61 Plainsboro, United States
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My self-summary
Looking for a good woman with a good car and one who will drive me to get my colonoscopy...Brrr...a cold wind and a tumbleweed, but I did get your attention ;0) I'll bet you've never heard that one before on anyone elses "about me". Hey, I could have asked for a good woman to pop this pustule but that might be a little over the top, no? But IF you are still reading and you know that you are, thats a little bit of who I am.

Hello to anyone reading this continuing novel of mine and thank you to all returnies, its one of those stories that never gets old...hmm I just wonder how much will be enough. Soooo, here goes nuthin.
I'm Shabbus Bueno and I enjoy humor as if you hadn't already guessed. It's the best part of life for me, it always has been and people seem to like it. I was a stand up comic in the city years ago and I've worn many hats in my life and I regard myself a bit of a zelig , but not wacky kind or is there any other kind?
What I do: I am in the jewelry business, yes thats right I break into safes and I'm currently doing a stretch up state for it..no no no not really but sounds a bit more exciting no? Btw, why do they always seem to put prisons upstate in really pretty places? Do they think that its just too pretty and we need yo ugly it up a bit? But I digress...

Honesty is a necessity in my utility belt and I can never have any respect anyone that lies, its like trying to steal my intelligence, my pride.
I tend to be an empath and when your happy I can feel it as well when life happens I feel your anguish.

The person that I'd like to share life with must first and foremost be a real female, not pre op transgender or sexually reassigned. Hey no knock on anyone that might be but that would be like the "Twilight Zone" for you and you would be " The next step beyond for me" and I ain't ready to enter that ionosphere. So any type of current or past guy is no good.

Moving on and now that we have that out of the way. I look for a balance or intelligence , personality as well beauty , like most anything else in life there needs to be a balance because the looks thing only lasts until the lights go out and then everyone pretty much looks the same in a dark room, no? Call it the proverbial even playing field and then the cerebral part takes over.
I love a great conversation and I will debate my point but never to the point of arguing, oy I hate arguing!

I bring no drama and thats a promise and I am aware that not everyone is me and if there is love, than there is to be drama. The good kind, its like the good cholesterol. In life we take the good times and the not so good but it's always so much better to have a nurturing soul near to help make sense of things and that said I will always be there for you to help you when life happens ~

I'm an old school romantic that IS NOT HERE TO GET LAID, well not right off the bat or my purpose but who knows and stop laughing, it could happen one day and when it does it will indeed be the right day.
So thats some of me but theres more so write me and lets discover each other.

(when you here the beep, please proceed to the next part)

What I’m doing with my life
(thank you, can you believe scolded me because they sat there like a schmuck actually waiting for a "beep") now on with this exciting story.

I'm a real live cupid, a fat little cherub with a bow and arrow, seriously. In my life I must have been a main component for over 20,000 marriages and engagements. Its what I do, stand back and give me some room I am a jeweler.
I'm currently working on a treatment for a dark sitcom or movie but I'd prefer cable and I'm keeping my fingers crossed not because I want someone to buy it but because I have this weird finger thing that makes my fingers go all crossed not arthritis but ...I hope?

I'm also writing a one man play entitled "Posthumously Rodney" which is basically a Dangerfield stand up routine except I wrote all of the jokes but as with any "about" type bio we will learn more about the many nuances of Mr.Dangerfield. Btw, I do the BEST imitation of Rodney.
I’m really good at
First and foremost doing positive and good by others. Nothing makes me happier then making people feel good and laugh. I look forward to volunteer my talents to the new medical center that recently opened up here in the metropolitan Plainsboro area where I can do the "Patch Adams"thing, being an empath to a degree definitely helps . I am somewhat analytical and a great problem solver helping people out life when it happens is my specialty.
I have recently revisited trumpet playing after about 8 years of not and I must admit, that little bit of Miles still lives within me and I have retained enough knowledge to become what I once was a comedian... (rimshot drummer). But they want to know what I am good at...hmmm. I am a wonderful amateur chef.
I am as dedicated a friend that you will ever meet, its just how I bounce. I would say that my strongest attribute would be my positive personality which is fueled by my humor.
Since I do ABSOLUTELY the BEST Rodney Dangerfield impersonation (not even my typical genre of comedy) that you have ever heard, seriously. I may sound a bit mashuga but I think that Rodney is channeling me @ night.
I am told that I play GREAT blues harp and ok trumpet
The first things people usually notice about me
My wit and honesty...you can't catch me in a lie, I don't believe in them. Physically I dunno, I'm told I look good, but I guess my eyes and my nice smile seem to getall of the the attention for me in the physical stuff and my strong personality and high energy levels mentally.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I read "The Internet" recently all of it and WOW!--it took almost 2 weeks to complete-I hope it's never made into a movie...God-I'd like to meet that author---hmmm according to the internet-I already did and that blows my mind! and you thought that my "about me" was long winded!
I'm not a big book reader-but my latest read is titled "I Can't Believe I'm Still Single" by author-actor and director Eric Schaeffer- I find his work wonderful.

TV-Jeopardy Family Guy-South Park-Real Time With Bill Mahr-Seinfeld (still), Curb your enthusiasm. Weeds, Shameless. Boardwalk Empire, Louie, Wilfred, 30 Rock-Sons of Anarchy most original stuff on FX and HBO/SHO-anything by Ken Burns-I really dislike all reality TV except foodie shows, I especially love shows like "diners drive ins and dives". Oh yeah, the best reality show, life!

Music is such a big part of life I enjoy most everything with exception of opera.
My favs being the Dead, Further, Government Mule and of course the Allmans who I never miss during their long run each year @ the Beacon in NYC.
If you looked on my ipod you will find everything from the hot latin sounds of Rubin Blades to the sweet bluesy voices of Susan Tedeschi, Sinatra and Ella to indie stuff like the killers, Grace Potter and the Shins.
I do love going to a concert or club now and then if theres great tunes, comedy clubs are also good fun.
As for movies, To hard so I'm just going to throw the first ones that come to mind:Forrest Gump, Being There, Brazil,The Natural, Midnight Cowboy, Casa Blanca, The Godfather 1 and 2, Good Fellas, (anything mob related) anything by Woody or Mel-Field of Dreams, The entire Thin man series with Myrna Loy and William Powell-almost anything old and in B/W-The Sting and Butch Cassidy,almost anything with Paul Newman, James Bond movies, Patton,On the Waterfront, Citizen Cain, Seven, Along Came a Spider, Slueth, The Wizard of OZ, Being There, The In-laws (orig.ver.)most Hitchcock films, and I will openly admit Hudson Hawk, yeah thats right I'm the one and last but not least Lenny with Dustin Hoffman

Food: Italian, Chinese/fusion American, select seafood not sushi but hey, "it aint for everyone is it". A good salad can be as great as a delicious gourmet meal, I love them too. A falafel from Mamouns is a welcomed pleasure when visiting the village.
The six things I could never do without
1-Kooper my chocolate lab
3-Love (a womans touch)
4-Swimming (scuba)
6-my ipod (music)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The most romantic perfect date and it would go something like this: First I invent a time machine (why not somebody will cross that continuum some day) then my date and I would go back to 1943 NYC. Me in a white jacket black bow tie tux and her in a long sultry satiny dress. Yeah thats it sweetheart-just like Bogie and Bacall. We would have a black Cadillac all big and round with all the chrome glistening in the moons light. We would head to the Copa Cabana where we would mingle with all of the high social stars of the time-goof on them a bit and dance to the big band sounds of Tommy Dorsey or Count Basie-with a crooner who would be-well-ah-crooning! We would dance and experience and embrace all of the innocence of that special time-oh yeah-everything would be in black and white.
On a typical Friday night I am
Writing off another boring and lonely Friday night and knowing that Saturday night won't be much different.

Although lately I have been sitting in with a few bands and blowin some mean jam blues harp.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I watch Jersey Shore, more embarrassing than private~
You should message me if
If you know that you are and not wish you were.

If you really want us to work, you will need to be as in touch with your inner child as you outer old fart~