28Raleigh, United States
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My self-summary
I am a quiet, intelligent person, but I wouldn't call myself an intellectual. I have a very mentally demanding job that involves business acumen and IT skills. I picked up the first at UNC and the second on my own.

I don't call myself an intellectual because I value simplicity, honesty, and the enjoyment of all life has to offer. I spend most of my free time engaging in physical activity, and I've been getting closer to nature lately. I'm always looking for new hobbies. I'm thinking of taking up hunting, fishing, and kayaking. I spin fire staff occasionally, but I am looking for another artistic outlet, whether its becoming a better dancer, actually learning to use one of my musical instruments, or taking up wood-working. If you love any of these things, teach me!

Update: Kayaking, check. Fun? Yes.

I sound serious here, and I am, but that doesn't mean I can't make you blow potato salad out your nose. I just see the world really differently and my observations make people laugh.

I am a little bit freedom obsessed. That's why I work hard and save money - the real use of money isn't to buy stuff, it's to buy your freedom. I'm going to sail around the world, go cave diving in Mexico, climb Mt. Kilimanjaro before global warming melts the only glacier in Africa, go on safari, and visit every world class club from Japan to Europe. Then settle down most likely in the Caribbean with Pina Coladas, sea-planes, and warm, sandy beaches. Sound good to everybody? Ok. Yes, I suppose everybody wants those things. Oh well. Don't message me then. Sound unrealistic and immature to you? Well, we are the ones who hold ourselves back the most with our own cynicism and pessimism. Rather than think about why I can't, I prefer to actually put my shoulder to the wheel and give it my best shot.

My great wish is to live in such a way that I remind people that anything is possible, to make them remember what it was like to be a kid and not know something "couldn't be done."

Things I am passionate about, in no particular order:
dogs, individualist philosophy, people who can teach me something, working with my hands, travel, scientific and technological progress, social patterns, prognostication. I also really love live theater.
What I’m doing with my life
Plunging boldly forward. Get back to God, live simple and right, work hard, help others. That's my goal, and so far its making me happier. Broadly speaking, I am shifting from the bullshit narcissistic existential and identity-crisis angst of my youth to a more practical focus on what I want out of life (and how to get it). But I don't mind taking the time to question and wonder. I feel now like I am standing on more solid ground because of it.

My goals for the next five years include, but are not limited to: owning a home, starting a successful business, getting married and having my first child, and, of course, taking over the world (preferably by popular acclaim, but any way will do).

I love making plans, the one I'm focused on right now is getting a general contractor's license and building my own home.

Update: I'm buying a home!!! I'm still going to build one though.
I’m really good at
thinking too much. Math. Teaching and tutoring. Dreaming. Waking up early without an alarm clock.
The first things people usually notice about me
Body: The beard and glasses, giving me a "professor" look. I actually did teach a couple of college courses one semester before I decided grad school wasn't for me. People used to notice I was thin, but I got tired of that a couple of years ago and I'm not so thin anymore (still no fat on this body, though, I'm proud to say).

Update: The beard is gone! I guess its back to tall, and hopefully fit by now, not thin.

Personality: Very eccentric. Sometimes it plays well as mysterious, other times it comes across as arrogant/anti-social. I'm not very good at reading people, but if you're friendly I'll open up and you'll find that I'm really sweet. Hope sweet's your thing :)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I LOVE zombie movies. Also Stephen Baxter (sci-fi author) whose books will blow your mind. I don't watch much TV, usually a network comedy if I do, but Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, and Walking Dead all get an A+. Oh, and Netflix's House of Cards. I like listening to Blackmill, Lindsey Stirling, the Black Keys, Cage the Elephant, Ellie Goulding, RHCP, Kid Cudi, and lots more. Mostly leftovers from the years of smoking too much green (I tapered off and quit some time ago). I love lots of kinds of movies; my most recent favorites are Warm Bodies, Man of Steel, and the Great and Powerful Oz. I like the exorcism series of horror movies, but I haven't seen them all yet because they REALLY freak me out.

I usually eat super healthy despite being naturally thin because fatty foods slow me down, almost like I was stoned, and I like to be sharp and active in mind and body. I like to cook recipes that stretch my cooking abilities. I love trying new foods. My favorite food is anything spicy enough to make me sweat!
Six things I could never do without
Friends, love, exercise, work, mental stimulation, and God (but I repeat myself, because God is love :)

The beautiful thing about God is he loves you and forgives you no matter what. Its the most liberal imaginable religion, even being accused in ancient times of making sin a virtue because sinning allowed God the opportunity to show how great He is at forgiving. So no, I don't think homosexuals are going to hell (any more than me, cause I'm never going to stop sinning either. I am forgiven through Jesus and don't need to flog myself over it). I think everybody on both sides of the religious divide would stop hating on each other if they actually understood religion.

I only mention it because I'm amazed how much intolerance I've seen in people's profiles. If you're super opinionated in your profile like everyone who doesn't see exactly eye to eye with you is evil, sorry, but I'm not messaging you back. Be a lover not a hater.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I think a lot about love. I'm single right now and lots of exciting stuff is (finally) happening. Its good to have someone to share it with or it doesn't feel quite real.

I also think a lot about my dreams, the places I want to go and things I want to do.

And the future of the world- science, technology, progress, economics. Human behavior that evolved more than a million years ago now exists in a radically advancing technological society. Its wonderful and scary.
On a typical Friday night I am
I'm on OkCupid mostly to find someone to do things with on the weekend. Partying with the bros got old awhile ago. Surely there are better people to meet than the bar crowd.

I mostly like to watch movies, kayak or bike, and shop on the weekends. I also volunteer with Habitat for Humanity a lot of weekends, which I like because it's fun, educational, provides networking opportunities, and of course, makes me feel good about myself.

I also enjoy new things and frequently go on day trips around the state.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm a crazy person. I don't do anything by half measures. Its like I have an on/off switch. Basic perfectionism - anything worth doing is worth throwing your heart and soul into - and then giving up on when perfection is not attained. Totally rational, right? (There you go, David, girls love to hear about commitment issues)

Also, here's a conversation that actually happened to me (a Sunday in Feb 2012):
Me: "The Superbowl is today?"
My roommate: "Okay David, you're officially more of a girl than me."

Hope you don't think a guy has to be a die-hard sports fan to be masculine...

I do actually enjoy sports. Politics was the sport in my family, but I've outgrown partisanship, and I have learned to enjoy watching and attending football, hockey, baseball, and basketball games. Don't quiz me on it though.
You should message me if
I'm looking for four things:
Is active and enjoys the outdoors
Is neither a heavy user nor totally avoids drinking
Is self-confident and independent
Doesn't think work is the most important thing in life

And this isn't hard and fast, but I find that people that are still in school tend to come across as less mature than what I have described.
The two of us