28 Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
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My self-summary
I've played around with a lot of versions of this profile but never asserted what I was looking for. Don't ask don't get right? So I'm asking :)

Here's a little about me:
- I speak six languages
- I've been to >50 countries
- I'm very liberal and sexually open
- I'm extremely loyal
- I'm smart as fuck ;)

- People who show me new things
- Walking around cities
- Cold weather
- Surprises
- Food food omg food

- Rude people
- Close-minded people
- People who are bad at texting
- Strong sunlight
- Not much else :)

What I'm looking for
Someone kind. Sexually adventurous but not crude. Not necessarily devastatingly handsome, but attractive. Someone open minded. I'm tired of cheap experiences, I'd like something real. I travel a lot- come with me?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I hate cupcakes. When I was at uni my flatmate used to bake 3-5 batches a week. Soon we had no free surfaces in the kitchen and everything was covered in a fine layer of icing sugar. Over the course of six months, the piles of uneaten cupcakes built up. The pressure mounted and then one day I cracked and went on a cupcake smooshing rampage. The feeling I had when I smashed that first cupcake was better than any sexual or drug-related release I've ever had. Strange eh?