58 San Leandro, United States
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My self-summary
I was an electrician for ten years, but I hated it. So I taught myself how to write fiction: realism, naturalism. I went back to school at 30 and finished my degree and I started my own business. For the past 20+ years, I have been writing mostly for high tech. It's been very good to me. I get paid a great living for learning and writing. I commuted to Europe for the better part of a year during the dot com bubble. (When I went to Paris I felt like I had come home.) And I work freelance almost exclusively from home.

I have a large group of friends who have known me for the last 30+ years. We’ve been there for each other through the tragic, the hilarious and the stupid. So, it goes without saying that I value honesty, trust, loyalty and friendship.

I am the go-to guy for my 93 year old mother and my 65 year old, mentally disabled sister. Which can be both fun and aggravating at the same time. And, I have a dog (my cholesterol maintenance program) and a cat.

So, I’m self-sufficient, motivated, independent. Can get what I want, but don’t need much. Goal-oriented and engaged with my life. Have no problem admitting when I am wrong and have been known to ask for directions and advice. I don’t really love all that life has to offer. (Ebola for example. Not a big fan.) I love people and am always trying to learn more about them and myself. But I don’t love a lot of the things we do to each other and to the planet.

My interests include fairly typical stuff: hiking, camping, art/museums, reading, writing, music, native plant landscaping, cycling, dog stuff, food and wine (making, eating, drinking, growing – Love to cook.), travel.

I want to meet someone who subscribes to the Venn Diagram model of relationships. She is independent and has her interests, her life, in whatever condition. Likewise, I have my life and my interests. And we spend the time we have together exploring and enjoying those parts of our lives that overlap.

She is open-minded and fairly comfortable in her own skin. Responsible and playful at the same time. Doesn’t sweat the small stuff. (I knew a guy who almost died and he said that, then followed it up with: And it is all small stuff.) She likes to have conversations about actual things. I have always thought you get to really know someone when the s*&t hits the fan, so she is at least willing to work through the tough parts. I am not concerned about where she has been or what degrees she has or the books she has read. I have known some very well-travelled, well-degreed and well-read jerks. George W. Bush had an MBA. Enough said.

Lastly, I am looking for someone who is not conflicted about being a woman. I love women, their perspective, their attitude and I like the kind of interplay that can only occur between a man and a woman.
What I’m doing with my life
I’m really good at
Whatever I set my mind to.
The first things people usually notice about me
I have no idea.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Les Miserables, War and Peace, Raintree County, Grapes of Wrath, Ulysses, Lolita, from Dawn to Decadence, Don Quixote

I have not read as much as many people on this site, but I have read widely: Jackie Collins and Stephen King to the dialogues of Plato, the Electric Kool-aid Acid Test to 120 Day of Sodom, the Baghavad Gita to the Poems of W.B. Yeats and John Donne. I sometimes read things that are difficult to read, even if they offend me. Sometimes especially if they offend me.

I have the same attitude about media and news. I listen to as many points of view as I can.

Favorite author: John Steinbeck. By all means.

Current book: I am having a long term affair with The Professional Chef.

Movies: 2001, Once Upon a Time in the West/America, The Big Lebowski, Talledega Nights, Night of the Hunter, Tree of Life, Thin Red Line, Cinema Paradiso, Jean de Florette/Manon des Sources

I have fallen in love with French (actually, foreign) comedies. They have an underlying innocent joy that has died in American cinema.

Music: Beethoven, Puccini, Mozart, Brahms, Schumann, etc. The Kinks (especially in the 70s), Graham Parker, Nick Lowe, Ian Hunter/Mot the Hoople, The Beatles, Savoy Brown, Leon Russell, Sly, Joe Cocker. Generally speaking, I don't like hip hop/rap, CW or punk. Although, there are a few exceptions.

New York Review of Books: Yay!
The six things I could never do without
Personal Integrity
The integrity of my friendships (I include my family in this category)
A sense of purpose
Animal companionship

Okay, so that's more than six. Sue me.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why would anyone go into politics?
Who doesn't love to laugh?
Isn’t it interesting that when people make a bucket list that answering the following question is never included: What happens when I die?
On a typical Friday night I am
Working, watching a movie and/or out with friends. Though, I have to say, sometimes I just flop and become one with the furniture.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am a good writer, but a lousy typist.
I had my mid-life crisis when I was thirty.
I believe in true love.
I don't like rating people.
I have been known to become verklempt at genuine human kindnesses.
You should message me if
. . .what I have said resonates.

You like your life.

You know the difference between sarcasm and irreverence and you like irreverence.

You have been at least partly around the block and, ultimately, you want a partner for the rest of the trip.