27Fort Worth, United States
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My self-summary
To be continued...I'm updating everything

I grew up in the country so I'm originally from a small town. I believe in being a good person, and respecting others. I feel like I'm pretty open minded and understanding about most things. I'm pretty passive and easy going. If you ask me what I want to eat and I tell you I don't care, then I really don't care. If I want something specific I'll say it. I believe in honesty and trust. I think communication in a relationship is very important.

I'm totally into being a nerd about things! I love having nerdy conversations! I really like having fun! It can be from playing sports to video games. Just chillin out watching a movie. Going to places like medieval times or a renaissance fair. Museums. Shopping! I am a girl. Book stores! Tea rooms. Out to a bar. Going for a run (A slow run. My sprint is probably your jogging pace) I'm all about me becoming a healthier person and working out I'm just horrible when it comes to planning nutrition and work outs. I'm slightly gym-tarded so anyone that can help me out in a gym, awesome.

I'm considered a tomboy I guess, so if you want someone who wears dresses 24/7 it's not me. I also have a pretty bad mouth on me and it's very un-lady like! It's something I'm trying to do less of but so far I'm failing miserably. I was raised to take care of myself because sometimes you can't guarantee that people will always be there for you. If you don't want that in a female then you probably don't want me.

I'm into tattoos, I just don't have any of the ones I want yet.

I love animals! I'm all about saving/helping animals. Petting them and trying to play with them even when they don't want it. I'm fascinated by birds. There's only a few animals I'm hesitant about, Emus being one of them.... I had a run in with one once and I swear it was plotting my death.
What I’m doing with my life
I went to college and have a degree. I have a decent and stable job. Right now I'm just saving money so I can get myself a house and a bull mastiff one day. I feel like that's next on my list, a house and a dog.
I’m really good at
I have a big heart... But that's not always a good thing... I try to be a good and caring person. So I feel like I'm good at being a good person, if that makes any sense. Lol. I feel like I'm a very loyal person too.

As for talents I'm not sure I really have any. I've always been pretty average at sports/games. I can't sing. I've never really tried to cook anything crazy. I'm not an amazing artist. I have a guitar but don't really know how to play it. I play video games but I die a lot. Some people say I'm smart but I'm convinced that the older I get the more dumb I'm becoming lol. I can read but not out loud, it's always a disaster. My writing skills suck because I'm horrible with grammar/words. I'm not a good swimmer but I can doggie paddle pretty good. I'm a decent shot with a hand gun and a shot gun but no where near competition level.

I guess I'm not really selling myself here. I'm just being honest.

I do try to enjoy life! If I can make something fun out of anything I'm going to try to. I hate when life it's taken too seriously. I'm not a giant thrill seeker but I'm down to try most things... You probably won't find me jumping out of a plane though. There's a lot of things I want to try in life, I've been looking for new hobbies. I feel like I've dabbled in a lot of stuff but don't have hobby that's stuck forever.
The first things people usually notice about me
Most people end up saying my ears... I'm use to it lol... Some people also say that they notice I'm very quiet. That's usually because I'm better at listening. If you get me on the right subject though I can talk for hours.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Oh dang! I'm a pretty big nerd!

Books: Harry Potter, hunger games, maze runner, the girl in arena, Eragon, divergent, Fables comics, many more.... I'm collecting some of Stephen King's stuff but I have yet to read any of it... I guess I always ending up reading young adult novels though.

Movies: I'll watch pretty much anything but my favorite genres are scary movies and comedies. I'm not a giant fan of love stories but if you catch me in the right mood I can handle it. I like to discover new movies too so I Netflix a lot. I've recently been watching a lot of foriegn films.

Music: I'll listen to just about anything. Literally. Some of my favorites though are eminem, kings of Leon, black keys, and Hollywood undead. Radio stations- 106.1, 102.9, 102.1, 97.9, 94.5, 93.3 and whatever else.

Shows: Game of Thrones! The wire, law and order svu, criminal minds, good luck Charlie, walking dead, spartucus, American horror story, pretty little liars, bates motel, orange is the new black, hemlock grove, finding carter, the following, death note, sword art online.. I recently started watching some super cheesy foriegn tv show called secret garden, I stumbled across it looking for secret garden the movie. Lol I'll watch most things I just don't like getting too addicted to tv shows were there's multiple seasons and I have to binge watch them on netflix and never see the light of day for a whole week! But it's happened before and it'll probably happen again.

Food: anything, I'm really big on deserts.
Six things I could never do without
So I guess I'll say what most people wouldn't want to do with out...
-My family
-My pets
-My friends
Then I'll thrown in that I never leave my house without taking...
-My phone
-My wallet
-My gun
And to break the rules I'll throw in a few more things I just really like...
-Scary movies
-Books/Comic books
-Chocolate milk
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My life and my family. Nerdy stuff.
On a typical Friday night I am
Working lol.... But on my weekends (which are during the week) I usually watch tv, read, play video games, or work out.... That's about all I do, other than spend time with my family and pets.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Yeah that kind of information will require a little work lol...
You should message me if
You have your life on track, but are really easy going, love animals, books, and like to have fun. Sensitive and understanding, but you know how to be a man. Don't contact me if you are just here to have sex, I'm not into that...
The two of us