31Prince George, Canada
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My self-summary
OK, first off, if you like anteaters, don't bother messaging me. Screw anteaters.

My hobbies have varied over the past few years. I taught myself how to play around on the piano several years ago and I still like tickling the ol' ivory e'ery now and then. I once played in the BC Poker Open down in Vancouver and lost a little over halfway through (I had an Ace King and lost to an Ace 3 because A 3 hit the flop); so I have played in a semi-professional poker tournament. Speaking of card games, I card counted quite a bit in university to make extra cash. No, it's not as cool as the movies would have you believe.

I was a gamer growing up, but have lost interest in all these new-fangled (redundant: fangles are always new) games out there, so I have reverted back ("reverted back" : redundant?) to playing old games--NES and SNES. I don't spend as much time as I once did on video or computer games, though. I also like to play soccer in a casual league, and keep somewhat physically active. I can also say that several years ago I ran the length of a marathon in an attempt to win a fitness competition (I totally won, and there's an awesome story there), but that was overdoing it and I've eased off on the fitness.

OK, so this is fairly long, but hang in there. It might be wordy, but at least I'm not an anteater. Ha... ha... I HATE THEM SO MUCH D:<.

I suppose I should mention my non-negotiable relationship morals. I have never cheated and never would cheat, although I happily assume most people don't. I believe in finding one person that I like, and seeing where it goes. I'm not entirely sure why, but until I decide whether or not I'm into someone, other women don't exist.

I'm actually very easy going. I take the joys that life gives me and roll on through everything else. So, if you're just looking for something casual or don't know if you're ready for anything relationship-y, let me know ASAP! And now for a story!
He arrived first, and chose a table that had a comfortable amount of distance from the other patrons of the coffee shop. After several minutes, She cautiously approached him. She said his name in an inquisitive manner; he smiled and greeted her by name. He arose and proceeded to order a frappacappacaramacchiato. She laughed at his ridiculous order and asked the barista to make it two. The two engaged in pleasant conversation and waited for their drinks to come. He talked about his weekend, and she talked of hers. When their drinks were manifested, they proceeded back to the table and began talking about their careers. He was a student at university, taking chemistry so that maybe one day he'd become a pharmacist or doctor. Only, he did not find passion in this line of work--he enjoyed tutoring high school students for extra cash so much more than studying for chemistry or volunteering at hospitals. But becoming a doctor; now that is respectable. He imbibed some of the concoction that he ordered--it was terrible, and he regretted spending $44 on it.
He asked her about her career and her aspirations. She had been around the world, travelling to whatever country she wanted for the past five years. She had started college, but wanted to experience life while she was young and unencumbered. She told stories of the children in Manila, the apes in Nepal, and the flowers in Florence. He listened to her intricately woven stories of her meanderings through parts of the world that he had only read about. Her eyes would sparkle and shine when she described in vivid detail each place she had been--the freedom of her spirit poured out onto the young man.
He had rigidly followed a plan that society had lain before him. Study, use intelligence, become a doctor, be the upper echelon of society, get rich, get a family, be a stereotype. He was captivated by the life that the young woman led. She was free--she was happy. He was captivated by her. Each sentence piqued his interest anew. He suddenly was nervous. He blurted out how he would someday like to travel and see famous historical landmarks one day. She laughed, and told him that she follows her passions, and that it was a good way to live. She smiled--he was flustered in such a cute way, and for some reason that is still unknown to this day, a flick of a spark emerged. CONTINUED BELOW
What I’m doing with my life
I'm very happy to say that I have achieved my dream profession of being a high school teacher. I find teaching students deeply satisfying, and consider myself on the start of a lifelong journey--don't stop believing. Hurrah! That being said, I also like having side projects--mostly a little business that I run. I DJ weddings. So, if you know of anyone who needs a wedding DJ... nudge nudge. ;)
I’m really good at
I'm good at lots of things... I try to be well rounded. I like to think I have talent in my hands. I can juggle! :)
The first things people usually notice about me
What is it that makes me unique like a happy little snowflake? Well, for one thing, people who know me consider me quite funny--I enjoy getting to know a person and what makes them laugh. I am unabashedly silly sometimes.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
So, I really enjoy Stephen Colbert and emulate his writing a tad--and yes, I get a significant amount of my news from watching his show and The Daily Show. I love good movies, and collect best picture winners. If you like classic movies, you will impress me (if you say The Lion King is a classic film, I'll pat you on the head for being so adorable). I don't read as much non-expository literature as I would like, but I read classics like Crime and Punishment, Grapes of Wrath, The Foundation Trilogy, and The Great Gatsby. Not as much a fan of the modern day works. I'm sure there are some good ones out there, but I'm just not a fan of wizards, vampires, or shady, grey, libidinous litigators (are they lawyers? I don't know).

Music: Love most of it. The 60s are amazing, and I have songs I enjoy from the 1910s up to the present day. Right now I like the Bleachers and will always have a soft spot for Donovan. Tons of points if you know about the episode of Futurama that referenced a Donovan song. And don't look it up; is that what we have come to as a society?
Six things I could never do without
Friends, family, music, piano, internet, movies.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Morality, existence, happiness... deep philosophical issues... Spongebob Squarepants. I also think a lot about what makes me "me". I believe that self-awareness is very important to fulfillment.
On a typical Friday night I am
Spending time with close friends.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
The most private thing I'm willing to admit is that I genuinely tear up during very well done movies. Don't judge me, I believe in moments of redemption and true love--but I am a savage man that eats pine cones and fights grizzly bears and wild animals. Not anteaters, though... filthy horrid animals.
You should message me if
Message me if you would like to know a gentleman... I am kind of old fashioned and haven't dated very much. So pretty much message me if you are a nice girl. :)
The two saw each other later that week, the next weekend, and twice the week after that. He basked in her beauty and her beautiful words, and she took his hand and saw his passions. Warmth emanated from the young man when he spoke of his tutoring, and creativity when he played the saxophone while singing to her (which is not easy to do!). Months passed, and more passed, and the two learned more and more about each other. She was not a good cook, but he enjoyed her food. He was a terrible dancer, but they had fun all the same. She melted his rigid lifestyle, and in turn the spark within her grew into a celestial flare. When she saw him, she saw the man who she wanted to be with, the man that would be her best friend and confidant. He would be her protector and cherish her, all in his own special way.
Years went by, and he proposed. He surprised her by getting Macy Gray, his soon-to-be-fiance's favourite 90s one hit wonder, to sing that song (Macy Gray was surprisingly easy to book). It was beautifully dorky, and he was her dork. The two began planning a life together--planning the money they would put away to buy a house and start a family. She had encouraged him when he changed his schooling away from medicine to teaching, and he was nearing the end of his formal education, which included a grueling practicum. He was taking his last step towards the beginning of his life's passion. She was also taking a step towards her passion: her incurable wanderlust. She would visit South America, her last continent, and come back and celebrate her fiancé's success. But most of all, she would celebrate their love by telling him new stories, and they could share that first moment all over again.
He was nearly finished his practicum, and returned home on what seemed like an idle, boring-as-death, Thursday. His car lurched into the driveway, and sputtered as the engine died. On his steps, he could see his sister, Jennifer, waiting for him. Jen looked emotional, and exhaled a long, tired breath. He asked what was going on. Jen told him to sit down. He demanded to know what happened. There was an accident in South America. Something horrible happened. His insides clenched and his eyes withered. Is she ALRIGHT? Jen started crying. She was dead. The beast was wounded and she happened upon it. There was nothing anyone could do. It was a loathsome giant anteater that had killed her.
The two of us