37Visalia, United States
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My self-summary
Hello my friends and new people everywere, Everyone knows me as the Dark Lord Caine or as Deruku Rorude Kaine whichever you wish to call my by and I want to thank you for visiting my page! I am always up to chat with anyone! I am am here to basicly chat with all my old friends and to meet new people from across the globe and create new friendships if its possable and maybe even meet that special ♥ meant for me. if shes out there Well first off I was born in Detroit, MI. I love hang out with my hippy, punk, Raver, & various friends downtown at the local coffee shops... I have 5 Piercings and 6 tattoos...The peircings I currently have are my Sectum, both ears gauged at 7/16 and snake bites but I plan to get more soon.... My tattoos I have pictures on myspace so go check me out there or on any messenger i am on free if you want to see them. I own one cat her name is Keya. I used to have two cats the others name was Kiya but I had to get rid of her :(. I also have a turtle her name is Morlah shes a red ear slider.. I have lived a very unusual life and have experianced alot in my lifetime!!! I have seen alot of cool and fucked up shit some of it happen to me and to others around me across the globe. Such as people being shot and killed in New Orleans, zombie crack heads, Having acid trips at Golden Gate Park then walking to the beach, good Peyote experiances and meeting new people and tons of other insane adventures and I would love to experiance much more of what life has to offer me and anything else I can come across... I always love a good adventure... I love to ride my bike everywere, I love to write poetry and read it to myself.. I forever will love all forms of art and create many of my own but I will never show off my true skills to anyone unless you can prove to me why you should see it.. I ? Hugging and kissing... I used to play drums and write music in a band once... I love to stay up real late and or for days and then lie in my bed when I start feeling real tired becuse there is not another feeling as great as lying in a bed when your extrememly tired it feels 10x better than usual. well at least it does to me.. I am a very quiet person in person I don't talk much and when I do people interrupt me so I learned just keep quiet and I don't tend to make alot of friends... I love to travel everywere... I have been experiancing this urge for something new in my life and I feel I need to do something soon.... I have not been feeling like myself lately... If theres ever anything I might have forgotten to mention or something you wish to know more about me or if you wish to just chat feel free to write me anytime about anything anytime Day or night... I have nothing to hide or do I

Please feel free to visit me at any of the following sites:

Interest: Bike Riding, Traveling, experiancing new thing, the sense of adventure, drinking Coffee or tea, chillin at cafes, Ceramics(Pottery), graffiti art, Screenprinting, Drawing, Painting, Poetry, Cal-Earth, Buiding Dome Houses with Earth, Life and Death, Occult movies, Troma Films, marijuana, LSD, DMT, Peyote, DMT, Shrooms and other Hallucinogenic, trippin on acid at golden gate park in san francisco and walking to the beach, cigarettes, black velvet, clawing, Body Piercings, [body Modifications, Tattoos, Blind folds, Candles, Eyes, The Mind, Lips, The Female Body, cuddling, Sex, Oral Sex rules, fuck buddies, forplay, kissing, Falling in love and being Loved back, Bitting, Ganja Food, Computer Graphics, Webdesign, Video Games, Night Time, Halloween, Nature, all living things insects and animals, all deadly insects and animals, Thunder Storms, All things good & evil, suspending, flogging, S&M, B&D, Leather, Whips, Chains, rope, Handcuffs, Gags, Vampires, Zombies, Dragons and other Mystical Creatures, Chaos, PS2 Video games, Xbox 360 Games, Pirates, Rainbow Gatherings, Drums, food, smoking cigarettes, Drums, Blood, The Beauty in both the good and evil in life, Seeing beauty in all living and dead things, Crystals, studying on various religions and occults, blades, and much more to come later...

Dis-Likes: snobs, upper Class assholes, Cops, emo kids, Your God, lame musicians who suck, rednecks, preps, jocks, shitty country music, blue grass,christian music, top 40s list, pop, boy or girl bands, bad gansta rap, Narcs, Posers, pointless Violence, malls money, guns and other shit I plan to post when I feel like it...

I am dark, sweet, and shy
What I’m doing with my life
Artist, body piercing, poetry, Drummer collecting anything related to zombies. I am also a colector of crystals and other stones, studying all religions and occults so if i have to get into a conversation about religion i can know what im talking about...
I’m really good at
Art, poetry, body piercing, listening, Video games, computer graphics, drums, hiding, sex, oral sex, & procrastinating
The first things people usually notice about me
My piercings, my tattoos, my eyes, and/or whatever i'm wearing or not wearing
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: I love to read anything i can get my hands on especually occult books, anything Educational and a good Fantasy book.

Movies: Comedy, Anime, Zombie, horror, comedy, a good Japanese or Kung-fu flick and occult movies are the best... French film Le fabuleux destin d'Amlie Poulain, Waking Life, Dawn of the Dead, SLC Punks, Fight Club, Day of the Dead, Night of the Living Dead, Evil Dead 1 & 2, Army of Darkness, The Nightmare before Christmas, Cradle of Fear, Nightmare on Elm Street, Bowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit 9/11, Dead Alive, Return of the Dead, The Clerks 1 & 2, Jay and silent bob strike back, mall rats, slithers, silent hill, Dogma, Kill Bill 1 & 2, Reefer Madness, Hostel, Tromeo & Juliet and other Troma films, spaceballs, The warriors, & The Hostel, Saw 1, 2, & 3, Slithers, Silent Hill, Donnie Darko, Simpsons the Movie, Mirror Mask, The Labrinth, Dark Crystal, and more to come

Music: 2 2-step 5 50s 6 60s 7 70s 8 80s , 80..'s 9 90s a abstract hip hop , abstronact , accustic soul , acid , acid funk , acid house , acid rock , acid tech , acid techno , afro , afro beat , afro house , all style mix , alt rock , ambient , ambient & electronic , ambient/ dt/ house/ , amen , avant garde b b-more , b-more club , baile funk , baile ghetto bizness , balearic , baltimore , baltimore club , bass , basswar , bastard pop , bbc , bboy , beach house , beats , berlin , bhangra , big beat , big room , black gospel remixed , Black Metal , blend , blended hip hop , blends , bling , block party beats , blues , bmore , body & soul , bollocks , bollywood , boogaloo , boogie , bootie house , bootleg , booty , booty house , bossa , bossa nova , bossanova , boston bounce , bounce le gros , braindance , brasili bass , brasilian beat , brazil drum n bass , brazil roots traditi , brazil samba batucad , brazil samba funk so , brazillian funk , breakbeat , breakcore , breakdance , breaks , breakbeat , breakstep , brega , broken beats c capoeira , chicago , chill , chopped&screwed , classic rock , classical , classics , click-house , club , club drums , comedy-blues , Some Country , crunk , cut n paste , cut-jazz d d&b , dance , dance floor , dancehall , dark ambient , darkcore , deathmetal , deep , deep electro , deep house , deep latin house , deep soulful house , deep techno , deephouse , deeptech house , deep soulfull house , descarga , detroit , detroit pimp-hop , detroit techno , dfa , dirty , , dirty south , dirty , dis-sicko , disco , disco house , dj cmg , djs for sale , dnb , dope beats , downbeat , downtempo , drum & bass , drum......'n bossa , dub , dub house , dub techno , dubstep e ebm , eclectic , edits , eighties , electro , electro / techno , electro house , electro-disco , electro-pop , electroclash , electrofunk , electronic , electronica , electronics , electrospunk , electrostuff , electrotrash , environmental sound , epic techno , eski , etc , eurocrunk *shudder* , experimental f favela , filtered , floorfiller , Folk , folktrance , freakno , freedom fries , freestyle , frump up , funk , funk carioca , funky , funky beats , funky breaks , funky house g gabber , Gansta Rap , garage , garidge , geek-core , ghetto house , ghetto tech , glitch , glitch house , gomma , Gothic , grime , grindcore , groove h h-town , hard trance , hardcore , hardstep , headz , hip hop , hip hop brazil , hip jungle , hip-hop , hip-hop funk breaks , hip-house , hiphop , house , house - electronic , house electro , houston , hyphy i idm , indie , indie tronic , indiecore , indietronic , industrial , italo , italo-disco j jack house , jazz , jazz funk , jazztronica , jazzy house , jazzy tribal house , jit , juke , jungle k katemossoncoke , ketamine house , ketaminimal , kompakt , kraut , kung-fu l latin , latin deep house , latin house , latin jazz , liquid , liquid funk , live , live set , lounge house m mainstream , maracatu , mash-up , mash-ups , mashup , megamix , melodic techno , metal , miami , miami bass , micro house , microhouse , middle eastern dance , minimal , minimal house , minimal techno , minimal/techno/elect , motherfunky , mtl bass n nature recordings , neo disco , neo soul , neo-disco , neofunk , neu , neurofunk , new jack swing , new wave , news , Noise , no wave , northern soul , nu jazz , nu skool , nu soul , nu-disco , nu-jazz , nu-jazz broken beat , nujazz , nuskool breaks o obscurities , old school , old school rap , old skool , old-school , oldschool , oldskool p pancado , party , peak-hour , piano driven house , piano house , playhouse , podcast , pop , pornstar , portuguese language , post-rock , prog/ trance/ indie/ , proggy , progressive , progressive house , psychedelic rock , psychedlia , punk , punk funk r r&b , radio , ragga , ragga breakcore , rai , rap , rare , rare groove , rare grooves , rave , reggae , reggae & dancehall. , reggaeton , remix , remixes , rephlex , retro , riddim , rock , Rockabilly , rock ..'n roll , rockindie & roll , rock..'n..'soul , roots , rufige s salsa , samba , samba rock , sample , sample madness , sax driven house , scratch mix , scratching , ska , sleaze , sleepy , slow jams , snap , soca , soul , soul funk , soulful house , sound art , southern rap , spankrock , studentcore , sub-low , sublow , synth t talkin shit , tech , tech funk , tech step , tech-funk , techhouse , techno , techno & other mix s , techno breakcore etc , techno-electro-house , techno-minimal-house , techouse , techstep , Thrash , throwback , toxic disco , trance , trancefunk , tribal , tribal house , tribally , trill , trip hop , tripped out u uk bass , uk garage , uk trance , underground , underground hip hop , urban v video , video mix , vocal house , vocal jungle w world music and other Various type of music from throughout the world not mentioned above!!!

Food: I love to eat anything except olives fish and spam
Six things I could never do without
cigarettes, my pets, having sex, my friends, internet, playing video games, water, Eating food and candy, my inhaler, clothing

Ok yeah I put ten but the last four i just could not do without trust me... lol
I spend a lot of time thinking about
wouldn't you like to know... lol! Sex, what to get tattooed and pierced next, finding true luv, playing video games, saving animals, anarchy, zombies, All the places I want to travel to across the world, about art, & poetry
On a typical Friday night I am
at my house either in living room on computer drinkin coffee or in my room playing video games or watiching tv unless i have a party to go to then I am there getting fucked up and having fun...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I used to be Bisexual and I luv porn!!!
You should message me if
want to know more about me
Live in or around Visalia, Ca
you think I'm hot and are intrested in me
into similar stuff
have any tattoos or body piercings
are beautiful/hot/cute
want to be friends
if you dare...lol!
The two of us