27Carpentersville, United States
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My self-summary
Know that I am a MAJOR gamer geek, and proud to pull it. I love video games, anime, and cartoons. I'm pretty much a big kid at heart. I like to think I'm smart, but all I really know is academics, especially math, but I don't have much common sense or wisdom. Lots of smarts, but not a lot of street smarts or people smarts.
I'm kind of withdrawn and more than a bit of a recluse, but if you can pass my trials (each more difficult than the last) and gain my trust, I will be a friend forever... I don't have many friends, but they are as close as family to me. (Just know that my trust isn't easy to gain, it takes a LONG while of knowing you.)
I like to think I'm rather good at math, video games, and just being a generally jolly fat guy. I am "tactlessly" honest. Honest to the point of painful. In my questions, you will find I don't lie, even if it makes me look bad. I blame the parenting. (Note that this doesn't include silly little white lies, or lies that "don't matter".)
If you are interested in knowing more of my likes, just send me a message, I love to yammer, blather and go on at length about things I like. Even if you aren't interested, send me a message anyway. I like to know my shortcomings as well as my strongpoints!
What I’m doing with my life
Nothing is a verb right? I am doing... nothing? I think so.

Lots of video game and failed attempts to get a job.
I’m really good at
... video games.
... mathamatics.
... impersonating LOTR's Gollum, apparently. My parents think so, but then again, they are biased.
... being awkward around people.
... making my few valued friends laugh til they explode... into confetti. It's pretty cool.
The first things people usually notice about me
I don't rightly know. People don't usually tell me what the first thing they noticed about me was. So you tell me, even if you are not interested. Just based on my picture! Tho I'd assume it'd probably be that I am either/both fat and a geek. *shrug*

Tho, throwing the mind back, I recall my gay friend telling me that when he first met me, he thought I was gay. >3>
The friend who all-but forced me on this site told me that when he first met me (when I was like 10), he thought I was a hyper psycho. =.='
Hmm, not a sparkly report card.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Myth Adventures series, Dragonriders of Pern series, fantasy novels are good. No Twilight-sparkle vampire crap (then again, I think that's a girls-only thing... not guys.).

Manga: Negima, Rosario + Vampire, Fullmetal Alchemist, Soul Eater, Disgaea, and pretty much anything I can get my hands on that has some humor in it. I thrive on humor.

Movies: Lord of the Rings (movies were good, but I've never read the books), Miyazaki Films (We have... ALL OF THEM). I honestly don't get to see movies very often. Odds are, if you are thinking of asking me if I've seen a movie, I probably haven't. Still doesn't hurt to ask, you'd be surprised!

Shows: Adventure Time (with jake the dog and finn the human), Dark Matters: Twisted But True, Dragonriders of Berk (good movie, good show), Ghost Adventures (I HATE those guys, but oddly I still enjoy the show... weird.), American Dad, Daily Show with John Stewart, Colbert Report, and a few select others. TV has become saturated with MANY a terrible stupid mind-numbing shows.

Music: Techno, Irish music, Scottish bagpipes, classical, old 40s-60s swing, jpop (japanese pop), and the soundtracks to the video games I love so dearly!

Food: MEAT~ (no ham), pears, and fish. I REALLY love fish. (I made a promise to myself, that if I came across an actual mermaid, I would eat her... before she ate me, learn your mythos people, MERMAIDS EAT PEOPLE)
Six things I could never do without
Not in any particular order, unless otherwise mentioned:

-[1]- Video games <----- first and foremost! I will forego food for games
-[2]- Music <---- Second and foresecond! If I had to choose between deaf, mute, or blind, I would pick mute. I need my eyes for reading and playing video games, my ears for music, but I've talked enough for several lifetimes.
-[3]- SLEEP! <---- Third! Replace "Video games" with this as first when asleep, then replace this with "Video games" when awake. I value sleep a lot. I wanna coma... just for the disgusting amount of sleep I could manage.
-[4]- Friends who put up with me.
-[5]- Books, anime and manga! Three things in one catagory? I know I know! I'll see you in court!
-[6]- My imagination. I don't always need, or want, to be in our plane of existance. I got my imagination when I was around 8, I haven't turned it off since.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I'd elaborate if my thoughts would sit still long enough for me to document them!

[EDIT] I have trouble thinking about stuff, however, I figure I will add a few good ones now and then when they crop up, and add them to this list. I use "-[]-" as "bullet", it's kinda my thing.

Thoughts that do appear more often than others though:
-[]- When I was 8, I came up with an original character for a mock story, named "Davidicus", and as the years have gone on, I have built him up, his story, his personality.... and I use him as my username all over the internet.... WHAT ARE THE ODDS THAT THERE IS SOMEONE ELSE NAMED "Davidicus" ON THE INTERNET, AND WHAT ARE THE ODDS FURTHER, THAT THERE WAS A GOTH BAND NAMED SUCH?! Nothing is original anymore.

-[]- Pop Music sucks nowadays. >3>
-[]- Conversally, Orchestrals, Choirs and Pipe Organs ALWAYS sound cool! Perfect for the final boss of ANY game, if you wish to portray them as badass!

-[]- Why every profile on this site is almost a copy/paste of each OTHER profile? I bet you half the female profiles on this site have for their [First thing noticed about me] section something along the lines of "My eyes" or "My smile". I dunno about you, but in ANY person I see, it usually isn't EITHER of those things. Usually facial structure (cheekbones, chin, sleep-deprived or not), weight, and to be fair and honest, bust.
It also makes me sad that many a profile has something along the lines of "I AM NOT HERE FOR SEX, DAMMIT". Because my gender can't just go down to the bottom and read in the [I'm Looking For] section if they are after casual sex or not! *I* read the profiles before I message, I read quite a bit of a lady's profile before I send a message, not all of it, just the profile, some questions (usually the "unacceptable answers" to see where we differ), religious beliefs, and drugs drinks and smokes. WHY can't the rest of my gender do that?! Would make dating THAT much easier for guys like me who aren't used to trying to court! I'm not good at this sort of thing.

-[]- You know at the end of Charlotte's Web when Charlotte sings her last song then dies? .... You know... she is still up there. Her dead exoskeletal husk is up there. I dunno, odd thought.

-[]- If I had 3 wishes from a Genie:
-~- The power of magic as I imagine it.
-~- The ability to eat anything humans consider "food".
-~- And I know what this all entails but, immortality. I know what I'd be getting myself into, but by the gods if I am going to get master the magic I just wished for, I'm going to need it. Besides, with the way I imagine having the power of magic, I'll always have something to do. I see lots of practicing, running amuck, maybe having a mental meltdown and my friends all band together, each gaining powers of their own and having to stop me as my newly crazed self tries to end the world. It'll be fun.

Note: Fun fact! Genies usual stipulations for wishes are you can't kill anyone, force them to love you, or wish for more wishes, right?.... NOTHING in there about wishing for immortality. THERE is where Jafar failed!

-[]- Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

-[]- Just how much does Pepperage Farm remembers? They have a REALLY good memory.

-[]- I am finding, more and more, that many mainstream video games aren't all that interesting, but FLASH GAMES are getting better and better. Go to the Flash Game site Kongregate, and look for a game called "Epic Battle Fantasy", it is a game of PURE GENIUS! With funny dialogue, great artistry, well-made systems (it is an rpg sort), and REALLY good music (well 1 had music from other existing games, like zelda, but #2 started with the original musics)!!

-[]- *Insert something witty and clever!*

-[]- Why I keep getting messages from people calling me a monster, a douche, an asshat, or any other colorful phrases, just because I put down that I "doesn't want kids", and that my profile has some personality to it, rather than being bland, tasteless, like all others, and whatnot. I figure if I can't find a girl who'd be interested in me, the least I can do is make them laugh should they read my admittably silly profile. I think people assume that just because I "doesn't want kids" I hate children and go to orphanariums and set kids on fire. I don't. Kids are fun to hang out with, kids give me a challenge in video games, and I think I might still be mentally 16 or so. I just don't PERSONALLY want kids. I don't think I'd be a very good dad. I don't see me having a parental link. I'm here to look for a partner, not a baby factory.
... Well... all the above or I really am just a douche. Could be either or for me, depending on my mood.

-[]- Three words: Giant. Wooden. Badger!

-[]- I know 3 people that have the same day and month for their birthdays. My friend (07/07), my Mom (12/12), and MYSELF (04/04)! I had my Golden Birthday/Lucky Birthday/Magic Birthday in 2004, my friend in 2007, and my mom had it 2012! Now I dunno about mom and friend, but 2004 was a RATHER lucky year for me, a great year. Maybe they really are lucky.
On a typical Friday night I am
Almost certainly at home, playing video games, or bored out of my goard.
It is rather depressing really. Part of me wants to go out and do stuff, but the rest of me is going "I have no money, why bother going out when I can't DO anything?". I guess I'm too practical for my own bloody good. "If there is no reason to go out, why go out at all?", and "just because" just doesn't float with me.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Hmm, I had/still have an impressively hard crush on the video game character Rydia from Final Fantasy 4 since SNES days. Can't... quite explain it. Me finding characters in video games and anime attractive isn't anything new, but... even her old school 16-bit pixel self.. I just loved her for some reason. Fun fact, I haven't seen a single gal pull off a "great" cosplay of her either.

Since I doubt most of you know who/what I am talking about, the following is a link to my photobucket picture of the character in question, granted in art of one of the newer remakes for the game. Laugh if you must, I stand by this character's attractiveness. Both physically and in personality.
You should message me if
-[]- ... you feel like it! No really! Anything! I would like to have reasons to come to this site. Anything at all! Ask me a silly question, or ask me to give you a silly question! Tell me what you think of my mario costume! I like to think I make a good plumber! Not a lot of characters a fat guy like me can dress as and make it work, you know! You took the time to look at my profile, and I'd like to give you something... and since I can't email tea and cookies (yet.... mwahahahahah), I'd like to give you something for your time.

-[]- ... you have the word "Chaos" anywhere in your username. Why? Because it is a beautiful word, and my personal favorite... Any other reason? Nope. Just because. I might send you a picture of a muffin or something, since as I said above, we can't email food items yet.

-[]- ... you play a video game I do and want me to kick yer but in it! I may not know dating, but I'm pretty good at video games! So far, I don't have much, since xbox makes you pay for live, and nintendo doesn't have that much worthy of playing online, but I'm good at Mario Kart Wii... like.... REEEAAALLLY good! Like, almost unfairly good. THAT is my one brag for the profile!

-[]- ... you proudly serve Heins ketchup!

-[]- ... you happen to know the secret of the universe, you know, just off-hand.

-[]- ... you remind me of the babe.

-[]- ... you found this profile to be amusing and light-hearted, and nothing like you usually see on this site. If I made your day, you made mine... or something that sounds like that, but less corny! I'm weird, or so I think, and I like to make others laugh. Even if I'm still alone, it'll perk me up and maybe boost my dwindling confidence to know there are those of the fairer sex who DO find me amusing.

-[]- ... you answered "The Earth is Bigger" in the OKC question: "Which is bigger, the sun or the earth". We all know the universe revolves around earth! Psh, duh.

-[]- ... you like anime and want to suggest something to me! Note my preferences are action/comedy/romance or any mix therein. I don't handle gorey too well, and dark depressing stuff bores me. But you never know. I'll wikipedia it and see if it sounds interesting.

-[]- ... you have magical powers / are a magical creature, and want to teach a total stranger magical powers so he can become the greatest sorceror in the universe.... I mean it! O.O

... but above all else, all kidding aside....

-[]- ... you like what you saw. And I know you did! You wouldn't be down this far on my profile if you didn't! So since yer down here, you might as well send me a message, eh? I know some people are shy, trust me, I am one! Don't let my wordy bravado fool you, I'm significantly more shy in person. But you should just give it a try. It doesn't have to end in love or hell freezing over, just shoot me a message. I almost always respond, and you never know til you try right? Hmm? Right? I have my faults... lots of them... and I'm willing to point them out, one by one... but I'm a lonely gamer geek in this geek-eat-geek world and I need some geek to geek it up with... ... uh... geek.

.... Oh okay, there was some more kidding in there. I can't resist. It lives in my veins!
The two of us