30 Fredericksburg, United States
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My self-summary
My name is Cliff and I do civilian and military medicine. I live in the Fredericksburg area and just trying new ways to meet people. Ladies don't be scared to message me first theres more of you than me. I cant possibly guarantee that I'll see your profile or anything but to get me to peek, all you have to do is at least say hi and maybe your name, then I will go from there. I don't expect the perfect first message to sweep me off my feet and win my heart over unless your living in a fairy tale. I want a conversation to really get an idea of who you are. I told you basically all you prolly need to know or truly care about above, so the rest of my page is just giving you an idea about me.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm living it like it's was my own!
I live every week like shark week.
I’m really good at
Yo-Yo's! I could give a college course on the art of the yo-yo, I am decadextrous (I can yo-yo with all ten fingers, I might of made that word up a bit, and prolly everything else I typed in this box). Yo-yo's are no joke ladies, they can reflect a man's character; a strong steady hand means a sturdy lifestyle, his form means hes got morals and discipline!
The first things people usually notice about me
My washboard abs, muscular physique, gentle caring heart, my beautiful eyes...jk im not being serious again my eyes are shit brown! (I really don't know what you will see first! This is prolly the first time I've ever been asked this, so look at my pictures and whatever you notice first is your answer. As far as personality, you would have to meet me to know)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
This section is stupid in my opinion. Name one happy woman that knew she had the right man because his favorite color is green, or favorite movies series was Blade (except the 2nd one because the cgi was off)!...The answer is NO ONE EVER IN THE HISTORY OF PEOPLE WHO REALLY CARE ABOUT IMPORTANT STUFF!
The six things I could never do without
I dont have 6 things sorry, thats kind of excessive and demanding, but I couldnt live without laughter. It's the best medicine I believe and could change the world. (this section is actually serious)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
-Why anyone in their right mind would ever mix peas with sweet-potatoes? (ladies if i see you do this on a date I will walk away)
-How come they don't make light up shoes in adult sizes? (I could run sooo much faster if I had a pair)
-Who would win a race between Superman and the Flash? (And does anyone else think its weird that Flash is JUST really fast, how the hell does he not run out of breathe, he doesnt have a crazy lung capacity)
-What gave the guy who sniffed bath salts first, the idea to sniff bath salts first? (he had to be high or something even crazier)
-Has anyone else seen that news article about the plane that crashed or the gas station that blew up from the person who didnt turn off their phone? (me either)
-Why do people say life is too short? (name one thing you can prove is longer than that)
On a typical Friday night I am
Practicing the flute in my onezy pajamas in the attic under candle light! Even though I dont have a flute or an attic or a candle, I do have a onezy though, dont judge, you judgmental judger.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I love cuddling, no lie I would cuddle the shit out of a stranger if she would let me! This section is actually not a joke because I prematurely admitted to you that I have a onezy already so I figured I should give you another secret.
You should message me if
You found this my profile entertaining...you're welcome!This is the best way I could give you a taste of my personality on here aside from actually meeting. I'm very socialable and will respond to every message even if I'm not interested, it's stupid to me that so many of you list that you're looking for men and FRIENDS but don't have the decency to respond. If you have kids or smoke I'm am not looking to date you but friends or to hangout is fine, just throwing that out there upfront. Drug free is a must, aint nobody got time for that! And if you're just going to carry on thats fine too good luck in your search.
Words of wisdom- Be the change in life you want to see.