40Redlands, United States
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My self-summary
I am a part of you, him, her, them and us, but I am still me. It is what drives me, the fact that I am a part of something larger than myself, yet I am still myself. That realization alone is a lifetime of thoughts to ponder, but I still hunger for more. Life is long, so I want to take it slow since even being as long as it is, I will never discover, experience or share all there is in life.

I am not here trying to find love, rather I am here to share love. Finding love is not on my checklist, as I have love with me all the time already and I am grateful for the gift. It took a good chunk of my life to discover it was within me all along, but some never find it, so it was a special day to realize I had life and death's greatest gift to give. If you already love yourself, this will hopefully make sense. I cannot make someone love me or love themselves, but I can love myself and love someone that loves themselves. No more..."walking around, investigating the endless dark. Isn't that what you do, don't you take your net and throw it out into these far out places? And don't you find that the only thing you ever catch is your own self back again?"

I would love to meet people who will never get tired of the endless joys in life, and talk about it with great enthusiasm. Meeting someone extra special to spend time with exclusively, sharing the joys of philosophizing and theorizing why exactly humans do what they do would be amazing. I have discovered that would be more interesting than all the classic romantic ideals I used to think would bring true happiness. Not that romance can't exist, it most certainly does. It's not necessarily the way it's portrayed in movies, books, shows and music. It's a little bit of all that and something more than words can describe. THAT reality is worth romanticizing about!
What I’m doing with my life
Gathering knowledge, gaining strength, gorging on life, giving back and gauging how many others are doing these exact same things.
I’m really good at
Wishing all people well, even the entitled or intolerant ones (homophobes, those that judge others using the social construction of 'race' , misogynists, zealously religious fanatics , etc). All of those traits serve a purpose on this world, even if I don't understand why or why that people with the traits get to hurt others. I wish anyone like that well, but I will not surround myself with intolerance and ignorance or stand by silently while the ignorant or intolerant harm others.

For my own personal time and how I want to spend it, Chuck D said it very well: "If I can't change the people around me. Then I change the people around me."

I am pretty good at music trivia! Well certain genres more than others, but I am learning more all the time. Even when I don't know it, it's very likely I'll want to at least experience it. Music = soul food.

Soaking up the world around me and then spacing out on what's been absorbed.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
BOOKS: It used to be mainly science-fiction, but now it's anything that gives me information and sparks new thought processes.

MOVIES: I'll watch nearly anything in good company. Alone I will watch: action/adventure, comedy, sci-fi of course and because I am a parent children/family movies.

MUSIC: All of it speaks to me, and there is NO music I dislike. Just some I have to be in the mood for to fully appreciate.

FOOD: Spicy is good! I will eat non-spicy also, and can be coerced into trying many types of food.
Six things I could never do without
- Integrity
- Music to listen to
- Family/Friends/My children
- Imagination (mine or others)
- A good laugh that brings me to tears
- Spirituality and connection to all existence
I spend a lot of time thinking about
"Ask yourself, how you want to live. Do you just take, or can you also give? It's up to you, which way to choose. If greed is your path, be ready to lose. Change your mind. You'll find open doors. If you're able to share, the world can be yours. They say I'm poor, but I don't feel the same. The capital I own, is to be in my name."

~ Pay With Friendship
On a typical Friday night I am
Not partying it up, but having a good time nonetheless.
You should message me if
... you aren't arrogant. Can be reflective on your actions. Are curious. Curious about what is out "there". Have you looked at the stars in the night sky, and been in awe just how small we really are in a vast universe? Not insignificant though! We (humans) can be so much more then we currently are, and we are pretty cool already so imagine that! If you can recognize we all have a part in making that future happen, I'd love to talk to you!

Also, it is pretty important if you understand the following, or want to genuinely understand:

* Why Black Lives Matter. (Applies to all non-white lives as well.)
* Wanting to be a role model for what a human woman looks like, not an advertised woman created by some patriarchal society.
* No one on this planet is entitled to anything.
* No matter if you believe in a higher entity spiritually or not, that you already are blessed to be living upon something you can worship directly with all your senses.
* Who the bourgeoisie and proletariats are.

Wanting to meet "new friends" is not a euphemism for "casual sex seeker" or anything but what the actual words represent. If something comes from being friends that is great, but is not necessary. A true friend is as tough to find as a good partner in life, so this isn't some net I am throwing out there to pull in quantity. I am looking for a superb quality friend that embraces love, which is exactly what I offer and embrace myself.
The two of us