36Boston, United States
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My self-summary
*this will be getting an update and edit soon but dont panic, I am still this awesome... *

Every time I try to start one of these I start wondering not only what Im conveying but also what Im projecting... the tone of my information so to speak. I could tell you I am a great something or other but the way I tell it is also... er, telling. In order to minimize the posturing and chest puffing, I figure bullets are the way to get across the point without muddying the method.

* 34 year old professional dance teacher
* Big heart and the persona to match
* Would like to have a pet skunk named "Professor Scoots" someday
* Owns a large stuffed eyeball
* Smarter than your average bear
* Knows more about mythology than you (and yes, that is a challenge)
* Favorite drinks are interesting beers (preferably a sour of some sort!)
* Accomplished in Ballroom Dance, dance In general, making an hero/fool of myself 80s dancing, general tomfoolery, nerdishness
* Have passion for people with passion (which sounds like a corporate motto, doesn't it?)
* Always interested in learning about something new and, particularly, how to DO something new
* Addicted to pictures of cute baby animals

I am Artsy, Mischevious, and Anti-Subtle

I come across as totally extroverted but Its easy for me to be shy in large social settings.
What I’m doing with my life
Teaching dance now... really trying to simply improve my art with the thoughts in mind of eventually going back to my first love, directing. I was blessed with clarity of vision in that Im absolutely sure about what I love and what I want to do and have a reasonably good idea of the things I should do to get there. In short it sounds something like this: Become a brilliant dancer, own a studio, open a theater, spend the rest of my life directing abstract theater and teaching dance. Eventually open a studio and theater... Thats not too much to ask, is it?
I’m really good at
Creating... just in general, I am with the arts... in particular, creating performance arts including dance, theater and theater tech.

Im also fairly funny. See? I just did something funny. You missed it.

I like to think I have an eye for details in many things... little stuff that people tend not to really notice but can improve/detract from the character of something. For better or worse, I tend to remember everything. The color of a room, the wording in the way someone explains something, the timing of a joke. By no means am I am expert but I do have an extensive background in effective theatrical and dramatic aesthetics.
The first things people usually notice about me
Im very tall... and oft a bit facially scruffy but dressed cleanly... and have very sharp eyes... and so the first thing people "notice" about me is that I look European. That is not to say I actually am European, I just get asked if I am foreign fairly regularly. I guess Europeans are well dressed, tall, scruffy, sharp eyed people... who look like me even. What class acts!

That is unless I am currently dancing somewhere or climbing something I shouldnt.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Its hard to have superlatives actually because they change depending on the day and my mood but here are some good guesses currently:

Books - The Princess Bride, RPGs in general, Harry Potter, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Alice in Wonderland, Alice through the Looking Glass, American Gods is my current favorite book...

Movies - (changes too often but currently...) Snatch, Sin City, Burn the Floor, Labrynith (oh and I have to add some of my fav cartoons, though Im not at all a tv person besides these... Harvey Birdman, Venture Brothers, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Family Guy!)

Recent Addition... though I do not even own a TV, Ive been watching episodes of Heroes online and, while the writing isnt brilliant and some of the character interactions are clearly plot railroaded, its very very fun

Update... Ok, so its gotten so much better. Yay for www.nbc.com

Update... finished first season... its pretty awesome

Music - Lately alot of Bobby Darrin... but in general 80s new wave, Jazz classics, synth pop, hair metal, Indie Rock... lots and lots of stuff. Here is a short list of artists, in no particular order, that come to mind - Frank Sinatra - Prince - Pink Floyd - Talking Heads - Talk Talk - Tears for Fears - AC/DC - Beethoven - Danny Elfman - Smashing Pumpkins - Me First and the Gimmi-Gimmis - Tons of musicals - Tons and tons of video game music - Tango (in general) - Really anything I can dance to... any number of styles

Current favorite songs are "Song with a Mission" by the Sounds, "Legs" by ZZTop, "Wonderwall" covered by Ryan Adams, "Now that I am Blind" by Death Ray and the long intro from "Shine on you crazy Diamond" by Pink Floyd

Foods - Indian... mmmmm Buffalo Wings and Tortellinis also make up a large part of my diet...
Six things I could never do without
Music of some sort (my car radio, mp3 player, sterio... just sound in general constantly... I almost always have my Mp3 player with me), someone to bitch to/challenge/joke with/figure stuff out with, attention in general (yea, Ive been told Im an attention whore but I like to make people smile and laugh... not so bad), a space to dance in, someone who actually shares my sense of humor (few things worse than trying to be funny and having someone stare blankly/offended at you joke after joke... its happens to me too often), a clear direction for now, even if its not the one I will always be taking

I know most people put actual objects in this but I really dont own much I actually care a great deal about...

Update: cept for my wonderful and amazing corner desk from IKEA! I think they deserve the free advertising for it!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Choreography and Directing... I like to envision artistic performance constantly. Im really always thinking "how could I use this in a show/dance" and trying to save a snap shot or sound byte of it in my mental files for use later. I appreciate transference of day to day life into art, theater and dance. Certain mundane things like the way a certain person walks or the overlapping shadow of a sunset between two office buildings or the particular mixture of unlikely characters at a bus stop all resonate in the artsy part of my brain. I wish I threw some of them out because I cannot fit an office assistant in my head so I tend to misplace a great deal of these ideas... but some stick around.
On a typical Friday night I am
Whenver possible, dancing. I really love the feeling of loosing yourself in music... really, just see above for all that. If not that, I actually enjoy role playing games and have been a big nerd for many a moon. Im simply awful at sitting around though so unless it has my rapt attention, Id rather be dancing.

Update: At Great Scotts in Allston, basically... thats more or less a sure bet these days. Indie Rock night called The Pill... yea, its pretty awesome!
You should message me if
You love to dance and want someone to dance with

You love to envision and create and explore possibilities and implement inventive plans and improve your mind, body and spirit... well, you get the idea. All cheese out, you want someone to be artsy with!

You want to meet a nice guy who is a little bit of alot of things (and alot of a few things)

If you want to be entertained!

You think you have something to teach me...

You want an adventure buddy!

Mostly, If you think I'm superfly
The two of us