32Somerville, United States
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My self-summary
This profile is 🚧 under construction 🚧
(haha, like a 90s website)

On kinsey scale of sexual preference, I'm about a 2.2
On this better scale (, I'm D2

"It is said that humanity has evolved one-sidedly, growing in technical power without any comparable growth in moral integrity, or, as some would prefer to say, without comparable progress in education and rational thinking. Yet the problem is more basic. The root of the matter is the way in which we feel and conceive ourselves as human beings, our sensation of being alive, of individual existence and identity. We suffer from a hallucination, from a false and distorted sensation of our own existence as living organisms- Most of us have the sensation that "I myself" is a separate center of feeling and action, living inside and bounded by the physical body--a center which "confronts an "external" world of people and things, making contact through the senses with a universe both alien and strange. Everyday figures of speech reflect this illusion. "I came into this world." "You must face reality." "The conquest of nature."

This feeling of being lonely and very temporary visitors in the universe is in flat contradiction to everything known about man (and all other living organisms) in the sciences. We do not "come into" this world; we come out of it, as leaves from a tree. As the ocean "waves," the universe "peoples." Every individual is an expression of the whole realm of nature, a unique action of the total universe. This fact is rarely, if ever, experienced by most individuals. Even those who know it to be true in theory do not sense or feel it, but continue to be aware of themselves as isolated "egos" inside bags of skin. "

Alan Watts
_The Book_
What I’m doing with my life
Started a consulting company. Clients in the fields of augmented reality and psychedelic research. Also working on healthcare data standardization and ontological mapping.

I used to write CAD software for creating 3D-printed electronics. I try to keep up on the open-source solutions for that kind of thing now.

Daily yoga/meditation. Raising two sweet children with (and cultivating respect and appreciation for) my ex.

Considering whether monogamy or non-monogamy suits me best. (Poly-flexible?)

Hobbies include 3D printing, electronics, building toys, making music, re-imagining education and the economic system.

Life Goals: connect man and machine, fuse nature and metropolis, learn to fly
I’m really good at
"Rolling with the punches." Dealing with things that other people are floored by.

Thinking I know the solution to a problem; giving my suggestions to willing listeners.

Some types of self-discipline, sometimes.

Switching between modes of thought, invention, exploration, execution.

Geeking out about drugs, psychology, and physiology.

"Acting [less as a hobby these's a] fundamental mode of social existence ([but you'd need to] mix with empathy [or risk sociopathic behavior]) " --me circa 2007
The first things people usually notice about me
Colorful headscarf and/or long, curly hair. Blue eyes/glasses.
My toe shoes, if I'm wearing them (why yes, friend, they *are* comfortable).

People have been known to gawk when I'm answering my body's call to stretch, breath, pause, etc.

"Occasionally, it will be that I'm meditating in public, which [had] less to do with exhibitionism and more to do with time-management." (circa 2007, preserved for posterity)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Webcomics are one of the great art forms of our generation.

El Goonish Shive--cleverly inspired by Rumiko Takahashi's manga, among other things. -- Ishida-san is so dedicated to his craft and the character development over the years is amazing.

Reading "Howls Moving Castle" aloud at bedtime. Looking for recommendations for feminist children's literature with more positive examples than propaganda.

I will always have a place in my heart for
The Psychopharmacology of Herbal Medicine.

I was initially inspired to try anime from the movie: Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer. Try to get the subtitled version if you can, or invite me to watch it! It's been a while.. <3 Adventure Time and Steven Universe and Avatar: The Last Airbender <3

In the "moving pictures" domain, I'm mostly into animation, though I'll still watch live-action occasionally. I also love theatre and other stage performance.

Had a short but intense romance with Hamilton.

Re: music -- I have old favorites, and I love being exposed to new things. Electronica or classical while working. Classic rock and old videogame soundtracks to connect with my inner child. I love to hear my friends perform, and I move to the beat. Danceable jazz, funk, and drum&bass are some of my favs. I sing, play a bit of guitar, and am teaching myself the 12-hole ocarina.

Food: I don't eat most meat, love sushi rolls, homemade baked goods, indian-style lentils or eggplant. I'm looking for new favorites, especially if they're vegan !
Six things I could never do without
lipids, carbohydrates, amino acids, dihydrogen monoxide, gaseous oxygen, sunlight
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to improve the world. Creating healthy habits for eating, physical activity, and social interaction. How to help people I care about without compromising myself. How to improve education for the children of the world.
On a typical Friday night I am
Alternating Fridays: Traveling or hanging with friends / having fun with the kids. Every once in a while, out on a family date.
Often enough, I'll stay in to rest or work on personal/creative projects.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
My critical/discerning eye and sharp intellect are my best assets and greatest flaws.

I like openness, sometimes to a fault.

I just removed a bunch of stuff from this box, since my profile was already long enough ^_^

What else do you want to know?
You should message me if
you feel like you already know me, and want to explore that connection.
you don't feel like you know me, but want to get started.
you can get over that nervousness and make the first move. Practice makes perfect :)
The two of us