42Saint Charles, United States
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My self-summary
NOTE: If you do NOT live in or near the metro St. Louis area, please do not bother contacting me....ESPECIALLY anyone who lives in another country. I do NOT know why I have so many women from other countries visiting my profile. Not remotely interested. I really do NOT do long-distance relationships.

I'm a SWM, just turned 40 (yeah, I feel old), 6'1", I have an slightly overweight build with short brown hair (really short lately, as I periodically shave my head completely), and brown eyes which usually have my prescription glasses on (w/o them, I'm blind as a bat). :)

Up until this past April, I worked full-time for a major electronics retailer as part of their regional projects team. For the most part, I do work overnights (typically Sunday night through Wednesday and/or Thursday night) and travel a lot to do various remodels, reflows, transformations, and etc....to various stores. My job was position I had about 5 years ago (for all of 4-5 months), running low-voltage wire (data Cat5/video coax) wire to new or old repositioned displays, registers, workstations, and kiosks.
SINCE April, with everything that's gone on in nearly the last year (my stepfather suddenly passing back in September, moving in December, and with all the worrying/moving, I started to get supremely burnt out with my job), I went back to a store-based position, returning to a position I had between 2009-2012, with a bit more stuff, as I'm unofficially the merchandising lead at my store, with my focus being on the store's Movies/Music/Gaming sections.

I'm a huge movie person/film buff, as my interests range all over (with the exception of horror really). I love all kinds of things from Hong Kong action to Korean suspense/thrillers to cheesy bad movies (like SyFy's recent animal-mix movies: Sharknado, Lavalantula, or even the really bad movie parodies lately. I also love making fun of some movies, as I am a huge Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan. At one point I think I had nearly all of the SyFy Channel run on VHS tape. I am behind on some of my movie watching, especially some of my TV series watch (namely I'm 2-3 seasons behind on the NCIS/NCIS:LA series, and the season of NCIS: New Orleans).

I also used to be an avid Japanese anime watcher (got hooked after I got out of college, after my graduate coordinator/professor and I co-taught a class for graduate credit with debated doing an anime lecture/section for the class). My all-time faves for anime include nearly everything Mobile Suit Gundam, and Full Metal Panic (recent super-underrated ones include Elemental Gelade, Tokyo Underground, and Melody of Oblivion). Honestly, I do not watch as much as I did about 3-5 years ago, but what I do are a few things on Netflix/Hulu/Crackle and like 2 series I still keep tabs on.

I love music as well (I'm huge into Euro-dance music, especially stuff that was released between 1993-1997, progressive rock/metal, Euro power/symphonic metal, and more. I've really been getting into symphonic metal bands with female lead singers (Evanescance, Within Temptation, Delain, Nightwish, After Forever, Visions of Atlantis, etc...). Pretty much prog. rock/metal keyboardists just amaze me how good they are (Dream Theater's Jordan Rudess, Andre Andersen, Jens Johannsen, etc...).

I'm also a big sports person. I play/watch baseball/softball, golf, and basketball (I'd play hockey, if I didn't have to skate). I'm a huge Cardinals and Blues fan, and well....I do like the Rams, it's just depressing how bad they've gotten in 2 years. I also when I'm on the road for work...I do attempt to visit a pro sporting event when I'm there (last time, went to a Phillies/Astros game at Minute Maid Park). Also, I'm an avid pro wrestling fan (yeah, I know it's the men's soap opera), but I grew up watching it with my late grandfather, and I do keep the tradition alive for him. Recently, I'm attempting to get my golf game back going.

While it's a guy thing, I also do play video games, as my friends and I periodically have big game nights (though lately with one of my best friends, it's been a Wii Sports-fest (or if a friend from Oklahoma is in town, ganging up on him to try to take his King of Mario Kart 64 crown, to which he stomps us 1 against 3). :) I honestly don't play that much, compared to some guys out there, but I'm just a casual gamer. To the gamer gals out there, I'm more of a FPS, platformer, actioner, sports gamer. Ask and I'll let you know my fave games. :) Presently, I bounce between an Xbox One and an Xbox 360.

I am very loyal, really caring, and super-sweet. Though I wonder at times if I'm getting played, because of how caring and how nice I am. Last girlfriend relationship, got dumped after I helped the gal move from Illinois to West County (and nearly wrenched my shoulder in the process; course I find out later, she dumped me a week or 2 after her divorce finalized, AND she decided to date a co-worker of hers whose wife left/cheated with him with one of her former HS students she taught....I swear I can't script this stuff up). One of my past dates, basically showed all of the interest in the world 'til our last date (where we were able to meet before I went on the road for a weekend for work), then she became distant, and pretty much boldfaced-lied to me saying her heart wasn't in it/she wanted to move to Dallas....yet she never moved AND she's still over on another dating site every single day since then. I begin to debate whether or not I should just drop the nice-ities, since it seems like women take advantage of the nice guys that are true finds, and find the guys that will use and abuse them.

Pet-wise: I used to have a 16 year old cat named Diamond (who's in a picture or two on the profile here), but I had to put her down in November 2010 (as over that last year she was just really getting bad physically then). Presently, there's just one 4 year old orange tabby named Pumpkin, who since his sister (Calli-cat, who was MY cat) passed in December....has latched onto both Mom and myself. I periodically also have to take care of my mom's Maltese/Bischon-mix, Wags, who's an overgrown white baby. :)
What I’m doing with my life
(09/18/14) My stepfather passed away on 9/17, so helping my mother with all the post-death goings on and that. So, yeah, dealing with a lot of pent-up emotion and that.....

Presently, I work....A LOT. Lately, a lot of 50-70 hour work weeks, due to my company's constant need to partner up with various companies (first was this massive success with Samsung, now it's Microsoft, and now it's a bit of a "remodel" for Home Theater with Samsung & Sony). I try to spend my Saturday nights with my friends, when their families/schedules allow, but there are also days because of just sheer exhaustion from work where my body just shuts down and sleeps. However, due to work if I'm out-of-town/on-the-road, I'll either be sleeping, or maybe be out trying someplace new or really good locally food-wise (Oklahoma Joe's in Olathe KS was amazing!)

Also, I've been trying to get back into the dating market, but just can't seemingly find anyone I really click with (or someone who will FULLY give me a chance, instead of just flat out doing a one-and-done). Though lately, this has just been flat-out frustrating (gal I was talking to awhile back, things went well talking, then out-of-the-blue, "I don't want to talk to you anymore." WTF? I'm nice, was told I'm cute and interesting, then...blam. What the hell.... Then, right before the 4th of July, I find someone who I really am interested in, who contacted me first. A nice morning breakfast date later, and that night, I get excuses not wanting to continue, leading with her post-divorce jitters AND my age & job. WTH.)

When I get the chance, I do like to spend time with my family and my friends (when all of our schedules do mesh). :) Typically, I have do have to balance my friends' lifes too (as a majority of them are married/with kids (or have kids on the way). Makes things really difficult for me to spend time with them or to schedule anything. Makes me wish for a time machine to go back to the fun ol' college days when we're all single.
I’m really good at
--Trivia (people hate playing me at Trivial Pursuit, especially the Pop Culture editions, or any movie/TV/James Bond version of Scene It!)
--Sports info (my co-workers at my old store boggled at how much I knew).
--Finding bargain deals (be it movies, video games, electronics, etc...). I don't know what it is, but I have "the touch." A few of my friends love that fact.
--um...I think I'm a decent golfer (if I went in for a handicap, and actually played semi-regularly, I'd probably be a 22 handicap).
--I'm a bit of a techie. And with my family...that helps, because my stepdad is VERY techno-illiterate, my mom is kinda techno-literate (but this is a person who deleted the SYSTEM.INI file on my old PC 10+ years ago, when she was trying to play a game), and I'm usually the tech advisor in my family (and with some of my friends).
--Cooking. I have a few recipes I've created myself from my college cooking experimenting days, a few I've swiped over the years from others, and I learned from the best.....my mom. :)
--um...I'm very loyal and caring (I'm pretty good at that). There's probably more I can add to this statement, but I'll be a gentleman and allow you (should you take the chance) to discover that for yourself.

Course...it's just been a task-and-a-half finding a gal.

Also, my mom and book-reading friends are envious that I can destroy (read) a 300 page book in 2-3 hours flat. If it's a story I can "sink my teeth into," it's a one-sitting read. It's one of those things especially when the new Dresden Files book hits, or a new Robert B. Parker or Clive Cussler (NUMA or Oregon Files) book is filled at the library/reserve....it's a one-sitting usually. :)
The first things people usually notice about me
Depends on who you talk to.....I've had a few of my female friends and exes say my butt (though I honestly can't see it, though it also must depends which pair of jeans or jean shorts I'm wearing). I think my eyes, due to my glasses. I've also heard my voice (since I have that radio voice, which was my original background as I did do radio in college, then found out how impossible it is, unless you have connections, to find a decent paying job in the industry).
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
--Authors I read religiously: the late Robert B. Parker and the writers who have taken over his two series I love (Ace Atkins w/the Spenser series; and Michael Brandtman and Reed Farrel Coleman w/the Jesse Stone series); my current favorite living author, the awesome Jim Butcher (Dresden Files), Clive Cussler with co-writers Graham Brown & Jack DuBrul (Dirk Pitt/Oregon Files/NUMA Files series), John Sandford (if/when he writes a Kidd novel), Jack Du Brul (who co-writes Cussler's Oregon Files novels, but has great novels himself in the Mercer series which are great, but due to the Oregon files paying the bills....he hasn't given the fans a Mercer novel in ages).
--Authors I usually try to read: David Morrell (his suspense/thrillers, not his horror stuff), Lee Child (Jack Reacher series), Dan Brown (all of his books, not just his Robert Langdon novels), any Star Trek novel lately (set after the TNG "Nemesis" movie), at least when I have the time. Recently, I tore through all of Barry Eisler's John Rain & Ben Treven series (really good stuff, as it truly is Tarantino meets a Japanese James Bond).
--Authors who haven't written in ages who I really love reading: John McNamara (Fraleigh trilogy), Patrick F. Rogers ("War God," which is a book I've read so much I've worn out my original copy, and had to track down another one), Jackie Nida ("Render Safe")
--Authors who I've been giving a chance to (I'm always on the look out for good new books/series): Andy McDermott (Nina Wilde/Eddie Chase series), Elizabeth Becka/Lisa Black (her Evelyn James & Theresa McLean series).

Other book/graphic stuff: Chuck Dixon & Marc Wolfman's DC novels (Nightwing/Robin/Batman), anything Judd Winick does for DC Comics (esp. Green Arrow), and the recentish Blue Beetle/Jaime Reyes DC comics (curious to see the new one). Also was very curious to about "the Losers" graphic novel, as I loved the movie adaptation. I actually happened to like the movie just a touch more than the graphic novel.

Movies: the original Star Wars trilogy, Dune (1983), Spaceballs and most Mel Brooks fare that were made before Dracula Dead and Loving It, nearly everything directed by John Woo (Hard-Boiled, The Killer, Face/Off, Broken Arrow), Foolproof (a Canadian film that is the best action/thriller you've never heard of, as it has Ryan Reynolds in his usual uber-sarcasm mode). National Lampoon's Van Wilder (Reynolds' breakout film), District B-13 and it's sequel, District 13 Ultimatium, Iron Man 1/2/3 (just saw IM3 and loved it), National Treasure 1 & 2 (can't wait for a 3rd one, along with nearly every Jerry Bruckheimer-produced action film), any comedy that Judd Apatow produces (40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, though I was disappointed w/Pineapple Express). The Losers, the A-Team remake, the Harry Potter series, How to Train Your Dragon, the Korean western "The Good The Bad The Weird," anything written/directed by Korean director Dong-Hoon Choi (Big Swindle, Tazza: the High Rollers, Woochi: The Demon Slayer, The Thieves), Law-Abiding Citizen, Ted, and a lot lot more. :)

Anime: anything w/Gundam in the title (other than SD Gundam), Full Metal Panic, Cowboy Bebop, Tenchi Muyo (and it's various incarnations), El Hazard, Trigun, Black Lagoon, Elemental Gelade, Noir, Girls Bravo, Gurren Lagann, Code Geass, and a few more are faves.

Music: Dream Theater, Kamelot, Stratovarius, Nightwish (when Tarja was their female singer, since they canned her they just don't sound as good. Though if they KEEP After Forever/Revamp singer Floor Jansen, I'll be ecstatic), Circus Maximus, New Order, Pet Shop Boys, Cold, Lacuna Coil, Within Temptation, Delain, Silent Force (DC Cooper is one of the best singers in prog), VNV Nation (and his similar sounding clone, Neuroticfish), um....there's probably plenty more. Also, quite a bit of J-pop/Anime soundtrack music (T.M.Revolution and any open/closing theme that Megumi Hayashibara does is always good, as is any soundtrack done by Yuki Kajiura or written by the legend herself, Yoko Kanno).

Snacks: Rold Gold Pretzels, Doritos (Nacho Cheese, but I prefer the old flavor formula, wasn't as spicy), a good cheddar cheese popcorn (which are extremely few and far between), and lately I've been snacking on cereal (namely COOOOOOOKIE Crisp, and store-brand versions of Fruit Loops, Cap'n Crunch variants, and Lucky Charms). My stepdad even got me hooked on the expensive Banana Nut Cheerios as a snack. Fruit snacks (especially Target's Market Pantry brand).

Other: Combination Salad from Madison's Cafe (pretty much, shredded iceberg lettuce, shredded provel cheese, and Arcobasso's creamy house Italian dressing), toasted and regular ravioli. Any place that has cavatelli as a dinner dish. Cracker Barrel's hamburger steak with steak fries and corn! Simple Simon's triple-cheese pizza w/thick & chewy crust. Fitter's Pub & Grill (Warrensburg, MO) pizza. The Majestic Cafe in the CWE (great gyros and chef special sandwiches; also Mario's Donuts & Cafe in Cave Springs/Weldon Spring for gyros...best gyros in the metro) :) Domino's Pizza new-style hand-tossed pizza with the seasoned crust. YUM! :) And my usual order at Chinese places (beef fried rice, crab rangoon, egg roll, and if they have 'em, teriyaki beef strips). And when I'm in Minneapolis, MN....gotta hit Taiko Sushi & Grill for some teriyaki steak! Or if I'm in a buffet mode and the area has one....Teppanyaki Grill & Supreme Buffet for some Hong Kong chicken, their Teppanyaki rolls (I'd like to all 'em a Chinese taquito), and more.
Six things I could never do without
1) My friends, 2) my new bed I got in February '15 and these Serta memory-gel foam pillows I got at Big Lots. Put head on pillow, ZZZZZ)and 3) internet access w/laptop (or my desktop) computer, 4) my DVD/blu-ray collection (complete w/my Sony LED HDTV, my Sony 7.2 sound system, and Sony 3D Blu-Ray player), 5) a great gal to spend my life with, and 6) some form of transportation to get to work and around.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Everything! :) There are times I do tend to overthink (and/or overanalyze) on some things (like love and relationships). Wondering if I'll ever find that right gal for me, who'll stick with me. Along with sports, work, and life in general.
On a typical Friday night I am
With being back here and being store-based for work (and music new releases just recently moving to Fridays), I'm either recovering dog-sitting for Mom after work, so she can go to bingo, watching TV/movies, or I'm out with friends.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
That I'm an only kid! :) Hrm...what else...don't know if it's private, but I'm a killer shopping deal finder (as my friends and co-workers love about me when I find 'em super-cheap deals). :) There's plenty of other things I'm sure, but you'll have to discover those things for yourself.
You should message me if
IMPORTANT NOTE: If you're from another country, please do NOT bother to message me. You'll be ignored and blocked.

I sound like a match to you, and you want to meet a great, loyal guy who too many have dismissed and passed up on.
Also, should things progess to the first date stage...at least have the mitigated gall to break up with me via phone or in person, NOT via text, IM, or email (have had the last 5 gals I've had relationships with take the cop-out way out). you'll be respected for the face-to-face communication.

NOTE: I do write terrible first emails, as I do tend to reply to emails a lot better than write a first mail to gals.

If I sound interesting, or if you have similar TV/movie/book/anime taste. ;) I always enjoy having anime/TV/video game pen-pals. :) I am on Xbox Live, so send me a note w/your gamertag. :)
The two of us