61Takoma Park, United States
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My self-summary
"I may not be normal but nobody is..." Willie Nelson

I am a jumble of (seeming) contradictions.

I'm a child of the Sixties whose tastes and style are still influenced by those years . I still like lots of music from that era as well as traditional and contemporary folk music, but I also love swing music and wearing vintage '30s and '40's suits.

I dropped-out of high school and "ran away" to join the Navy. Retiring after 20 years, I took it easy and did some traveling for a year or so, then opened a used book store in Takoma Park. After 10 years in the world of retail, I completed an MS in Health Care Management in 2012. I am pretty dedicated to government service and would like to make a contribution to improving it before I die. (Surprisingly, I don't believe in the Easter Bunny, but everyone needs some crazy dream, right?)

I like living alone but often think of living in a commune.

I am decorating my new condo (in a 1957 building) with movie posters and photos of friends and I still love beaded curtains (but don't have any), yet I am also a big fan of Gustav Stickley's architecture and furniture.

I love traveling and have been all around the country, to the Pacific and Europe, often taking-off on the spur of the moment without any firm plans, but haven't done much traveling lately because I hate to spend the night away from my dog. Updated December 2015: I'm hoping to do more traveling in 2016!

I liked having a beard and ponytail (which have come and gone several times) and wearing an earring but right now my hair is short and I'm clean-shaven (and the piercing closed-up: one thing I'm consistent on is a dislike of pain which is why I haven't gotten it pierced again).

At work I'm pretty organized while at home I am pretty messy (although when I do go on a binge of cleaning and straightening-up I love how the place looks).

I can easily strike-up conversations with strangers on the Metro but when I'm at a party, even with friends, I can be shy.

I don't seek danger (no skydiving for me, thank you) but have intervened in potentially dangerous situations where I thought someone was at risk of injury or violence.

As far as romantic relationships go, I've come to the conclusion that I am a "solo polyamorist". It seems like a contradiction in terms, but I've discovered that there are a few of us around. I'm looking for friends/lovers but not a primary partner. Ideally I'd be friends with your other lovers, too.

In short, I'm a unique person, but then, aren't we all?
What I’m doing with my life
Trying to figure it all out while muddling through in the meantime.

Trying to a come to terms with the idea that I won't have, and don't really want, a monogamous relationship. I think that polyamory is a better fit for me in relationships. However, I am not looking for a primary partner. I am not looking for casual sex, however - I want to be emotionally involved with my partner/s, and will hopefully know and appreciate their other partners also. (I guess that's why the idea of communes is attractive to me, but I really do like my own space.)
I’m really good at
procrastinating! (OK - that sat there alone for a week or so - see, I didn't lie!)

I love singing and dancing (contra, cajun, waltz, swing), although I haven't done much of either of those things in far too long.

I think I'm a good listener and conversationalist. I love, and am good at massage (giving and receiving) and hugs (although again, I can be shy).

I'm good at playing devil's advocate and looking at issues from different sides, admitting that there are no easy answers while sticking to my basic liberal philosophy.

I'm really good at trying to do the right thing. Hopefully I'm successful more often than not.
The first things people usually notice about me
are that I am often singing quietly as I walk along, frequently say hello to people I pass on the street, hold doors open for others, give up my seat to older or infirm people, say please and thank you and sir and ma'am (especially to waiters/waitresses, bus drivers, sales or maintenance staff, folks older than me).
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love to read - mostly Sci-Fi & non-fiction (mostly history) books Lately I've been reading more books on relationships. (I'm a voracious reader and still have quite a few books in storage from my old book store).

I like Sci-Fi, comedy, foreign, classic, musicals & documentary movies (and yes, I enjoy a good tear-jerker). My favorite movie is "A Mid-winter's Tale", a relatively unknown and hard to find Kenneth Branagh film. I saw "The King's Speech" and was blown away. I can't forget to mention Christopher Guest - love his stuff, especially "Waiting for Guffman" which almost makes me pee my pants and "A Mighty WInd" - I still get choked-uo over "Kiss at the End of the Rainbow". Also "The Muppet Movie" is a fave. And I have to mention my favorite movie stars - Wallace & Gromit!

I love music, especially folk, big-band, anything except hip-hop, rap and heavy metal (and can only handle a limited amount of opera).

I don't watch TV on a TV but there are a few shows I really like which I download off of iTunes or watch on Hulu. Right now my faves are Dr. Who, Eureka, Warehouse 13, Fringe. Other shows which I revisit are Doc Martin, Being Human (British version, please), Firefly, Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

I am not a big food fan (I might be the only one here on OKC) and tend to eat the same things over and over. I like dark beers and ales. (Update on 4/22/13: I just got a slow cooker, a frying pan, and a Paleo cookbook. I'm trying to change my eating habits.)
Six things I could never do without
are books, singing, my dog (OK, I know I will have to someday but I prefer not to think about it), laughing, thinking, a car (politically incorrect, I know, but there it is).
I spend a lot of time thinking about
if I should sort matches on the basis of Friends or Match %? How can someone have a higher friend % than match %? I am so confused.

What the hell I've done with my life, what the hell I want to do with my life, what the hell we've done with the planet, where the hell I've left my shoes - all the important stuff.

Also, why OKC uses the term "girls who like guys" instead of "women who like men" or at least "gals who like guys". Why OKC doesn't have a search function that will show me women whose criteria I meet (since I'm sure there are women wondering "Why is this guy looking at MY profile?").

Where are all the hippy-esque, down-to-earth women in sensible shoes?

Updated 10 December 2010: I just saw a profile that listed sex in this section and said that should be in everyone's profile. I thought it went without saying. But, lest you think I don't - I spend a lot (lot, lot) of time thinking about sex. There, I said it.

8 Feb, '15: I just looked at my Personality page - apparently I am the most "Less Romantic" than any man on OKC. Huh? No wonder I don't get many responses. I'm not sure what questions measured that but I think I'm at least a little romantic. :-(
On a typical Friday night I am
at home reading. Do you want to help change that?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
"My heart is a saxophone solo from a third story window
Just before dawn."

From: "My Heart Is The Bums On The Street" by Marah


I believe we'll find a welcome space
believe we'll build us another place
believe we'll meet a friendly face
before the season is done

somewhere down here in these hills
another on or two who will
want to sit and sing untill
the silent rising of the sun

From: "Awaken to Dreams" by Dillon Bustin

OK, these might not be the most "private" things (and yes, I know the heading said "thing"), but they both speak to me and to who I am and what I want (at least in my dreams). I think these lyrics say more about me than anything else in my profile.
You should message me if
"Near me" is flexible for you, like it is for me. (The same goes for my desired age ranges. I believe there are few hard & fast rules in life.)

You enjoy (or can stand) bad puns and wordplay, singing, Monty Python, animals (especially dogs and cats),touch (although I can be shy at first), discussing the meaning of life.

You believe ground rules in a relationship should be discussed and mutually agreed to because they work for us, not just because "that's the way things should be". You know what polyamory is and won't freak-out about my interest in it.

You understand that this profile, like me, is a work in progress and you appreciate that and identify with it. You are interested in growing together, not stagnating. (I've debated about putting "casual sex" on my profile. It will probably come and go - no pun intended. There has to be a mental/emotional "click" though.)

If you live somewhat far away, message me if you want to show me the sights of your town or you want to see DC.

And (finally!), if the following John Prine lyrics from "One Red Rose" make you smile:

Rainy nights get dark real early
Her dress was soft and her hair was curly
We danced around the table to the old banjo.

Rainy nights were made for lovers
We lay there still beneath the covers
And I ain't never felt like that before.

So, if you'd like to slow dance around the kitchen table, I'd love to hear from you.
The two of us