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My self-summary
Hmmm what to say about myself... first off, thanks for someone telling me that an empty profile will get me nowhere LOL. I guess I needed that. Second, I'd like to say that, I'm a totally boring person. Yes. I am and I have proof! ... Maybe I don't... but one of these days.. I WILL!

ok. I'm a crazy kind of person as demonstrated above.. but I DO have a more serious side. I like debates and discussions on all sorts of topics and find these sorts of discussions extremely stimulating. Philosophy is something I WISH I could get into, but knowing myself, I think I'll be a little out of my depth if I were to try. :P

I'm a geek, and I'm (sorta) proud of it :P. I'm into the Fantasy and Scifi genres. Pen and Paper RPGs are another thing that I want to get into, though nowadays quite hard to get people to sit down and play. I'm also into computer games. It's something that I grew up with. I've been playing games since my lower secondary days and it's nostalgic for me think back on the days where the graphics were just pixels on the screen.

Oh I like to have a good cup of coffee or tea in a cafe with some good reading materials. I'm not sure if it's just because I'm getting (relatively) older or it's just me but I tend to gravitate more towards the quieter places. One of my favourite places used to be the park near where the Singapore Flyer is now. It's quite nice to sit on the rocks and watch the sea, listening to music. Not to say that I'm totally a quiet person. I like to sing too and I think I don't have too bad a voice and thus one of my favourite activities is going for some KTV. Though I'm not going as frequently as I used to, which is a shame.

I am crazy, quiet, and intellectual
What I’m doing with my life
Working I guess, going out with friends on occasion. I would LIKE to enjoy life more but hey, this is Singapore, and everything costs money.

Current working as a Project Manager in a small IT firm but I'm hopeful that I can make the leap to a bigger company, not good to stagnate in one place...
I’m really good at
being funny? hmmm that's rather subjective...
talking? hmmmmm not really.
I guess I'm reaaaaaalllyy good at being mediocre!

ok.. that's really not a good way 'sell' myself... but....

aha! I'm really good at being nice!

Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Oh I love the fantasy novels by Eddings (May he rest in peace). He's one of the few writers I enjoy. I love fantasy that doesn't take itself too seriously. I can take SOME Lord of the Rings but I tend to get bogged down by the long winded prose >.<

Same thing happened to me when I tried to read the Illiad. haha. I never finished reading it, which is a shame.

My current craze is the old TV Series: Time Commanders. This show was unabashedly geeky and appeals greatly to my interest of both Strategy and Tactics utilized in ancient warfare. Too bad it ended on Season 2..... I WANT ANOTHER SEASON! haha
You should message me if
Feel bored and want to chat :D
The two of us