56Pittsburgh, United States
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My self-summary
I'm passionate about ideas and honest, straightforward communication so I find the state of our current politics to be surreal and infuriating. I'm confused and discouraged by the 2014 election results but hoping Obama, now freed from electoral constraint, can get a few more good things done during his last two years. If you're a rabid Republican or Conservative, we're probably not the best match. Unless you're all about Olympic-level make-up sex.

Anyway. Moving on.

I'm deeply moved by design, aesthetics, all things sensory; I'll swoon over a great piece of art, furniture, architecture, music, film or a meal.

I often feel like I was born fifty years too late and not solely 'cuz of the sad advent of pantyhose; I get sentimental when I see a man tip his hat to a lady in a '40s film...just how I'm made. So, yeah, vintage...retro...mid-century modern ('45-'75) is my Happy Place...though I also know how to meld my deal with a lady who likes other stylish stuff with good genes. You can trust this professional. ; )

I'm a style-savvy smarty-pants, an uptown/downtown progressive with just a smidge of traditional for flava...a first amendment hawk who's sad about much of popular culture. A lifelong PBS/NPR junkie. I'm often aggravated/embarrassed by D. C./Madison Avenue/Hollywood but believe our society has goodness and higher purpose at its core: We're not Rome *quite* yet. Some heroes? Bobby Kennedy, Fred Rogers, Jimmy Carter, Bill Moyers, Bono, Robert Reich, Joseph Stiglitz, Paul Krugman, Kurt Vonnegut, Jon Stewart, Samantha Bee, Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes and Stephen Colbert.

I'm aware of new style trends but rarely subscribe: give me Astaire/Cooper/Grant /Brando classics any time (think Banana Republic). Exquisite/pricey things are fine but I also revel in a great vintage find; for me, aesthetic value beats a fancy pedigree. I love both cooking at home and dining out - usually healthy, never boring and hope for a wellness mentality in my mate. I live to learn, am also a teacher and long for that two-way dynamic with my sweetie. I'll make you laugh 'til the cows come home. Romantic to the core, I need the same from my beloved.

I enjoy the adventure of the marketplace, the arts fine/not-so-fine, exploring architecture and design, thrifting and yard sales, lectures, film including classics/foreign, travel, daily work-outs, reading and current events. Unlike your typical Jewish boy, I'm handy and look pretty studly in a tool belt. I may wanna see what YOU look like in it some time, though. ; ) I've had a few careers - among them interior designer, newspaper restaurant critic, art director - all verbiage and visuals stuff. Recently moved from Los Angeles back home to build an apparel/lifestyle brand and sure could use a muse. All told, I'm a sharp, fun, big-hearted lug whose fondest wish is to meld sublimely with one stylish, witty, substantive gal.

We have a Tracy/Hepburn vibe. Ok, it's trite but still, what a model! As for you? Be sweeTart...saucy...sassy...plucky yet unafraid to show some vulnerability. A coequal style/substance package. In re style, I hope you dig the modern and/or classic over glitzy, frou-frou or saccharine. A great shoe collection & regular pedicure - and manicure - gets my attention, I must say. Hey, I worship at the altar of She that is Woman and I do so head to toe: details matter.

In re substance, read a newspaper, be kind to animals & know that BOTH Beatles & Stones can rock. Healthy/-ish and active lifestyle preferred. Empathy, conversational skills, manners, wisdom, a dose of kink, HUMOR. Have a compelling viewpoint. Let's shoot for mutual adoration, accommodation and respect. Cuddle and watch classic films with me? Bonus points if you never use the word "party" as a verb. And please fully embody that mysterious and divine force which is Femininity. It keeps we men on our toes, acts as cosmic counterbalance to male idiocy and brutality and ideally smells really nice. I'm determined to find, pamper & treasure my Queen. Maybe she's You.

My Ideal Relationship: COMMUNICATION. I want to 'get' her, know what she's thinking or about to say and feel safe in telling her anything. Common politics as they bespeak mutual values. Shared hobbies/activities are glue which can make time pass with more fun and joy. Long talks. Travel. Power sharing (in and out of the bedroom) is huge for forging respect, intimacy and heat. Fighting fair. And as a Style Guy, I crave beauty and fine (which is not necessarily always *high-cost*) living with my beloved in a hip, livable home filled with art, food, family and friends.
What I’m doing with my life
Diamond in the back...Sunroof top...Diggin' the scene with a gangster lean...

Just kidding. But do yourself a favor and look for the song "Just Be Thankful" by William DeVaughn on YouTube. True soul genius.


I design and manufacture a vintage-inspired high-end greeting card line sold in better boutiques, museum stores, etc. I also sell vintage furniture and furnishings on eBay; check out my store (inthehouse2014) there. Also, I hope soon to be launching an imprinted apparel brand with a big social give-back mission which I'd like eventually to morph into a full-spectrum lifestyle label, a la Anthropologie.

Verbiage and visuals is who I am.
I’m really good at
Parallel parking. Seriously.

Throwing together something in the kitchen lickety-split.

Doing American regional and foreign accents; I also have a healthy barnyard animal repertoire. Hey, we could put on a show. ; )

Talking politics and current events (but also history, science, all sorts of Real World Stuff) with someone who enjoys same. That said, I can also go on and on about the dorky or esoteric. Just kick or kiss me to make it stop.

Blanket fort and flashlight play. Mebbe even s'mores if you're a good camper.

Building and fixing junk. Making something great out of next to nothing. I may even earn a forehead star from you.

Giving head rubs...hand rubs...back rubs...foot rubs...pretty much any kinda rubbin's.
The first things people usually notice about me
Trite but true -- most every woman tells me my eyes and mouth. What can I say -- I can't argue with statistics. And I'm not one to second guess a passel o' women. Mama didn't raise no fool.

I think I'm empathetic and a good listener.

I'm pretty sure I usually smell nice.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
READIN': I'm a rabid consumer of the printed word though most of it is online and in magazines and newspapers. Daily rations of NYTimes, LATimes, Huffington Post, NY Magazine, New Yorker, LA Weekly (yes, I've lived in both NY and LA and still love my adopted cities but mainly, the above are just good reading no matter one's locale) ...Vanity Fair, Atlantic, Harpers, The Economist and on and on. Icanhascheezburger and its peer sites also figure into the humor mix. As for books, I tend towards nonfiction but my favorite novel is Vonnegut's Breakfast of Champions. Garrison Keillor, our contemporary Twain, is also a sentimental fave.

WATCHIN': Scores and scores AND SCORES of film faves -- waaayyy too many to list here -- but for today's purposes, let's go with: Dr. Strangelove, Good Will Hunting, The Player, Knocked Up, Lolita, Save the Tiger, Casablanca, Harold & Maude, Falling Down, Citizen Kane, The Natural, Gods And Monsters, The Hustler, Rear Window, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Network, Of Mice And Men, That Thing You Do, Signs, Driving Miss Daisy, Avalon, Night of the Hunter, Castaway, Saving Private Ryan, The Grifters, Edward Scissorhands, Holiday, Death of a Salesman, Grey Gardens, About Schmidt, Jumping The Broom, Pollock, The Hangover, East of Eden, Born Yesterday, Despicable Me, A Family Thing, Phenomenon, Birdy, The Godfather I and II, My Dinner With Andre, Dodsworth, The Swimmer, It Happened One Night, True Confessions, Shane, Napoleon Dynamite, The Natural, His Girl Friday, Marty, Moonstruck, E.T., Ordinary People, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Splendor In The Grass, Midnight Cowboy, Syriana, Barton Fink, Chinatown, Diner, Best In Show (and every other Christopher Guest flick), Picnic, The Freshman, Pleasantville, The Deer Hunter, Meet John Doe, The Kid Stays In The Picture, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, Field of Dreams, American Beauty, Miracle on 34th Street, Glory, Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, Defending Your Life, Groundhog Day, The Stranger, Tootsie, Jacob's Ladder, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, On The Waterfront, Taxi Driver, Annie Hall, The Graduate, Rear Window, Jaws, All My Sons, Sunset Boulevard, Ninotchka, The Elephant Man, Giant, Rosemary's Baby, Cool Hand Luke, Twelve Angry Men, The Wizard Of Oz, Superbad, Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, The Rainmaker (Hepburn & Lancaster), Slingblade, 40-Year Old Virgin, Salesman, Meet Joe Black, Being There, House of Games, You Can't Take It With You, Shadow of a Doubt, The Hunger, Sweet Smell of Success, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, The Last Wave, Borat, Strangers on a Train, The Pianist, Lost In America, Rope, Young Frankenstein, Love And Death, Flirting With Disaster, The Right Stuff, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, Glengarry Glen Ross, Apocalypse Now, Bridesmaids, Jerry Maguire, Double Indemnity.

So, would it scare you to learn that I've seen lots of these flicks ten, twenty times -- some even thirty or fifty? Don't be scared. When I find something I like, I really want to get to know it better. Here, try the popcorn.

MORE WATCHIN': I'm an obnoxious TV snob in some ways. But I'll indulge you in terms of watching your show...while rubbing your feet and leafing through my magazine, paying semi-attention to Mama's stories. ("But wait," you say. "You only have two hands." "Never you mind that," I reply.) Some faves (current and in rerun) would be Son of Zorn, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Larry Sanders Show, Mad Men, Mr. Selfridge, Reno 911, Portlandia, Felt, Maron, American Pickers, the original Bob Newhart Show, Million Dollar Listing, Downton Abbey, Flipping Out, Strangers With Candy, Archer, Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, Family Guy, Cosmos, The Andy Griffith Show (yes, sometimes corny, but often sweet), The Cleveland Show, Key & Peele, Robot Chicken & various Adult Swim shows, SCTV, The Nightly Show, The Daily Show, Davey & Goliath (yes, I know -- random), Space Ghost Coast to Coast, plus maybe the greatest thing ever when it's really good -- Mystery Science Theater 3000. Oh...and may our genius David Letterman R.I.P.

Anyway, who am I kidding? It's pretty much MSNBC politics 24/7 interrupted by vintage flicks on TCM.

I'm dying to see what Stephen Colbert does with the Letterman slot; S.C. has such an amazing mind, voice and writing team so this could be something really special. But I'm shedding copious tears for the demise of the Colbert "character" of the great artistic achievements of contemporary culture.

LISTENIN': Steely Dan, Beatles (George, since you asked), Neil Young, Dire Straits, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Who, Dave Matthews, Rolling Stones, Allman Brothers, REM, Clapton, The Doors, U2, Roxy Music's Avalon (Best. Make-out. Record. Ever.) Smashing Pumpkins, Fleet Foxes, Nirvana, Ella Fitzgerald, Jeff Buckley, Simon & Garfunkel, CSN, Pink Floyd, Joni Mitchell, Little Feat, Miles Davis, James Taylor, early Elton John, Letters To Cleo, Ray Charles, Elvis Costello, Dylan, John McLaughlin, Cat Stevens, Devo, Linda Ronstadt, Al Green, Grateful Dead, Pearl Jam, K. D. Lang, John Hiatt, Cream, Tori Amos, Sinatra, Hendrix, Santana, The Clarks, John Coltrane, Darlene Love yearly on Letterman singing "Christmas Baby Please Come Home", Pretenders, early Dionne Warwick, Ten Thousand Maniacs, Nat King Cole, Van Morrison, Aimee Mann, Ray Charles, Traffic, Throwing Muses, Patsy Cline, Chet Baker, Todd Rundgren, Roy Orbison, Laura Nyro, John Meyer, Brian Wilson's seminal Pet Sounds. Baroque horn/harpsichord stuff such as Bach...newer 20th century classical like Copland and Ives...Third World evocative stuff like Russian and Middle Eastern soundscapes -- melodies that transport you.

I'm also a drummer but have no drums at present. Your-thigh-in-the-car may get an occasional gentle thwap. What? You never fancied yourself a sex cymbal?

EATIN': I was once the restaurant critic for In Pittsburgh Newsweekly (City Paper's predecessor) and also have a culinary management degree obtained later in life so I guess I know my way around the chow somewhat. I'm also comfy in the kitchen and adore makin' bacon with my Honey. Dining out is fun too, of course, but I probably cook dinner 4-5 nights a week. Tag-teaming such could be neat or I'm happy to shoulder that load for the team. Ethnic cuisines rock my world most of all, followed by standard American fare of all sorts and then nouvelle, hifalutin stylings -- in that order. Fortunate to have lived in Manhattan, Los Angeles and Seattle so have tasted one helluva lotta cultures. Faves? Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Middle Eastern/Greek/Turkish, Persian, Ethiopian, Sushi, North African, Afghani, Korean, Italian of course (eggplant parm = swoon). I love seafood as well as sushi. While I do usually try to eat healthfully, classic American road food and regional fare on occasion is fun such as BBQ, Neapolitan (crazy for wood- and coal-fired ovens) pizza, cheese steaks, excellent dogs and burgers, great deli fare, fried seafood or a lobster roll and on and on. I could watch "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" any time (Yay, food porn!) though Guy is kind of a putz. Great eating experiences do not have to be fancy-shmancy, by any means, but quality ingredients and deft preparation are key. I *do* also have something of a sweet tooth but we ain't goin' there just now. Okay, fine: mocha ANYTHING. And blissful blueberries.
Six things I could never do without
We *all* need air, water, cell mitosis, ground transportation. C'mon, people...really? My humorous, quirky choices are meant to be illuminating of who I am. With that caveat, then:

Burt's Bees lip balm from October thru April. And still I pick at the lips. Please. Make me stop. Withhold kisses. Whatever it takes.

Sriracha. If you don't know what this is, we may be ill-fated.

Dr. Bronner's liquid Castille soap; eucalyptus is my go-to but another scent is negotiable (perhaps almond) if eucalyptus squicks you out.

Filtered or bottled water, please. Chlorine and PCB's? Ummmm...mebbe not.

Lotsa daily veggies and fruits. I build my meals around them. Not that I don't enjoy the tasty creatures as well.

The perfect down/feather-blend pillow. Daddy needs his sleep.

Lucky Number Seven: Neutral colors. (Yes, I cheated; obviously I'm a rebel who lives on the edge.)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How stupendously callous we can be as a culture: how did we get to this often unhappy state? And how did Mitt Romney's head not just 'splode from all the lies he told? You take care now, Mitt. As important as politics is to me -- and perhaps you too -- it's gotten pretty appalling much of the time. ::sad face::

I wish I could be as heroic and selfless as many great people I've encountered in the world. I'm workin' on it.

Well. Sex. Sure. But much more than 'sex' even, romance and, the fates willing, Love in my life. I have much to offer and hope to experience the sublime with my She.

Lots more stuff. We need junk to talk about on the first date. And our 501st date.
On a typical Friday night I am to be tied.

That's *not* what I meant. Well. Mostly, anyway.

You're naughty.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm a sucker for A Charlie Brown Christmas. Especially where Linus speaks his soliloquy so poignantly. We actually had to learn that psalm in grade school. Maybe that has something to do with it. Anyway, makes me a mite misty, it does.
You should message me if truly grasp what makes *you* uniquely human and especially a Woman: I want to celebrate those things with you. prize the inherent value in people/places/things over their pedigree. know how, where and when to be either charmingly Screw-da-Man irreverent or old-school courteous, both being equally important skills depending on the setting. You don't suffer fools gladly or bow to sacred cows. delight in wondrous things.'re dying to experience my barnyard animal repertoire up close and personal.

Good luck to you in your search for happiness and fulfillment!
The two of us