47 Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
In no particular order: general contractor, former minister, joyful atheist, cuddle monster, annoying feminist dude, wanna-be curmudgeon, supplemental parental figure, bleeding-heart liberal, bunny.

I have a fabulous partner with whom I am absolutely in lurve. Lurve, I tell you! On occasion we date other people as we see fit, hence the OKC profile. If you are not into the whole poly thing, kindly move along. Nothing to see here.

I'd like to find a lovely individual to be my friend and/or occasional play partner, preferably someone who already has a partner or at least some solid experience with poly. I'm not looking for a unicorn, thank you very much. My partner is perfectly capable of finding her own dates.
What I’m doing with my life
Remodeling our master suite, mostly.

On top of that I'm just enjoying being genuinely happy. Having people in your life who actually care about you as a person does not suck. My little 'found' family is unabashedly weird, but that's why we work.

I always seem to be mastering something new or discovering a better way of looking at things. I'm living on the obsessive-compulsive spectrum and I have to tear the guts out of anything that interests me. Being a dilettante is my natural state.
I’m really good at
Cuddling (seriously--it's my thing). Learning anything new. Singing. Writing. Building shit. Taking an unrealistic amount of physical abuse. Looking like an entirely different person in every photo taken of me.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm never what people expect.

For example, whenever I go into a Home Depot some shelf stocker wants to school me on the finer points of lumber selection, or heap some equally insulting edification upon my person. Never mind that I've been a construction contractor for my entire adult life. I apparently don't look like a contractor.

On the flip side, because I'm in construction, the kids automatically discount the existence of my brain, despite the fact that I am constantly answering their questions, homework or otherwise.

I can't win, really.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
All the books! I mean, where do I start? I'm on Audible every day, it's the only thing that can get me through something like painting or drywall, but I'm a binge reader on the Kindle. I'll go without reading anything on the Kindle for a while and then scarf down half a dozen novels in the space of a week. Literally. That's exactly what happened on my last vacation.

In reverse order of what I've read/listened to lately: Silo Series, The Son, The Martian, Sharpe Series, Kitchen Confidential, Aubrey-Maturin Series, school books, Red Shirts, The Graveyard Book, The Dresden Files, The Atlantis Gene, Game Of Thrones, American Savage, Sex At Dawn, Zealot (the bible nerd in me loved this one). I could go on for like, forever.

LOTR spoiled me for high fantasy. It's Tolkien or nothing as far as I'm concerned. Everything else is a pale imitation. Even Game of Thrones, which I actually liked quite a bit.

I'm a sap for Harry Potter. Deal with it.

I used to be a huge Sci Fi geek and consumed everything extant, good or bad. I'm still a sucker for a good Sci Fi, but a good Sci Fi is rare as hen's teeth. Oddly enough, I read Ender's Game only very recently and it lived up to it's reputation. The rest of Card's writing? Meh.

I'm a total sucker for a classic 80's movie, but I'm also one of those pricks who waxes eloquent on some unheard of indie flick and then goes and swoons over Chris Hemsworth at the megaplex.

Mr Selfridge, Mozart In The Jungle, Arrested Development, The Increasingly Poor Decisions Of Todd Margaret, Extras, Archer, Adventure Time, Game Of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Justified, The Office (English), anything with Karl Pilkington in it, Red Dwarf, Reno 911, Warehouse 13, Sherlock (Why is everyone ape shit over Cumberbatch? Martin Freeman is much more attractive.)

If I'm framing I need straight up butt rock, maybe a little AC/DC or Led Zeppelin for spice. Interior remodel, Kings of Leon station on Pandora. Cooking, I go with the 80's station. But it's mostly about Bowie. If you don't like Bowie, you are probably a communist.

I'm a foodie. I love to cook. My work mate and I make a point of cooking on site as much as possible and the sky is the limit: grilled ahi with home made mango chutney? Why not? Grilled portobellos drenched in vinaigrette and swiss? Sure! (There's a lot of grilling going on.) However, I love sushi more than anything. My partner is passionately ambivalent (is that a thing?) about fish, so I often get my sushi fix by going on a sushi date with someone else. You like sushi? Yeah, we can hang out.
The six things I could never do without
Cuddles, cuddles, more cuddles, beer, verbal excoriation by the thirteen year old, and maybe some cuddles.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The nature of 'othering' and the power of institutional indoctrination and systemic marginalization. It was my job to implement precisely these kinds of shenanigans when I was a minister, so I have opinions. I can't understand how any woman can be a traditional Christian. At all. Same goes for LGBT people. I'm happy that many Christian organizations are granting parity to formerly repressed groups, but I think the offending institutions should be discarded entirely, rather than patched up from within.
On a typical Friday night I am
Donning armor and getting the shit beat out of me with rattan swords.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
My partner calls me Mr. Peep: Crusty on the outside, marshmallow on the inside. She also edits my writing and plays wingman for me.
You should message me if
You are reasonably versed in non-monogamy and poly-positive. I don't think that's too much to ask. This is Seattle--you can't throw a copy of Sex at Dawn without hitting a non-monogamous relationship modality.

You are a decent human being.

You understand that time is a precious commodity. Between running a business, remodeling the bathroom, cooking, going to soccer games, schooling, cuddling the stuffings out of my partner, and all the other various joys and duties of adult life, the prospect of getting out of the house becomes a strange combination of exciting/burdensome for me. Of course I should get out of the house on occasion, interact with different people, etc, it's good for me, but sometimes staying home and getting my ass whupped at Magic and then going to bed early seems a whole lot more appealing. In other words, if I get up at 5 AM, install cabinets all day, and miss my (pathetically early) bed time to go out with you, you must be a very special person indeed!

You know a killer sushi joint. You know, the kind of hole in the wall place that has super fresh fish and an oddball selection. The kind of place where the chef tells you what to eat and doesn't give you a choice. Love sushi.