39Arlington, United States
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My self-summary
I read. I mean, I read a *lot*. I'm an infovore. I'm compulsively curious about new information. Given time, I will know everything. Until then, there's Wikipedia and a fine-tuned sense of when someone's bullshitting on Wikipedia to tide me over.

I work, but actually not that much for a coder - 8ish hour days, checking email afterwards. But I really, really like working - I find what I do to be way more satisfying than it should be, considering its utter insignificance in the grand scheme of things.

Have you ever heard of Piran, in Slovenia? Google it, if not. My favorite place on Earth.
What I’m doing with my life
Hacking code. I spent almost five years working from home, then five years in an office (with the last few months of that actually in my ex-employer's newish office in Budapest because why not?), and now am regrettably back working at home. That sounds great, but living alone and working remotely is a great way to turn into a fullblown shut-in. I'm coping so far - turns out a treadmill desk facing windows to the street helps. But I do look forward to a non-solitary work environment again.
I’m really good at
Trivia. I'm designed for quiz shows, I swear. On the rare occasions I find someone willing to play Trivial Pursuit with me, I assign myself handicaps to keep things sporting. I'm not actually any good at any other competitive-ish activity (I'm godawful at video games, I'm much worse at actual sports, etc) but good god do I own at trivia.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Oh dear god, this section generally takes up half the profile. As mentioned above, I read a lot, and I own a lot of books. I love history (especially when the book goes deep into the subject), I love science, I love spy novels (so much! Alan Furst is my *jam*.), I love science fiction and some fantasy (Iain M. Banks, Ken Macleod, Philip K. Dick, Neal Stephenson, Guy Gavriel Kay, Steven Erickson, Charles Stross, many many many more), my mind was straight up blown by Kate Atkinson... And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Movies: I remain convinced that Lawrence of Arabia is the greatest movie ever made, and that Groundhog Day is the best movie of the '90s. Right now, I'm still nerding out over the use of solid, bright colors in La La Land.

TV: The Wire, because I'm mildly pretentious. Also because it's awesome. Game of Thrones now...but honestly, just because it's past the books and I want plot advancement. Mr Robot blew my mind on first watch - season two, not so much, but then I discovered Half and Catch Fire seasons 2 and 3 and all was well. Right now, I'm eagerly awaiting each Sunday night for new Leftovers episodes.

Music: I'm fairly sure I qualify as an Old Person as a result of my music tastes: pretty much everything I listen to is at least 10 years old. And most of that is British. I saw Pulp in 2011 in London - I set up an entire trip to Europe primarily so that I could make it to that show. The show, thankfully, given the effort involved, was fantastic. Also on a big PJ Harvey kick lately.

Also? Shostakovich? Leningrad Symphony? That is my *jam*.

Food: I love Indian food. I like a lot of other foods. But I'm not the most adventurous eater in the world - I was raised on bland '50s style cooking and my palate still hasn't quite recovered.
Six things I could never do without
My cat, whatever my smartphone of the moment is, my Kindle (I do prefer physical books, but the Kindle is sooooo convenient that I do most of my book purchases on it these days), my Ritalin, some headphones, and my eyes. I have nightmares about going blind.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How the fuck we deal with Trump and the modern Republican Party in general. I'm mainly keeping a narrow focus on voting rights, since without voting rights we've already lost everything else - see North Carolina, for example.

How in the name of god to write a decent first message here. I get stage fright. While not on stage.

Also why I can't enter a "most private thing" section. Just not showing up as an option, and dammit, I've got a good one.
On a typical Friday night I am
Maybe happy hour with coworkers, maybe a movie, but honestly, most likely? Reading a book. I'm more of a daytime activity person than a nighttime one.
You should message me if
You're intellectually curious. Seriously, there's nothing more important to me in another person than their curiosity. There's so goddamn much going on, so much to learn, so much to discover - how can you ever be bored or know enough?

You want to suggest books to me and you want to check out books I might suggest. Always need more reading material, always want to share the books I love.

You want to meet my cat. She's much cooler than me, honestly. Though I am less likely to run and hide in my room if you come over.

You're not a Trump supporter. Or willing to "give him a chance". Noooope.

You fantasize about living somewhere in Central Europe - I'm positively obsessed with Berlin, I lived in Budapest for the second half of 2015, and am spending my Octobers in a little town on the tiny Adriatic coast of Slovenia.

You've got a better idea for a first meetup/date/encounter than normal - I'll admit it, I've got an anxiety problem and first dates are pretty much the absolute worst.

You should also probably be a bit patient. As you may have noticed, I do ramble on.
The two of us