29Oak Bay, Canada
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My self-summary
Hiya Folks,

I've just moved from Victoria BC Canada, the land of liberal hippies to Sydney NSW for the next ten months. I plan on staying in Katoomba till mid-feb, and then I'm on a one month than road trip, highlights being Melbourne and Tasmania. I literally plan my trip by buying a map and throwing a dart at it to see where I'll be heading next. :) So while I'm here I want to meet as many amazing people as possible and, along the way have fantastic adventures while getting up to some pretty ridiculous shenanigans! Oh yeah, I plan on bouncing around this content a fair bit, and going to as many places as possible.

Plans while I'm here:
-posssibly learning how to dive
-getting a job eventually :p
-making awesome connections!

I'm polyamorous! Or I should say I have been "officially" living a poly-esqu life style for about 9 years now.

What is Polyamory you ask? The dictionary definition is basically open relationships where people know about each other and ethically go about their own business. i.e. no fucking around behind someone's back or forcing someone into something they are not comfortable with. This being said I am in several relationships with CaptainLethargy, lemray, Wetdogishappy87, Drago-Turrock, Quintus88 and several others.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm relaxing after finishing my degree in Anthropology, and taking a well deserved vacation. While trying to figure out how to get extra doses of my soul food in my life. My soul foods being singing (jazz, opera, blues, and classical), art (I draw antique medical illustrations and archaeological artifacts), and dancing (where are all the good places to dance here?!?).
I’m really good at
I really good at art,listening, having fun and, living for the day. I'm also a great cook. I can also awkardly talk for long periods of time or at inappropriate times, just tell me to shut-up.

I am pretty good at being anti-social when I have a good book. The book is usually a ruse, I end up day dreaming and consequently re-reading huge chunks. Luckily when people see a book in my hands they leave me alone:)
The first things people usually notice about me
My curly hair, which often changes colours between red, purple, and pink. My cats eyes glasses, and lets not lie... my boobs. ;)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Lets do books by authors: Tamora Pierce, L.E. Modist, S.L. Vheil, Terry Prachett, Piers Morgan, H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, Cherie Priest, Mercedes Lackey, Kelly Armstrong.... yeah I like books and these are just the fiction authors.

Movies: Pretty much anything goes, kinda picky about my comedies though. My faves are action movies, sci-fi, and documentaries. I'm still working on catching up on watching musicals.

Food: Anything goes, I'll try it once, and maybe even again if I didn't like it the first time. Unless it was something truly horrid that included olives (yuck!).
Six things I could never do without
These are all about of equal importance to me.
1) Food/ water.
2) A little down time.
3) Friends and family.
4) my glasses/contacts Fun fact I'm almost legally blind.
5) Sensuality (cause lets face it sex with out sensuality is just missing out on so much potential).
6) Humor! (When my Mum broke a rib a while back and we were at the hospital. We discovered that I can't stop cracking jokes:S. So moral of the story don't take me with you if you've got broken ribs).
I spend a lot of time thinking about
With my INTJ/ INTP personality type how I ended up being so artistic and into social justic issues such as queer, minority, and aboriginal rights and representation. It fair boggels my mind sometimes.

Other things such as why are we here? Comparing and contrasting various religions in regards to current debates about society and ethics/morality. Unanswerable I know but, really good for late night break your brain debates.

Besides that figuring out where my next no where walk will go. Or where I left my glasses this time. Or if the current person messaging me from okcupid might be a serial killer...

So in summary, ask me something and I'll answer you with an off the wall outta left field reply. I am also quite notorious for having a mind that flits around topics and interests. Leading to my most common description of being whimsical or capricious.
On a typical Friday night I am
With my friends, dancing, at a movie or reading/day dreaming while cuddling.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Not sure I 'll get back to you on that. Or you could just ask. Currently pondering how to turn my lovely kitties. Into vectors for disease warfare against my roomies :) Which worked by the way!

Still, interested?
You should message me if
If you managed to get through this, and giggled at least once ;P
The two of us