45Palm Bay, United States
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My self-summary
* Im so sorry for the novel but this profile meter is telling me to expand to 1,000 words, I guess its a good way to really get alot about you & who you are seeking out all at once*

I've kissed my share of frogs now its about time my prince charming arrives. Im here to find my missing half the one I know exists.

About me: Im a single mom of 2 sons ages 10 & 19. I have pets and love all animals. I like to watch the wildlife outside including the butterflies in my garden. My life is simple and I am content & happy this way. I'm much more content cooking at home for you and cuddling up to watch a movie than I am going out. I've been told Im a betty crocker with a wild side. I am content and happy being home, being mom cleaning, cooking and all but I have been known to get a little wild on the right occasion.

note: I'm not ms perfect,I am flawed. I'm not ms fun right now Im more fun when emotionally involved-plus I do have morals and a conscience.

I am hoping to find my mr right. Reality is, Ill find a couple of friends but I can hope for my missing true love, I know he is out there!

So..if you think you are that last frog....pucker up!

I am honest. If you ask if your butts to big in those pants I'll be honest in a gentle way. Like honey, go try those black pants on so I can see if they look better with that shirt. I try not to hurt peoples feelings.

I am VERY affectionate. I like to cuddle on the couch and watch a movie. Sitting under the stars, wrapped up cuddled in a blanket staring off into the night sky talking about nothing and everything is perfect evening to me. When you are watching tv I like to walk by and kiss you as a way to let you know I care.
What I’m doing with my life
I make beaded jewelry at times designing items for my customers specifications.
I’m really good at
showing others they are appreciated
beaded jewelry
I like to cook, home cooked meals are far superior to going out to eat. Done together it can be very romantic and a bonding time. I am good at making my partners favorite meal exactly how he wants it.
being there for my friends no matter what they need. I have very very few friends but the friendships I make last a lifetime. I communicate with a girl I've known since I was 9! another friend I've known for 20 years. It isn't the quantity its the quality of the people you bring into your life, and when I make a friend you can guarantee its genuine and I will be there for you no matter what.
The first things people usually notice about me
my eyes are usually what people comment on the most. Some have said my eyes look like they can see right thru them. I am a scorpio and that is a scorpio trait. Yes, I can look into someones eyes and usually have a gut feeling if they are being true or have other motives. On the subject of eyes, I love to look in someones eyes when I am trying to analyze them. I really like passionate kisses while looking deep into eachothers eyes.

My 80's hair style is the next thing people comment on. I've tried my hair in other ways over the years but I like my poufy 80's hair the most. When I'm working I wear it in a pony tail, when I'm not doing anything much I leave it natural when I'm going out or in the mood to get all dressed up I spend 2 hours curling it to get it just right-my 80's hair style
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
*I've still not hit 1,000 words so... here it goes*
I love horror & sci fi. My favorite and most watched channels are: sci fi, chiller and fear net. I like ghost hunters-taps. I'll watch reality shows once in a while.

I listen to most any music except rap-my main music is rock-old & new. Most of the time I am listening to rock. Ozzy is my favorite ! and black sabbath . I listen to country sometimes and find I'm listening to it a little more often. I'll put on soundscapes on the tv music channels when I'm cleaning or thinking how to do a new project either with my beads or my home. I find it relaxes me and helps me be more creative. I DO NOT EVER listen to rap, 99% of it is about violence, drugs,and treating women as sex objects.
Six things I could never do without
*I've still not 1,000 words so...more novel*
my kids - they are my sunshine thru the dark clouds...My 20yr old son is a typical teenager and some days I would like to holler at him, than I remind myself he is 20 - not a man, not a boy and he is now trying to develop independance and become a man. I've raised him alone since he was 2 weeks old so we have a different bond than most parents have with their teenage children. My 11yr old son is quite a character. He ranked top 17% nationwide in 2010 for intelligence, 2011 he ranked way above polk county district. He ranked top 15% nationwide 2011-2012 school year!. Due to his intelligence, it makes him compassionate towards others than is typical for a 11 yr old. He also is huge on following the rules, which can be hilarious like when he was upset the kids on the bus didn't be quiet when the bus was at the railroad tracks-that was upset the bus driver didnt make them follow the rules. When he come home from school telling me that all I could to was laugh at him, it was cute but funny.

my pets -I love all animals and over my lifetime alot have found their way to me. I have raised & released alot of wild animals. Yes, I love animals.
nature - in all forms-trees, flowers, lakes, streams, oceans and all the critters that live in it. The inspiration for most of my beadwork is flowers and birds. I love roses and my home decor is...roses. I plant flowers and enjoy gardening. I really act like a silly school girl when butterflies are in my flowers.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
*right now moving day*

new beading projects. I dont like to do that simple 1 strand stuff, my work is very intricate. I was told by a shop owner I should join a visual arts society with my beads. I try to think of new ideas and ways to create wearable art
On a typical Friday night I am
currently, home relaxing, watching tv or cleaning my house...waiting for you!
Sometimes I play eq2
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
now a lady doesnt give all her secrets out for the world to see...Maybe you'll just have to find out
You should message me if
you are a loyal kind of guy seeking 1 woman. Who would enjoy coming home to a kiss waiting for you at the door with a happy woman saying honey I missed you and you could be content cuddling up on the couch watching a movie, or cuddling wrapped up in a blanket under the stars talking about whatever came to mind even if its nothing.If you can accept me equally when I am dirt to my elbows planting in the garden and than 3 hours later be in my skirt and boots all prettied up to go out. If you can be mature and responsible yet act like a teenager when the time is right. Than you just may be MY prince charming....

*notice I said my prince charming. I am not seeking cinderellas or snow whites, or the ones in the movies. I am seeking the one just for me-MY prince charming so dont think you need to be that guy in the movies*

*you are a work aholic. A man who works 25 days a month 12 hours a day, comes home and gets called back out the next day is not for me. While working is a good thing but working non stop and not being able to have a relationship isnt my thing.
*you are an alcoholic. I've had one of those relationships. It wasn't fun. Drinking ocasionally is fine but the man who drinks daily should not even say hello to me
*you are afraid to show affection. It is a known fact touching grows, strengthens and develops feelings. I like to touch and cuddle. I like it when my partner comes in the kitchen while I'm cooking or doing dishes and wraps his arms around me and kisses my neck.
*you are mean or rude - I do not like mean and rude people. Treat others with respect and how you want to be treated. I am kind to all I meet. I am not looking for a pushover but I dont want someone who has nasty remarks or mean to others.
The two of us