56Strawberry Plains, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a fit, romantic, mature scientist, engineer, and business owner that wants to make a difference in this world. I am tolerant, non-possessive, non-jealous, confident, passionate, creative, and faithful. I enjoy anything in the outdoors, fine dining, dancing, giving and getting massages, and respecting others. I seek a passionate, caring, fit, woman of any age for friendship and hopefully more! You should message me if 1. You want to help me to make a difference in solving the world's problems by being my muse, mentor, or friend! 2. You have a batman fetish and want to help me save Gotham ("the world")! 3. You are aroused by intelligent conversations! 4. You like playing with glow sticks! 5. You think I'm crazy and you can either help me or think it's cool! 6. You want a cure to what ails you! &. You want hope in a world that seems so short on that!

I am passionate, honest, and sensual
What I’m doing with my life
What I'm doing with my life

I am :
...working to develop a single treatment for over 95% of all human disease (viral, bacterial, and fungal together) with effective treatments already demonstrated

...working to make a plastic as conductive as copper wire

...working to make a solar cell with an efficiency of 200 times the efficiency of current silicon based cells

...working on a living battery that uses moving air to charge it

...working to prove that coherent fields alter spacetime and hence may be the basis for warp drive in the future

...and most challenging...finding my other half :)
I’m really good at
I am passionate about health and people and making a difference. I have been working hard to prove that it is possible to cure 95% or more of all human disease with a single treatment. I know how it sounds, but I really believe I am close. So far the successes include lupus in 3 days (possible because I discovered it is actually an allergic reaction to a bacterial toxin called endotoxin), a dozen cases of Hep C, one case of AIDS, 2 cases of Alzheimers, numerous arthritis, chrohns, gastric reflux, etc. I helped a friend get rid of terminal colon cancer (the easiest cancer to eliminate) in 10 days. Don't believe me? I'll let you talk to him. He is a retired secret service agent. I helped a young woman named Glenda get rid of her stomach, colon, and uterine cancers (all terminal with 1 month to live) in one month. I fancy myself to be a modern day Batman (minus the cape) and I have even located my future batcave for my laboratory. lol
I spend a lot of time thinking about
helping people

why it is so hard to find someone that understands trust and unconditional love

finding friends who are true and expressive

giving massages

making love
You should message me if
You want something real and with no games, unless they are playful. You should expect and give honesty always. You should be open to really learning about each other. You want a new best friend that will listen, care, and not make an inappropriate move on you. You want to experience a real romantic heart for once and someone that truly cares about all. You want to live life with passion, change the world with me, and make lifetime friends. You want real help with what ails you.
The two of us