24Guelph, Canada
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My self-summary
Wanna hear a song of mine? Here's the link: https://youtu.be/rl0bFCqZwgo

Check out my favourite indie comics to cheer up start from the first one and move ahead.

Who's up for conversation? I'm bored.

I model in my spare time.

I have now 11 tattoos. On both hips. On both ribs. On both wrists and on both forearms. Such a wanna be symmetrical. I know! I've had them for 5 years now but you wouldn't even know! 😁
Except for the addition of three fingers yesterday. K cool.

Always tend to be well liked / popular. Don't know why. Since I was a kid. I'm charmingly outgoing and crazy fun inside this tiny conservative shell. Super chill. Not girlie at all. Would you believe it?

Random fact: I don't like fast food. I eat healthy naturally. I prefer to make everything from scratch. Tastes so much better anyways.

Sex in general is a grusomely boring topic! So not really my cup of tea. That's really your business what you like not mine...and as for the man who wins my heart my likes, needs and wants will be his...

So do me favour...don't bore me will ya😴
I live in Guelph Ontario Canada.

Hmm where do I start. Haven't used this in over 3 years. Not sure why I'm here, but I know for certain that it isn't for casual sex.
Sure sex is great, but I'm not looking for it here. It's not that hard to find lol. Don't need okcupid for that. However, I'm down to make friends and see where that takes us.

Not strictly platonic just not looking for any FWB

Now let me see probably the first thing anyone notices about me is I smile 99% of the day. Like even when I'm pissed off as hell apparently I'll be smiling up a storm. I get asked why am I smiling so much, and to be honest I usually can't answer the question. Therefore acquiring the nickname "Smiley" anywhere I go. If you hate to look at a cheerful face all day, I'm probably not your best bet.

Now on the other hand...

I am bi. However my luck with the ladies hasn't been all that great. I keep running into confused girls. Or girls who think they are but aren't. I can tell, they're still growing. So no opposition to my lady friends, just found that I have better experience with men so far. They seem to know what they want more than the ladies who say they like women to be honest. If you can prove me wrong I'd love for you to!

I'm pretty creative. Have a dark sense of humour. Very Harley Quinn. Tough and hard to knock down. But nothing makes me cry I'd rather laugh after something scary or horrific. I don't know. I see the joy in all things I guess.

I'm tiny. I'm sorry. Can't help it. I eat a lot but food has no interest in dwelling in me as an unneeded fat cell. I just can't gain it. So here I stand at 5'3 108lbs. Forever and ever. Almost 24 but still 23 so yeah. Love me or hate me. I'm me.

I'm not your typical girl either. I'm not into a whole lot of girlie stuff. I'm more of like a chill chick. So I hope this applies to you too.
What I’m doing with my life
On the verge of success.

Currently work in healthcare.

I am an aspiring vegetarian. In long term hopes of becoming vegan. I'm part time vegetarian for now. I just haven't found something to substitute my weekly - twice a week dose of fish/chicken breast.

Human rights activist.

Union representative for my work place. Get to go to cool fancy events and help people with their issues. I enjoy it.
I’m really good at
Everything...more or less

(Making Beats
Making Music
Cleaning (lol) not for you though
Everything a man could ever want and more
Cheering people up
Listening to people's problems etc.)

Being an amazing friend.

Being an amazing girlfriend but only for the right person of course

420 bong style.

I'm actually pretty smart surprisingly. Remember acting dumb, and being dumb are two different things. And luckily I am neither of those 😀

Singing and rapping I can rap pretty decently for a chick and pretty fast too

(Suck at texting)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
The Bible
Rich Dad Poor Dad
Cash flow Quadrant
The Compound Effect
Anything that reminds me of positivity and keeps me level headed.
Six things I could never do without
Visual Art (all forms keep my eyes ocupado)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My future and the happiness I want to achieve.
On a typical Friday night I am
Creating sick music as usual!

I'm not into drinking or clubbing

Chilling with my man. (If he existed)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm bisexual...
I hope the right guy comes to me one day because I don't really like looking lol.
You should message me if
You feel like it...
Just know some may be disappointed if all you want is casual sex. See if I wanted casual sex, my phone would have enough volunteers, so you don't need to worry about that
The two of us