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My self-summary
Dating consists of drawing a potential mate from the population, which mate is described by a vector of attributes x. Upon a match and a date you run this vector x through an indicator function m(x) which returns 1 if you want to make out with the person represented by the vector x, and 0 otherwise. A mutual pair of 1's is pretty fun.
What I’m doing with my life
I am not throwing away my shot.
I’m really good at
Here is the first of several lists, which are notoriously difficult for a writer to make interesting. In an effort to salvage it, in lieu of some generic bullet points I'll try to offer some things that make me truly unique:

• Being a pillow: I have spent many years carefully studying and practicing the ancient art of being a pillow.

• Navigating supermarkets: Imagine your typical rom-com. Female lead's first encounter with male lead is in the supermarket, both of them at the end of a long day at their challenging jobs. Both would have just rather gone home, but the prospects of a fridge empty of all but condiments and the like compel them to engage in a bit of shopping. Anyway. He's piloting his cart through the aisles and being kind of an inconsiderate jerk about it, viz, leaving it parked dead center in the aisle as he goes to fetch something despite the aisle being barely wide enough for two cards to pass abreast; the cart parked such that it blocks access to several yards of desirable products. Plus also why is he even using a cart for what's basically going to end up being something he'll be able to check out in the express "15 items or fewer" checkout. So anyway she (female lead) asks him to please move his cart and maybe there's a bit of unnecessary bite in the question owing to her coming off of a rough day, and his own exhaustion after a similarly rough day compels him to answer with a bit more bite and soon they escalate to a small argument that leaves them both stalking away, mutually and simultaneously thinking "Ugh, what a jerk," unaware that the rom-com Gods have determined that this was the first in a series of humorous encounters and henceforth the gravitic laws of rom-coms will have them orbiting steadily and inexorably toward one another until the film's final scene, in which they are back to shopping at the same supermarket as in the opener, this time as a couple, with him carrying a basket instead of piloting a goddamn unnecessary cart.

Yeah. That's not my fate. I'm never going to have an overblown conflict over my supermarket cart turn into the first meeting with the love of my life because I am way, way too good at piloting supermarket carts, strategically placing them to minimize disruption to other shoppers, and etc. And also I don't even use a cart most of the time because it's unnecessary. If everyone was as good with their cart as I was, the world would be a much better place. Especially around the holidays.

• Treating my OKCupid profile like a writing workshop: A guy's gotta get his kicks somehow.

• Kissing: not gonna lie, I've got some game.

• Cooking: check out the IG stuff to the south of here.
The first things people usually notice about me
This question is fascinating to me. Partially it (the question) is an exercise in projective self-assessment, viz, an opportunity to demonstrate to potential matches that I possess the realistic yet healthy self-image that's such a desirable quality in a potential romantic partner. Also it's a form of projection; a way to advertise traits that I think members of the opposite sex would find attractive. And also it's a sort of nudge, mental seed-planting, in that the answer is with high probability going to both be something a potential mate is inclined to verify upon in-person meeting and also perhaps be inclined to agree with. Like I said. Fascinating.

I have a nice butt.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Another list. Yay. OK here we go. Quick bullet points; these are "currents" rather than "favorites" because favorites are uncountable:

Currently reading: Washington: A Life by Ron Chernow. It's about George Washington. And his life.

Currently watching: The Americans (in the midst of a re-watch of season 2; haven't watched season 3 yet), Bojack Horseman (one of three down), and The Wire (seen it all; giving it a re-watch).

Currently listening: theatrical recording of Hamilton, "The Indie Mix" playlist on Spotify. Plus also here is the place to note that my musical taste overlaps with Paul Krugman (he of the Nobel Prize and NYT column) by like 95%. It's uncanny.

Currently eating: chocolate chip cookie (what; I'm at a coffee shop and it's real hard for me to say no to a good chocolate chip cookie). Also here I should mention I pretty much love to cook and bake. I bake bread once per week (give or take), have a hot breakfast almost every morning, and then prepare a bunch of food every few days for lunch and dinner. And it is all DELICIOUS.
The six things I could never do without
Parenthesis, semicolons, books, dogs, Wikipedia, and my bicycle. What? Like I said there's no salvaging lists.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Given the above the obvious answer is "My OKCupid profile," but I already went to that well five sections up so I won't go back. Instead I'll say that in addition to my schoolwork (which obviously takes a fair bit of bandwidth, thinking-wise) I tend to focus pretty obsessively on acquiring knowledge and skills (If I was like 800% more pretentious I'd call myself an autodidact but I'm not so I won't). So I'm probably thinking about the latest thing I'm trying to learn. These days that amounts to coming up with material for my blog. Because I am so 2006.
On a typical Friday night I am
Taking a PM ride along the Burke Gilman, which ride inevitably terminates with a couple of beers over at Fremont Brewery owing to its suspiciously convenient location right there on the trail. After that I'm probably off to play board games or have dinner or something along those lines with friends. Then of course there's the non-zero chance that I've got a homework deadline looming and like all good graduate students I was doing something else earlier in the week instead of attending to my homework which means I'm spending a rousing Friday evening in the office with a couple of people in front of a whiteboard trying to noodle some really obnoxious algebra so that by the midnight deadline I can submit something that's at least plausible enough to deserve a passing grade
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have opinions on elevator brands.

OK that there was a sort of reflexive bit of deflection. The actual answer here is: I really wish I could be a writer.
You should message me if
You're looking for a guy who's got his shit together, and you've got your shit together. And you're looking for a mind at work.