27 Pasadena, United States
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My self-summary
Hey! How's it going?

I'm a graduate student at USC, where I study classical music. I'm an organist by profession, but I play piano pretty often too. If you've been pouring over okcupid in hopes of finding somebody who will passionately discuss the cantatas of Johann Sebastian Bach with you, well congratulations, you need look no further!

Or, umm, otherwise, well, we might still get along well.... :^P

Being a grad student keeps me pretty busy, but in my free time I volunteer at a railroad museum where I maintain and run a steam locomotive from 1922. Had I been born a century earlier, I would have done it for my career, but alas, I was born too late for that....

Hmm what else....

Ever since high school, I've been fond of what you might call exploring. Sometimes I'll hike or drive around the city, the mountains, or the desert with no real destination in mind, just seeing what I discover along the way. (Yesterday I ended up in Cuyama, in the mountains west of Bakersfield.) I've always been captivated by the dozens of majestic mountain ranges that you see out in the desert, and I'm working on hiking/scrambling/climbing up some of them.

It's amazing what you find in the most unassuming places--beautiful vistas, interesting characters, remnants of abandoned gold mines, historic buildings with beautiful stained glass windows or majestic marble columns, and stores that sell a variety of items so eclectic that it defies description in the English language. I even once found the world's largest metal fish sculpture (in North Dakota), and the world's largest Ukranian egg (in Nebraska). I also once saw a llama ranch and an ostrich ranch on the same day.
What I’m doing with my life
Practicing Bach organ sonatas, making puns, eating ice cream, practicing some more.
The six things I could never do without
Clear blue skies
Broad, sweeping vistas
A desert highway stretching off to the horizon
Good pedal flues (it's a classical music thing)
Sunsets as seen from the mountains, from a desert highway, or in clear (formerly blue) skies.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The fact that in Finland, when you get your doctorate, you also get a sword and a tophat. (No, seriously, you do.) If I am ever a professor supervising doctoral students, I'm going to buy swords for them when they graduate.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
One of the other organ students at USC loves puns and abysmal jokes as much as I do. When we met each other it was like a match made in heaven. We have entire conversations in puns. But that was not enough.

So, we came up with a "comedy show" where he tells jokes while I provide comical musical accompaniment on an organ.

We call it Victor Borgan. (As in the 20th-century comedian Victor Borge, but it's played on an organ, so it's Victor Borgan.)

Yeeaaahh.... They don't let us organ students out much....
You should message me if
...your friends would describe you as brilliantly intelligent, but kinda wacky in your own wonderful way. would rather spend Friday evening zooming down California State Route ______ while trying to outrun the rainstorm behind you as the setting sun in front of you passes beneath a line of clouds in an indescribably brilliant red band just above the horizon and illuminates the stormclouds behind you a radiant shade of pink than drinking craft beer and watching Netflix at home. like Schubert. Or Mendelssohn.

...the concept of eating ice cream and frozen yogurt in the same day seems like a perfectly sound idea to you.

...your idea of a roadtrip has very little to do with itineraries, yelp reviews, and internet lists, and much more to do with getting in a car and seeing where the road takes you.