50Liège, Belgium
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My self-summary
Update 04-09-2013
I've met a woman last month here on OKC with who I'm in a process to create something of creative and beautiful, then at today I'm not interested to meet new "alone souls" except to develop a friendly relationship.
For that I'm completely open, in the respect of the limits that I'll impose, to avoid embarrassing situations...
I leave my profile as-is, without deleting the text. This may be help to understand better what I've searched for and to create may be new friendships.
And I would like to thanks all the beautiful people (really!) that I've met thanks to this platform. Every woman was unique and wonderful, no matter if met through the net or physically.
Thank you, I wish the best to everybody.

Difficult to summarize in few words my self.
Good things :-) (well, it depends)
- Romantic, Sensitive, Interested in all aspects of life, Discover new cultures, little bit artist (some people say that I'm talented, I chttp://www.okcupid.com/profile#an't judge my self for that), I'm loyal and when engaged I try to do my best to help the couple to grow. My astrology sign (Virgo) match very well with my personality (search over the net), except that I'm more spiritual than this sign is described.
I like to visit art museum, exposition, when possible to Mineral and Fossils expo too in Belgium and occasionally France and USA, "loose myself" in forests to listen silence and quiet life. Each year I'm traveling in Italy to visit my parents and visit the country, go to the beach (I love the winter beach too), discover old churches (I like Roman churches).

Bad things :-( (well, it depends, too)
- I need to have my reserved space and some moments of silence and solitude, sometime not well speaker (I don't like to fill the air with useless words), reserved, I don't express myself all the time (shy?, reserved, see above), my English is weak (...), I like taller woman to have the possibility to see her eyes when dancing slow music (between 1.70 and 1.90 is ok, but this is not mandatory).

VERY bad things
I like garlic, onions, spicy meals and other stuffs that aren't very "socially attractive" and women repulsive. May be it's time to change habits? otherwise I risk to live alone in a cave, with bats, spiders, mouses (but not vampires) for the rest of my life!
Or if you like these aliments... you want to marry me?
What I’m doing with my life
Good question.
My job allow me (fortunately, just now) to develop my "parallel life" in the domain of science (palaeontology), art, music (as listener, not player), reading books. For me, my goal is the knowledge of all things that constitute our inner and outer world, from "microcosmos to macrocosmos" as expressed by the Middle Age French Chartres School lecturers.
You can find more about me on my FB account, if you wish: www.facebook.com/enrico.bonino
I’m really good at
Drawing and take photos on nature, landscapes, I like to observe the intricate details of the expression of natural life.
I like to cook (mainly Italian food), listen people and share his/her feelings.
I love to see stars in clean sky (very very rare here in Belgium!), follow the constellations, draw invisible lines between stars, enjoy the beauty of our forgotten dark sky.
I like to discover the other people, what they are and what they want. I like to study, observe, sometime interpret some behaviors.
... and fossils! Ah this horrible illness that oblige me to cumulate impossible organisms dead hundreds of millions years ago. A long, very long story that they are able to explain if we have the key to unlock their secrets. How fascinating is that (for me of course... ).

And of course it's easy to write this, but like for anyone of us, I'm far to be perfect, with my paranoias, moments of melancholia, sadness and lazy days... this is the life baby!
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm kind (someone said), with sharp sense of humour, interesting... Considered little bit eclectic. I let you to ask to discover my different facets.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Il Nome della Rosa and Baudolino of Umberto Eco, La Morte di Virgilio (Hermann Brock), Le Affinità Elettive (Goethe)... philosophers (pre and paleo-Christian authors), Sciences (Paleontology, Astronomy), Esotherism (Rudolf Steiner), Mircea Eliade, Annick de Souzenelle, Hermann Hesse, Edith Stein, philosophy and many many more...

Science Fiction (from the Fritz Lang masterpiece Metropolis to Pandora), b/w old films, Bergman, Olmi, Fellini, Pasolini, but also Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, Stan & Hardy, Chinese/Japanese historical movies, Il Grande Silenzio (Die grosse Stille by Gröning), The Piano...

Really eclectic, from Gregorian Music (my preferred is the Solesmes choral), Hildegard Von Bingen, Middle Age Polyphony (Gesualdo, Dufay, Desprez, Ciconia, Agricola, Lassus, Monteverdi...), Classic Music (Vivaldi, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Arvo Part, Purcell... and MANY others), to Post Punk/Post Rock groups (The Cure, Bauhaus, Siouxie, Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, Sigur Rós, This Mortal Coil, Dark Sanctuary, The Soft Moon, Amber Asylum, Black tape for a blue girl...), Italian singers (Battiato, Guccini, De André, Ivan Graziani, Battisti...), french singers, rock groups like Pink Floyd, U2... in general '70-'80 music.
If you are a harp player, there is a risk to be fall in love with you IMMEDIATELY. The sound of the cords of this instrument is really hypnotizing for me...

Discovered this today (24/07/2013): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCfhn0IZ6L8&list=RD02kMpdQycz9g8
Marvelous Charpentier!

As previously said, I like to cook Italian food (I'm quite good on this art), and I love to discover all kind of international food. As wrote above I eat nearly something that is "edible", preferring organic food.
Six things I could never do without
- Reading books
- Breathe wet perfumed air in a wood
- Listen the silence in a Roman cloister
- Collecting fossils (nobody is perfect)
- Take pictures with my iPhone (have a preview here http://www.flickr.com/photos/39473567@N07/ or here: http://instagram.com/ebonino)
- AND of course to love and share my time with a woman (this is mandatory)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The time that flows incessantly as a river, the deep silence separating the stars in our sky, the marvelous forms of life that live in our planet, the occasion that I have to live to discover all of this, outside and inside of me.

AND I spend a lot of time thinking WHY interesting and beautiful women live too much away from where I'm living!
On a typical Friday night I am
as I am.
No typical Friday.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm normal.
As other billions of humans on this wonderful Earth.
I'm unique.
As other billions of humans on this wonderful Earth.
You should message me if
you are interested to have a contact with me (can be little bit foolish to contact me without interest!). I'm not really (very) fluent in English, preferring French or Italian. But can be funny to try to discuss of everything using a relatively limited dictionary. Hopefully, to love someone, sometimes no words are required.

Just to clarify, I'm searching for a long term relationship (at least try to have). There are many beautiful women on OKC that (unfortunately) are searching only for short term or casual sex. Also if "appetizing" I'm not interested in this kind of relationship... and I'm really selective.

I prefer to have a relationship in an easy way, without travelling more than two hours by car, train, plane, shuttle... to meet each other. Of course I'm open for every penpal relationship with everybody.
I've had the really bad experience to meet an interesting woman, that match with me at 1000% by text/skype/phone but 0% physically, no chemistry, the absolute void (and was really sad and really a bad surprise for each other)... THEN, PLEASE if someone would like to start a relationship with me, take in account that I prefer to meet in short time to avoid "post dating depression" after weeks of messages, phone-calls, telegrams, pigeons, dreams, fantasies, flowers and butterflies on my mind... Just to save my psychological equilibrium.
The two of us