51Hemet, United States
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My self-summary
"Everyday sunshine makes a desert, nothing grows without rainy days." I would like to consider myself somewhat grounded, a realist. Yet, to be true to all, I am not without delusions of grandure. I value money as much as the next person, and I'm working on my fourth million. I gave up on million #1, million #2 was like pulling teeth so, kicked that digit to the curb. Honestly my third million was within reach, unfortunatly it was already in somone else's grasp. So, like they say, money aint everything! Of course, the "they" who said it had no money worries. I am often described by my friends as unique, smart, talkative, weird and funny. I do still conform to typical norms (live in a house, not a box, clean and respectable / respectful etc...) Would it be terribly arrogant to mention my enourmous collection of humility awards, modesty trophies, citations and lifetime achievments? Would it be conceited of me to admit to not being a lawyer? Wow, a sarcasam-gasam!

This just in... I am somewhat verbose it would appear, both in person and written communication. I suggest reading through the questions answered portion of this site, because often I'll not only answer the question, then add a comment. Re-reading these have provided a better window to peer into ones head than the standard "six things you can't do without" or "what's the most private thing you want to publicly make decidedly unprivate right here on the super exclusive okcupid site?" And comments are always better than the canned answers provided on the tests. Take a peek, I wont tell. But it's only fair I showed you mine, now you show me yours!
What I’m doing with my life
Wholly-smokes! What a pointed question, that I unfortunately think is a mystery best left, unsolved. If only to prop up the sinking feeling that every one of my teachers in school, were correct in their assessment, "he could do anything he wants, if he would just (stop doing anything he wants) apply himself" . Imagine if I would have wanted to rule the Earth with an iron fist. It would be awful, for everyone but me sure, so I sacrificed my world conquest plans, you reap the rewards. Sainthood should not be out of the question due to the overwhelming self control and selflessness just so you can have your caramel double moca latte iced breakfast from a drive-thru instead of having to gather around the 100' tall bronze statue of me with your neighbors each morning to recite the pledge of DeOhYouGe allegence. You know, I'm feeling much better about not going to med school now having looked at the big picture.

So, I guess I'm doing good.
I’m really good at
Making people comfortable and uncomfortable, sarcasam, humor, thinking redundant thoughts, keeping my big mouth shut, except when I should. I excel at TiVo, and chalenge anyone to play a CD better, matter of fact, I can play any musical insturment exacty like a pro (when using a cd player, not so much using the actual musical insturment) and I could sell Sham-wow without looking like Pop-eye, if I really wanted to.
The first things people usually notice about me
That's a real hard one! Wait, that's not something noticed at first, usually some time has passed before that part even gets noticed by anyone. Much less made available for review by the privileged few.
So, what should I put here, tell me.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Musical tastes span the auditory spectrum (dog whistle to whale stomach grumble) curious?

Ska. The strongest anti-depression cure, available without a prescription. Bands currently inhabiting my ipod falling under "skabrella":
Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake, Suburban Legend, Chase Long Beach, Skankin' Pickle, Save Ferris, The Toasters, Streetlight Manifesto. Sure some of these could fall into other music types but it's my list so there.

Rock-and-roll, 5% 60's era, a gallon and a half of 70's slanting towards progressive (what today would be alternative) and 6.9 cups of classic (when they start to call it oldies I am going to get so upset I just may write a strongly worded letter to someone.) Forensic ipod evidence: Pink Floyd, Rush, Led Zep, Black Sabbath, Shooting Star, Peter Frampton, Meatloaf.

Eighties, well pepper and fly crap them 80's. Some I love because it's good, some because my impressionable skull macaroni was al dente' when MTV exploded and told me that it was good, and some because I smoked pot. In no particular order from the ipot: siegue siegue sputnik, Oingo Bongo, Screaming Blue Messiahs, The Cars, Journey. You were there right? The eighties were a mess, just say eighties music and if you were there, you know.

90's, the turn of the century/millennium and the present. I like the evolution of music has taken, Linkin Park, Tool, alternative music in general. Some more obscure stuff too, Toy Matinee, Brother, Black 47. Local bands that had so much talent that if not for the stupid way radio markets work, could've been, Should've been, bigger than U2, I'm speaking of, B. B. Chung King and the Screaming Buddha Heads. Now search for Buddahheads in Itunes, I'll wait...

Movies, TV, sure! Most everything sci-fi, except the c movies like Battle piranha cyborg beachparty. I made that up, but you know what I mean right? You're hip and with it, on top of everything and down 'wit it, 'aight?

Bests: Forest Gump/Shawshank Redemption tie. 3 O'clock High, Ferris Bueller's day off, Star Wars(s) , Avatar in Imax 3D, Field of Dreams.

TV: Documentaries, Stargate and the spin offs, Lost, Fringe, Archer (animated Get Smart, The Office, and Sex In The City ), there is more but, as I've far surpassed the tl/dr limit so long ago, I'll shaddap and take a breath, let you talk. Oh, quiet eh, well I'll continue then.
Six things I could never do without
Broadband internet, now even more, because I have it on my cell , and what is more awesome than having the whole world in your back pocket without having the discomfort of sitting on something that big while you drive. plus, it's what pays the bills for me, oh yeah and entertains/educates too.

Nonfat milk

Sports car, life's too short to be driving slow.

Music / Media

The word "approved" when it appears on the screen at the check-out when the ATM card is used. Call me an approval whore, but I am just that insecure, got extra approval you don't need, sent it to me. I'll take 2nd hand approval, hell, backhanded compliments accepted too!

Electricity, seriously, try living without it, I have and life gets lousy quick when suddenly it's 1880 in your 2014+ life. Off grid? Sure as long as I can have solar, wind or a ton of coppertops.

My boys, spawn of my loin, heir to my air, and the top two reasons why I know karma exists, they are exactly like me at that age (grampa's everywhere smugly enjoy their well earned vicarious revenge). Same reason they are at the bottom of the list too, every parent should get a peace prize on their kids birthdays just for not strangling the precious gifts they are! Ok, FBI profilers, have fun with that paragraph. :)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I spend a lot of time not giving much thought to what I was thinking about. I also think locally too, not exclusive to thinking while about. About about, been about and resided about and within the borders of the US of A. Lived in the Pacific, Mountain and Central time zones. Have had a home right next to a 18th century cathedral (in a country that no longer exists, dropped the "West" in its name when it remarried its ex "East") not recommended for sleeping in on Sundays, those bells! European living can be unique. Also hung my hat for years in Asia, both mainland and island, but not the same countries. Before I was about all that being about, I could be found about the center of the Western hemisphere in a country(very) loosely translated as "tasty beaches". Attended school there for a spell, learned to read, write, speak and even dream in the local lingo. Never quite grasped other languages spoken where I lived as well, but I can bump into locals and politely excuse myself or spew an insult befitting the ugly American stereotype in the language of the land. So I guess I could say I'm a cunning linguist too. If pressed I dunno where I'd live if I hit the lottery (which I have, plenty of times. Can't get excited about winning $2.00 anymore) but it will be on Earth or in Earth's orbit. Got that about figured out just about.
On a typical Friday night I am
In traffic, at home, or generally not doing anything I did on a typical Friday night in my 20's, or early. 30's. "Like totally an L7 man." Mostly not much as I have had Fridays off for years, gotta love 4 days 10 hour work schedules. 3 day weekends every weekend!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am not a religious man. I think that if you can be good without an invisible God, do it. If you need the invisible God, that's fine too. I draw a line (one of my very few) at the notion that my value as a human is determined by not my actions but by my declaration, or allegiance to a religion. If it works for you, hooray! I envy you. Just can't wrap my mind around the concept, a non-believer, but that's me. Too bad that, at least in the U.S., the notion of religious freedom tends to apply only to those who choose religion. Choose not to participate and all too often that choice is interpreted as an attack upon those who believe.

So why place this somewhat serious rant amongst the rest of my running on, and why here. Because it is the most private thing (after being a smoker) I'd admit here, with actual risk attached. So with that, let's wrap up this meeting with the standard, any questions? Great, another productive complete waste of time. Please be kind to everyone, even the assholes, if it weren't for them we could not appear so wonderfull.
You should message me if
You want a reply as cryptic, yet entertaining and somewhat rambling as what you just finished. You understand, just because you are offended, does not make offence.

And if you can tell me why "manslaughter" is 66% "laughter".
The two of us