I think your profile looks interesting, we have mutual interests like dogs or losing a partner (VS getting RID of a partner) or maybe I just think you're pretty then I'm liable to favorite (new verb) you - it's a compliment. I just want to be able to find you again. One day I may even say "HI."

Ok here goes.... love of animals & dogs, in particular, is a must.

Widowed 8 yrs now with only one UNsuccessful long distance relationship since. I would prefer a long term relationship but hanging out - movies, walks, etc. are all good too. Good friends to share happy times. It would be great if it "blossomed". I have always chosen that over random sport f**king .... not saying that's bad - just not for me. Usually.

Photos are important. Honest, up to date photos. BTW a photo which has been s t r e t c h e d longitudinally so your girth looks "average" but you're now 8ft6 ... ummm that does NOT count. OK? I'm drawn to happy eyes and average to thin/athletic body type. That BTW is simply a PREFERENCE not a condemnation or criticism. I probably won't be biting much at a picture of a sunset - no matter what you write. It may not be a 100% deal breaker but I don't think piercings and studs, rings and various other metallic attachments are particularly sexy - especially if they are strategically positioned so that they're in danger of KLANGGING off and possibly shattering my teeth.

Sorry for that visual.

Simple communication is key. Honesty is crucial. I also appreciate common sense although it seems to be a forgotten "art." Happiness - true happiness comes from within and how you feel about your life, the lives around you and the one - the special one you feel complete with. I don't need someone to cook and iron my shirts. I want somebody I can adore and someone who respects themselves enough that they are comfortable with that and can, without reservation, return the feeling.

I used to be a cop, flew helicopters for a few years and I’ve had my own business for 13 years now. The business is fun and expanding slowly. It's a niche market. My products are THE best and so are my clients.

I’m 6ft, have my own hair, good teeth, keep myself clean and dress comfortably. I don't need a suit and tie in my business but I'm comfortable wearing them as the occasion demands. I chew with my mouth shut, know the utilization protocols between a knife and a fork therefore I can eat meals without resembling a starving hog at a trough. That may be a bonus if you ever want to introduce me to friends or family.

I have a weird but innocuous sense of humor and only used spell check once writing this whole schpiel. I walk about 5 miles a day with the dog but I'm not really an adrenaline junkie. If doing suicidal stunts to prove you're still young is your thing then have fun. I'll try and catch your obit when it comes out. Pill popping consists of vitamin E and C. I have a glass of wine at Christmas and New Years but that's about it when it comes to booze. I've seen too many good lives ruined by booze so it doesn't appeal to me at all on a day to day basis.

I'll try almost anything - TWICE. Second time to apologize!

I'm very physically affectionate and prefer the same. Touching should not necessarily be limited to after the lights go out. Back-rubs - full body, hot oil massages, to me those = an almost religious experience. I look, with envy, at old couples out walking and still holding hands. I wonder if I'll ever have that feeling again. Necking like teenagers ... THAT's what makes my world worth living in. For all you ladies who say you love to dance ... I like slow dancing - you know, s l o w music where I can gently suck on your earlobe without you coming away looking like Van Gogh's sister! Other forms of dancing? I imagine I look like a seizuring squid - sorry. Music? C&W in the car(keeps me awake and you can actually understand the words). Classical and classic rock at home but silence or heavy breathing is preferred.

I’m looking for one special lady. I don't believe in sharing. I'm interested in a woman who has and is, leading a healthy lifestyle and is basically happy but lonely - like me.

Ok ... well that's me in a nutshell. It should give you an idea who may be interested and who, if you've read this far (or even got past the photos) should be backing towards the nearest exit!! I shall wish you the very best of luck. Always be safe and use your common sense but never forget that some mistakes in life are way too much fun to only make once!

Hope to hear from a few of you. Don't be shy 'cause I usually am.


What I’m doing with my life

I’m really good at
Rude to brag ....
The first things people usually notice about me
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
The English Patient


Six things I could never do without

a dog
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What a beautiful planet we were given and how some day in the future inter-planetary archeologists will likely find it barren and dead and they will study it and shake their (heads?) in confusion at what this destructive infestation (humans) did to Earth.
On a typical Friday night I am
Walking the dog, reading newspapers and having a coffee nearby. Spending time on the FORUMS at some other sites. Reading Scientific web sites ... scientific breakthroughs, tracking bird & Mex FLU - stuff like that.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Wanting another friend/lover/lady to share my days/nights.

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You should message me if
You're alive!!
The two of us