35Tel Aviv, Israel
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My self-summary
Hi :)
i'm just like you, but different.
how are you today? my day was great.
i hope yours was too!

all the rest is old stuff. DONT READ ANYTHING BEYOND THIS LINE!

Im just another lost soul swimming in a fish bowl. looking for answers, seeking the truth. in all seriousness- i luv 2 LAUGH!
yeh that sounds weird i know. But rly, trying just to chillax as much as. while still holding on to the basics. Going against the wind, but trying to fly a kite while im at it. yep, not taking myself or anything too seriously. who can say what is exactly serious enuf.. a thin line between overkill empathy and unembellished apathy.
if you're easy going, laid back, and chilled- and If you consider yourself intelligent and off-mainstream, and you're not afraid to tell me to fuck off, then we might have much to talk about. just ffs, dont be an impertinent mortal wormcast., coz those have a habit of attracting military boots to their eye.. j/k. truth is, i dislike weaklings, so goody doers save the world wannabe types- begone. however, rude, sarcastic, foul mouth hot tempered jujitsu chicks on steroids, like u see on tv, are welcomed. hehe.
are you watching Dr. phil right now? bahh. shame on you.
peace & love? no thnx, i already donated at church. writing about it, if its true the pen is mightier than the sword. then again, i wouldnt bring a pen to a swords fight.
I dont care what everyone says: violence is a beautiful thing.
How does it feel, when a lock refuse the key? doesnt matter if u know how to pick locks. In life, i have no religion. besides the heavy metal gods. Power and dominion are taken by the will, therefore, must have a strong will and the will to be strong.
ok thats enuf with the bs. Theres a limit to how much crap can a bull create, even if its a prize winning prime bull. hehe. yeah, right.
btw this pic is from 4 years ago i look a bit different now, longer hair no goatee but im too lazy to upload new pix. if u want new pics msg me. tho i might charge a 1000 words advance payment per. this pic makes me wonder about why so few people are getting plastic surgery, self included. hehe. bad pic, too much sunlight. Whoever took that pic needs photography lessons pronto. at least its a portrait shot, so it doesnt show that im not wearing pants hehe. uploaded a new one, kinda less ickypeww i guess. all feedbacks are welcomed, dont hold back! i am not easily offended, so gimme your best shot. Question: can anyone dance under water and not get wet?

"raging frontal attack"

"just put a stake through my heart and drag me into sunlight"

"born to walk against the wind, born to hear my name"

"and then one day, you'll realize.. just a spec in the spectrum- insignificant am i"

"in drugs we trust"

"I like the good things in life
But most of the best things ain't free
It's the same situation just cuts like a knife
When you're young and you're poor and you're crazy"

I am red, green, and black

What I’m doing with my life
all kinds of stuff, writing, playing, studying, working, w/e. all the usual stuff, tho i always try to break routine. i wanna live my life in silence, i want to live my life in peace. however, ski jumping off a helicopter, naked, while playing a guitar and smoking a cigar does sound like fun.
I’m really good at
rolling joints, telling jokes, sending pokes, picking locks, Cleveland rocks, lightning shocks, money talks, cooking, writing, playing Uno, having accidents with box openers, spending my rent money on tattoos, and lotsa other stuff hooray! tho i aint that good at rhyming apparently.
The first things people usually notice about me
they dont. i go unseen. between the darkness and the shadows, there walks the ninja
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books: Dune, Ender's game, Stranger in a strange land, when nitzche wept, Great Apes,everything by Kurt Vonnegut ,by Scott Toro ,by A.C.D, by Thomas Harris and many many more
Music: Dream Theater, Manowar, Icp, Alice Cooper, RATM, Beastie Boys, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Bloodhound gang, Garth Brooks, Pink Floyd, Ice cube, NWA, 2pac, Bob Marley, Alpha blondie, Nightwish, shadow gallery, rebellion, angel dust,
and again many more
Movies: Adaptation, Reqiuem for a dream, american history x, all Tarantino movies, Royal tenenbaum, godfather, hitchcock movies, lock stock and all guy richies and 10 Things i hate about you. yeah, i like that unfunny chick flick. sue me. Also many more but that what comes to mind atm.
Food: pita + humus..italian, mexican chinese food, meat in general
Six things I could never do without
-Sugar -Mojo -Sharp objects -electricity -a set of lockpicks -The truth
I spend a lot of time thinking about
-my quest for the truth
-various philosophical issues
-The riddle of the universe.
-the void unseen
-the meaning behind language.
-The reason drugs are illegal.
-How Pop culture hits the mainstream
-The Damage society causes.
-The general incompetence of all.
-Mad gods rage.
-Lightning thunder and fire.
On a typical Friday night I am
50% drunk, 50% stoned, saying hail in odin's name, laughing crying,dancing, jumping, and then i get dizzy so i gotta sit down
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
umm, lets c. i was born with a wang but i never had a nut sack... :/ its just two balls hanging with no protection.. so... i move really careful and slow! lol. WTH is that question. its like asking whats your medical history. anyway how can one admit anything. without objective validation its meaningless.
You should message me if
You consider yourself talk worthy, funny, off mainstream. if you think you're uber coolness mad skills ninja. booyah! MAKE ME LAUGH! i dare you! Honor Demands it! Provide Entertainment please. pretty please. i already spent too much time watching you tube today. its time for the human factor. j/k, might b best if u dont msg me, w/e. choice is yours. just like it has always been. by now i probably either scared you, made you smile, or made you snort in contempt. which are all valid reactions. hehe. cheers!
The two of us