31 Charlottesville, United States
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My self-summary
Hello there, internet viewer! My name is Adam!

I love to see the bold, the new, the exciting! I am possessed whenever I encounter something that I don't yet know or feel. Ideas, foods, destinations, or anything else I haven't had the pleasure of experiencing! I love taking new routes to the same destination just for the hell of it. I love trying something I probably won't like just to fill that blank spot in my mind. I love traveling many hours just to see an interesting place for minutes. I love going to the ill-lit, forgotten corners that no one thinks about! Why? Because something incredible might be there, because that destination might be worth the minutes, because I might end up loving that dish! I guess it doesn't hurt that it's a helluva lot of fun, too!

Of all the trinkets I love to collect (which aren't many), my favorites are those I find outdoors. From digging up a hunk of quartz beside a fallen tree, to gathering the empty husks of former cicada nymph still clinging to a tree, to scooping up the shell of an unfortunate turtle that found his way on to the roadside, I love bringing home pieces of nature. I see the most beauty in things that once belonged to a living creature! The only thing better than finding these neat things is figuring out a use for them! I've made rings of ebony and pink ivory (not that I found them myself) and I'd love to learn how to fashion more things I find in to a spiffy finished product.

Change is something I treasure. So what is something that allows us to embrace that? Body modification, of course! Taking something we're very comfortable with and altering it in a way never intended! While I haven't had as much work done as I'd like, I appreciate what I have and wait with bated breath for the next. I've had a good amount of piercings done, along with a suspension, but only a single tattoo. That tattoo is of the veins on my right forearm - a tie-in with my love for anatomy that I hope to extend in the near future. My favorite body modification is a hard one that I'm not sure I'll ever be able to get, but that doesn't stop my longing for it. Which might it be?

But what is body modification without the body? I have a deep admiration for human anatomy. I love learning about it! It's structure, what you can do to alter that, how it reacts to stressors, the differences it has with others. Did you know there are several muscles that some people have and you don't? Nothing significant, of course, but it's interesting to note! People that take the time to develop odd skills that show off the extremes of the human body have my double admiration!
What I’m doing with my life
Right now I'm going to school to become a massage therapist! My term's almost over, though, and I'm getting ready to become a professional. I chose the field because of my love for anatomy and I really like being able to help others in a positive and direct manner.

My short-term goals are to become an established massage therapist, continue learning about anatomy and body work, learn to play an instrument, improve my health through exercise, and get more tattoos! A longer-term goal is to learn more about proper exercise routines and get in better shape so that I can cross over to fitness education (in addition to massage) such as personal training or teaching yoga.

Short-term fun things I'm striving toward little by little: being able to maintain handstand away from a wall, be able to maintain a headstand away from a wall (Done!) ride a unicycle, juggle, and be able to do an asian/yoga squat (Done!)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Book Topics!
Fitness, Anatomy, Cultural Studies
I don't read much other than nonfiction. Since I read primarily to learn new things, I don't have a particular book that I recall more fondly than the others.
I like to read about how others live their lives. Seeing different points of views and lifestyles helps to broaden my own!

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, The Exorcist, The Shining
I love a movie that can build atmosphere! Fond of movies of all genres, though action is by far the least favorite.
Nurse Ratchet is my favorite movie villain. Subtly sinister and controlling with no ridiculous evil aspirations.

The Office, Cowboy Bebop, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
The Office is the only show I've ever followed closely while it was airing. Got its hooks in deep enough for me to stick around for the crappy later seasons.
Bebop's my favorite anime (I don't watch many of those). Always Sunny is a good representation of my style of humor for better or worse!

The Dead Milkmen, Idiot Flesh, Infected Mushroom
My favorite bands are very fluid. These groups are some that I've listened to for a long time and still like 'em quite a lot.

Blueberries, Lamb, Black Olives!
Blueberries are the best! Fresh of course. Frozen blueberries taste way different and not that great. Lamb's my favorite meat. I enjoy a wide variety of food and will refuse to eat next to nothing.