54 Sacramento, United States
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My self-summary
I believe in love .... the forever and ever kind,

I believe in special moments that make us forget about time,

Am I a bit too hopeful with a starry-eyed dream?

To wish for romance, laughter, bliss, and everything in between?

I’ve been to Paris, Athens, Salzburg, London, Rome,

I’ve seen Versailles, Parthenon, Louve, and Vatican (Pope’s home),

I love urban adventures; have dancing shoes (just in case),

I like to walk through the woods, swim in the ocean, and leave without a trace,

I have a fitness-oriented lifestyle and am an environmental type,

I can swim the butterfly, pitch a tent, and surf beneath the pipe,

My mantra is self-improvement, lifelong learning, trying something new,

It feeds my mind to know creative people with a quirky intellectual hue,

I’m a Renaissance man of many talents with a solid moral core,

I’m socially conscious, politically astute, sex positive, and don’t snore,

The woman I am thinking of ... she strives for optimal health and wellness of mind and body,

She is elegant, feminine, thoughtful, and (in her own way) is a real hottie,

She’s a great communicator, an attentive listener, and fun to be around,

She believes in equality, honesty, truth, and is sometimes profound,

Might we be like two happy birds perched on the branch of a beautiful tree?

Do you still believe in love ... and that the best things in life are free?
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a researcher in state government, so numbers are my thing,

But my job doesn't define me, it's just my occupational scene,

Working in public service makes me feel good though,

and being close to politics can be an entertaining show!
I’m really good at
Bicycling more miles than I drive a car,

Appreciating people for who they really are,

Eating fresh locally grown food,

Swinging to classics like "In the Mood,"

Being in the moment, experiencing the now,

Enjoying a good read as time allows,

The one who breaks the ice as others hesitate to talk,

Savoring situations when we don't worry about the clock,

The first on an empty dance floor as others stand and stare,

Sharing a pot of herbal tea and a delicious Asian pear,

A carbon footprint so low and physical impact so light,

A reciprocated body massage, a memorable delight,

Wishing I had a girlfriend, if you know what I mean,

Because sharing your heart is such a precious thing.
The first things people usually notice about me
is my stature – my height and the confident way I carry myself.

People immediately notice my warm, friendly smile.

Other first impressions include my strength, gentleness, charm, intelligence, and thoughtfulness.

I'm a modern day Fred Astaire, someone who could sweep you off your feet!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Ethnic restaurants with non-English menus,

Historic places and vintage cultural venues,

Radio stations on the left side of the FM dial,

Hats (not sports related) with impeccable style,

Merchandise that is ridiculously priced to move,

Complex harmonies that get me into the groove,

Spitting out watermelon seeds in the backyard with a friend,

A happy dog who chases balls/frisbees to no end,

Curious finds at gift shops, bookstores, and antique malls,

The stress release (and relief) when a significant other calls,

Sitting on an old log by a warm campfire,

Swapping irreverent stories that stimulate and inspire,

Movies based on love stories that make me think and cry,

Singing birds who remind me to look up and enjoy the beautiful blue sky,

Laying on a couch, arm in arm, nestled side by side,

Disclosing tender secrets we too often hide,

It's the little things that make this journey meaningful and sentimental,

Like photo booths, popcorn, and ferris wheels -- so simple but elemental,

The refreshing sound of a waterfall, a primordial luxury we must not miss,

The serenity of a nice date and the splendid joy of an overdue first kiss.
The six things I could never do without
1. Happiness
Aristotle said this is the only thing we desire for its own sake.

2. Freedom of Speech
"Four score and seven years ago ...."

3. Romance
A little bit of this goes a long way....

4. Summer
Long days, solar tea, garden hose showers, sun dried laundry, swimming, going barefoot, fresh corn on the cob!

5. Weekends
I wish everyday could be a Saturday.

6. Democracy
Often imitated ... never replicated.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Matters of the heart and how great relationships feel,

Pleasant surprises and what could possibly become real,

To share a love that is genuine and true,

A blend of fact and fiction, a fairy tale deja vu,

Relaxing weekend jaunts exploring the coast,

Hearing the ocean's roar is something I like the most,

An enchanted forest beneath redwood giants,

A green canopy splendor above a lustful misty silence,

Let's catch the colorful parade downtown,

Tubas blasting loud and baton twirlers getting down,

Community events, neighborhood festivals, and off-Broadway plays,

Symphonies, concerts, opera, and magnificent ballets,

Dances of the dragon for Chinese New Year,

Cinco de Mayo with mariachi's to hear,

Are these some things we could possibly share?

Perhaps we should meet and then go from there?
On a typical Friday night I am
Glad the work week is over, it is such a grind,

Relax .... recharge .... and feel a bit less confined,

Some unstructured time -- a luxury to behold,

Begin to unwind and let worries unfold,

Thoughts of retirement that’s still far away,

Finding joy in the now is a gift for today,

Fresh air outside renews as it should,

Getting some exercise makes me feel good,

A decent night’s sleep recharges the mind,

Surreal dreams sneak up from behind,

Is love only fleeting like in movies we see?

Lots of single people: How can this be?

“I learned the truth at 17” – remember that song?

Love so elusive and its absence so wrong,

I gaze up at the moon and the stars shining bright,

Light years away in remote places out of sight,

Seeking a woman who stimulates me,

A beautiful spirit -- Where could she be?

A kind hearted soul with whom I connect,

But am I the kind of guy that she would select?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have been on this site for quite some time,

Hoping to find a love so sublime,

But it has not happened so I am still here,

Should I keep doing this? The answer’s unclear,

I looked for my soulmate but she seems nowhere around,

Feeling romantic despair, my heart is not found,

By a beautiful soul I know is out there,

A wonderful woman with really nice hair,

What are the chances that she will find me?

And invite me to share a pot of herbal tea?

An overlooked gem, that’s who I am,

But beginning to wonder if I might be the ugliest of men,

Because the sting of rejection has taken it’s toll,

I try not to be jaded but it has grown old,

“I learned the truth at seventeen” -- Remember that song?

Love so elusive… Is it really so wrong?

Online dating can be a rather harsh scene,

So many men and some quite obscene,

Your inbox gets cluttered from interested guys,

From 15 to 90, my oh my!

From Florida to Washington and states in-between,

Guys from other countries: Is this a strange dream?

But I do not play the mass email game,

So much competition and some with no shame,

Is this not the place for someone like me?

No false advertising to the nth degree,

If I could have been blessed with a Hollywood look,

So I could make women swoon like a Harlequin book,

With an Olympian body, multi-million endorsements galore,

High fashion from Paris tailored for me at the store,

Would I not be single and left to wonder why?

Relationships so tenuous and fantasies gone awry,

I know who I am and what I've become,

I find joy in the feel of the warmth of the sun,

The pleasure of lunch in a park by the shade,

Looking at beautiful colors that flowers display,

My female friends say I'm a really great catch,

I'm told: “Just keep your chin up – you’ll find your match,”

But dating can involve assumptions, preconceptions, and Cinderella dreams,

So dating can be really complicated it seems,

Should I throw in the towel and move on with my life?

And give up on the quest for a girlfriend or wife?
You should message me if
You are into unique one of a kind things,

You opt for quality over quantity, the sensations it brings,

The relationship you seek is the companionate kind,

Based on mutual respect and emotionally aligned,

You are looking for a man who treads the high road,

Cultured, educated, and globally sowed,

You get excited by the possibilities of a nontraditional love,

Unconstrained by gender roles and patriarchal rules from above,

Could we create our own vision of a bond to endure?

A cooperative journey with wonderful experiences for sure,

The mystery in our lives, twists and turns to unfold,

Like a roller-coaster ride so thrilling and bold,

A forward thinking couple that others love to see,

We inspire each other to be the best that we can be.