35Colville, United States
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My self-summary
My life is a novel for sure.. I pay atention to the words of repose.
Love is poetry. Mathmetical squences... I am creative an playful, yet self withdrawl, an reclusive...

Faith is hope.....I long to meet you. Some one to be interesed in teh like of sound an coordination.

.THEREFORE..i AM....I am a washington native...I edont have enjojoy..climbing syrup trees, an handing ropes by fires. I like natural running, an many things natural.
I dont admire snobbery or bitchering..

I do admire faithfulness, as i

I am looking for a man who want to be a father to children, an love an chersih me.. an only me...nothing more to gain, nothing more at all...

I am free-spirtied...an hope that new an sirtied conversation, an good time wanted... inquire wihtin..

Im interested in compnionship, witt intentions.. Often of hopeful gains.

I an knowledges by religonisium, an faith. I am inspirtional creative, well-read. Diversified. I suffer from integrituty.

I make music, i do love dancing, mathmatic rythems, practical things.
I would like to find a mate that like to give, for roammce.. I would like to go on a romatic journey.....All i am looking for is a playment to share nap time, an paytime with.

I prefer secuirity, an wel-fare security. the inventions of life an liberty.

I adore writing through entertainment, an playfulnes.. I would admire equality in action, povertism has lead my place

Still as in still water i hide from the froth of a milky grave, of despair. A. clousui 1417

I as a lesson, experienced, as learn from life... I admire confident approval fro many enlightenment...

I smulder In passion for love to thus in love for one that I am...I am passionate. Sexual....and driven to find such: from lusts of adventure, wanting the willingness. of satisfaction, from encounters.

I have two rustic wkward tattos.. that i hate...umm.....on is a dagger an a rose...any way....I am very scientifc an smart intellectually, so dont let teh hill nully fool you.... I aanimic m woodsy organic..an love hostyle recognization......I love building fires,,... chopping wood...I live in the city,.. but i feel i should have a sun shower on my porch...i can dream of refabricating my house to include the tree...

I love to ice skate, an wish i could do it more...It is dreaming that i will fliy out on the ice an prepetuate some sort of promatncitc intention with my partner. If i should ever find one... that has decency.

. I prefer to skate ...alone as i have been that way most my life, like a lost wolfe.... a partner, is all i seek.. a companion a friens a lover.. i figure that is all i need after this wild restlessness that has been my meager existance. so far on this planet..

I enjoy dance, erotic creatisism, wiht movement an as artist sound mind. precieve. I enjoy modern convienance, yet am grounded in literality. The patience of books an puzzle, far behind words, is an illietimate sense of my lonily grandeur, in the silnt wildererness, that is the provocation of this city.

I find a great motivation from career, an drive from sense to moderanlity.

I am creative, artisit, i enjoy, I have many posions.... i am not fridgid or frail but my intentions are weak of heart.

I admire strength,and perserverance. I am at a cusp of in-security, seeking a special someone to brighten my day..velocity is interesting.. I am scientific.. genius of morality,...hoping to find relevance in a kiss, through often in time..
I admire mechanics, an a wonderfulment of playful intnetions of invention.

I have been, a nurse, a teacher, a artisian, a prefeormer, a student, a nuturer, a guest in this house... Butnot to the full potentioal for my hopes an dreams..lost grandeur, as a cmpromise for lacky freedoms.

I am a writer of invention, a interest of a model, a production assistance to many. I hide in shadow form my sullen ness. to wild ness as seemingly my lony death appraces my fear.. of contnetion. A wild indian child. in a silnece for modern ground. I have no ove for this as i am beten from my staff of words, as discression.
What I’m doing with my life
Hoping to find romance, true love, and an eternal journey of the unfathomable. like the measurment, one entails to hide truth.

I am a sober person. MAy be you can buy me a drink...to suffice sociality. I have a favorite Coffe shop, that i adore.. the shop keeps a painting, of mine...Small an quainte.. perfect for interludes to conversation... I am shy, thrivng an career oriented.
I wounld kno w i spen omost of it in deathly hollow, care to join me...

I am a muscian, a business person, a paralegal, and a consultant.

Being a consumer advocate, working through community. Production of ethics.

I have a bottle of brandy, wine that I made last winter. It needs time to mature just like me.... Wanting to find romance, through liberties to the self-jusitications. Writing, making a home. Wanting very much to find a romantic partner.

Dacing a fancy, hoping to find relevance through experience.
" You know your old When"...?

Looking fro a trench of hope...weidilg the alvery of my sorrows..an focusing on the future.
waling in my loniliness.....of despir on a death ful journey into oblivion.
I’m really good at
Tears- I do it wuite a bit...
Tantric buddism
Musical Intergration
Being what I want to be, when I grow up. even if people refuse to allow me to do so..
Being quite, an being good to people. even though no one cares
The first things people usually notice about me
I am very non- porfessional, wiht a wild side to romatics: about life.

I don't know i am not other people.. And they have no right to know..
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Romanciti, poems. of sullen values.

Love exercise, an well-being, health..., unique cooking.
Willing to try new things.

I have favorite books:
Humm: that is a subject better spoken about. I f you reaaly must know the books I intend to write, about my memoirs.. that could be written in the heat of a passionate romance.

Too bad my word processer is broken an the publishing company refused to unless osoeme else could sell it, as thier own ,as my death mean mor to them thn my livelyhodd or pride.

Hopefully, with you.. If that drive a poet within. you...Lingering... I often wonder, Who is you?...

As for film,, that is matter...imagination..pixar,,mostly simple film.. i prefer scrabble since my telte is undivided.

In vention of cooking, theatre, .....
Music that is made in the stars....
Six things I could never do without
Knowledge " Intelligence"
Creativity ~Language
Expression- Movement music....
Logical Musical Interpereation..

As honest: Scientific junctificational for assortment often
titlesism to pretainet.........

If you do not understand this list look to the top of the list that should explain the rest, in the text list.
which one on the list did you wind up focusing on.

Creating,or fixing somethingn within relevnance, an odination for cospire.

A oublisher, for ll my stories an calendars..an assistant.. to take care of what makes my world brighter...an of course diction.. an humm..i will have to contemplate this further.. (:':'" )((_'..?//
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Romance, Music, Justice, Legal precentions, Advocacy....Although, it as seemingis far between, an lacking relevance. Although, my whole lifeworks, was grounded into fa fraud. for inventions.


Creation.......Poetry.......Love.............Hope........Faith......... What it would be like to have those thigs, mentioned...

My True Love...
Finding the love, I dream of.....so dearly held in my heart of soul....After being broken fro so many years. some one to help me heal the scars of my wounded expression..

I am not lustful, not hurtful.. just wanting some one to ecxpress , my creations to... If that , then not at all.

Often innocent pure, true..wanting to feel the intensity of kiss.............................................like a -burning fire. But, i am tainted, tearful, an in cheery despair. meager

Some way to make money....$$$$ Which i, could usefullly need, to suffice moderanlity
On a typical Friday night I am
Watching people,,.,.,//,/,.,.,.><>???> Finding an chasing a ............................,.,....dream.../././././././././././././././.././././././/////........// Litrine, Toilet.. head, john. an suffice things that make men laugh at eh hope for intention/.
editing this profile.....,.,.,,,,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.cause...I can.......,,/,'ll',?,',
Seeking attention from my imagination...

Hoping you will message me.
.,.,.,.,<<> Being reaaly , .n///n//,n/,m

Reaaly lonley.... Wondering if someone, will make my night. Hopeing to be asked out, an taken sum where.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
This is what my life was like....before 30.. how to explain me.. in a dream of myth..

Look below.. What the future hold...

world, there is none below, there is non above. it just is..In faith.
You should message me if
You are a romantic,
OF mindful gaze, flirty. willing, and charming ......honest, an full of life.. t o be in good times.. squiry, thoughafter, soutful, intesntiove. quirky, an filled with poet respose to gaze in form from though, as soon be quicker then over......

You are a dead poet in a new age techo world, as history previves the mind..Hsave more then a common engluish diction.. You admore a woman that can convesre, wiht more then, just ..or less, then just a gaze a stare of attraction is enough. from common intrest..

Preives, an grows wiht intenstion, an not huddles to cover the words wiht guilt harrowed in silece, is a grave demand for a wounded heart...Heall he swallow wiht a kiss to death, as lust to vengance greed... but heart to lust an of greed, but not to kow love, as a wounded hand take to curer breeded, fate toa unknow mockery as I have become...to a broken mind an wounded flesh, as tiols have legft me dead to dreams.

Admire heartful women, are polite, rudefully, honest..an willing to make scarfice, as not your own.. but lacking in cause to deeds from which tempernace lay...

Willing, to hold me through thin, and thick.. dreaming of my heart, in your hands like a fragile glass veil...

You can afford to make an eep a friend an not woory about the... buy.. I am tired of paying, fro sins of whihc i did not commit, as an such not enjoying myself...

You want to pay, for my love, an admiration.. in cashing of good times...beace another wound would be the death of me...said of me an only me, an you would like to get to know me..not as a mockery but as true companion, to soul...

I have given most of my life away to contract poverty fro the wealth of others... An this guise is fiilled with tears, so so,lem of a wound that only god can heal.. to you...i say.. no man can give me [eace, but a true soul.. That can give me calling.

Singing a song of youths soul to me.....laughing at my contention...

Dreaming of a t.. to holrue lover for true................................ Forth a life of love...Willing to give me liberty through love..and faith ful as intuition, seeking such insentity.

Athletic...and willing.... to dance as thus:
to the flesh wave with me...and for me... Not shy... but bold.. calloustic.. an intelligence is a vital moral for any relationship, to agresite.....

You are looking for a date.. this week-end are in the area..an can take a girl for a date. Take a dame for dinner.. enjoy a show...etc. etc... etc...

I you have read the greatests works, of Walt Witman....an truley........ desire to know innocence. Adore Enistein, an can relevate.
The two of us