32San Francisco, United States
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My self-summary
Update: Just came back to this after a 3 year relationship. My hair is long. Sometimes it is in a bun. I have nice hair though, so it looks good.

I'm an old soul hard-working slacker. This means I work quite a bit at different things, but at heart think it is a big waste of time. I'm also low-key and have a somewhat intuitive understanding of people and things (but I can also get a bit manic at times) . I tend to see the connections behind everything around me, and I love learning how things work. I value knowledge immensely and take pride in my repository of useless facts.

I would say the best word that describes my view of life is ambivalence. I'm generally of two minds about everything.

I'm an extremely loyal friend and try on a daily basis to leave the day a little bit better than I entered it. I'm here looking for friends first, and if that goes somewhere, then it was mean to be.

I was born, raised and educated in Davis, CA. I am a Davisite to the core. I like San Francisco to a degree, but I'm certainly not in love with it. I'd like to see more of it. I'm really of the mind that "wherever you go, there you are" -- happiness comes from within.

I'm driven when I need to be, but would rather, when possible, find the most "efficient" way to get a task done; I treat work as a necessity, not an achievement (not that it makes any difference as I still seem to work a lot). I enjoy simply 'being' and don't need a constant supply of entertainment to be happy, but that in no way means I won't try something at least once. My Meyers-Briggs is INTP (but if im comfortable with you, I'm more of an ENTP)

Ohh Yeah, and the totally obvious stuff that EVERYONE likes: Eating, traveling, learning, *trying*new*things (seriously, like this even needs to be stated)
What I’m doing with my life
I recently moved to San Francisco to take a job in the educational world doing IT project management. This pays the bills, but is not my dream. On the side I do freelance video production.
I’m really good at
Seeing all sides of a situation. Playing devils advocate is a good past-time. But just because I CAN argue something, doesn't mean I endorse that argument.

Super quick reflexes. I'm good at catching things I've dropped before they hit the ground.
The first things people usually notice about me
My height. Although I'm not thaaaaat tall.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Lots of Youtube Niche Channels. Rick and Morty. Adventure Time! Futurama. Family Guy. 30 Rock. The Nightmare before Xmas. BATMAN. Animation of most sorts. BBC. SCI Channel. Science/History documentaries. CRASH COURSE.

Heady Electronic Music: Bluetech. BT. Glitch Mob. Lackluster. Little People.
Six things I could never do without
Coffee. Sleep. Sour Skittles. The Internet. Exercise. Rick and Morty. Youtube

I've also become addicted to yoga and try to go five days a week. I know one day I will be able to fly.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Whatever is on my mind. Usually how freaking itsy bitsy tiny we all are. I get caught up sometimes with the concept of scale and where we fit in between the sub-atomic and the celestial scales.

How to be a better editor.

Becoming one with the universe and instantly dematerializing. I always wonder if there is a very particular sequence of events that is the key to everything and that if that sequence happens, the universe would cease to exist.
On a typical Friday night I am
Wondering what do to. I just moved out here and there ain't much happening in the outer richmond.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I used to have a crush on Sailor Moon.
You should message me if
You like Futurama. Bonus points in general if you like cartoons. You don't take yourself too seriously and you like being goofy.
The two of us