24Waterloo, Canada
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My self-summary
What's a self? How does one define such an abstract concept? I suppose for the purposes of this question I can take the definition: "a list of personality traits that describe my behaviour, on average, over the past while, and which can be reasonably foreseen to remain consistent for some time into the future".

Then as of this writing, I would describe myself as:
- Extroverted: someone who thrives off human interaction, and always interested in listening to other people's stories
- Introspective: someone who finds peace in being alone and meditating
- Geek: in every sense of the word
- Astoundingly Open-Minded (with a good mix of skepticism)
- Honest and Compassionate, but also Diplomatic when appropriate

I also give free hugs.
What I’m doing with my life
The future is not mine to experience, nor can I claim to have experienced any moment in the past. All I can experience is the present moment; or rather should I say that I am the experiences themselves?

But to give the more conventional answer: studying for my Computer Science degree at the moment; then, possibly get a job or start a company; travel the world; meet new people; and enjoy life because it's too damn short.
I’m really good at
wasting time on the Internet and playing games. Where did my day just go?

I'm also really good at being minimalist and frugal; I don't spend much money on material goods. I guess consumerism just isn't my thing.

I also have a (somewhat unhealthy) obsession with A Song of Ice & Fire series (aka. Game of Thrones). I'm sure this will pass :)

Oh and my existential crises sometimes shows through. Just a little.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm going to hijack this section, transforming it from a "list of pop culture references" to a "list of general interests/hobbies". Everything is more fun with two, so I would love to meet new people who are into these:

Gaming (video and board games)
- Indie, puzzle, horror, single-players, FPS
- Specifics: TF2, Dota 2, anything by Valve, Frictional Games, Dark Souls, Braid
- Favourite Board games: Diplomacy, Resistance, Werewolf, Catan

Other geeky things:
anime/manga, books, computers, math, and programming

Gym (weightlifting); anyone want to motivate one another and make "dem gains"?


Dancing (hiphop dance, breakdancing)

Outdoors & Physical activity (skating, swimming, camping, etc.)

Social Nudism (nude beach anyone?)

Meditation (mindfulness, loving kindness)

Philosophy: I have pretty radical views about the nature of consciousness, free will, and the self. Not original views, mind you, but based on hearing arguments of both sides

Hoping to throw a bit of travelling in there if I can find the time

Oh yeah, since this is a dating website, I also have some kinky fetishes, and enjoy being submissive, so bonus points if you're into that.
Six things I could never do without
1. Time-Management Apps on my phone (i.e. Todo-lists, calendars, etc.; to help me stay organized and on track; my human brain seems inadequate for memory-storage/retrieval compared to a computer)

2. People (friends and strangers alike, everyone has a story)

3. Hot Weather, Nature, Outdoors (humid, sweaty, shirtless, naked weather)

4. Spirituality (not Religion, mind you, but rather the exploration of consciousness, mindfulness, meditation, human compassion)

5. Huge Quantities of Relatively Healthy Food (to appease my monstrous metabolism)

6. Cuddles (LOTS of cuddles, deal with it; this represents my physiological need for human touch)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Life as an optimization problem; i.e. the correct way to live one's life. There supposedly isn't a right way, yet how we live affects our own happiness, and that of others'.

Is Hedonism (i.e. seeking pleasure, avoiding suffering) the best way to live?

Should I live for today, or should I live for tomorrow? Is there an ambivalence point between the two, or rather, what is the discount rate for happiness in the future?

If you think you know an answer to any of these questions, do tell.

I have recently considered a new "strategy" of living life which involves some concepts from Eastern religions (e.g. Buddhism).
On a typical Friday night I am
Probably frantically trying to finish that assignment; but otherwise, I want to go out and do something interesting :) There's a whole world outside my house after all! Though I don't mind staying in with someone else either.
You should message me if
you think life is beautiful and you like getting hugs :)
The two of us