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My self-summary
Anything said here is not meant to offend anyone in any manner. It is simply how I truely feel about certain situations through careful thought, consideration, induction, and deduction. nothing more.

Such a thing as two souls finding their way to one another, thus combining to make one prime existence would need a degree of perfection not allotted by the laws of nature. A degree of perfection could only be alotted by nature in the event of two of the same bodies converging onto one plane, a physical and mathematical improbability. Therefore a soulmate cannot exist without perfection of the single souls/bodies as exact individual constants [not variables] or as one supreme constant in the result.

I don't guess I have to say it. A soulmate is something made up by our parents and the media to get us to think it will happen for us and everyone else. What happens when it does not take effect is another story entirely. They say all our lives that there's someone out there for us. They're on their way! Wait... wait... here they come... just a little longer... and... oops; sorry buddy, you lose, try again :p

we all have some bad luck w/ the opposite sex, i think. We're all influenced so greatly by the media to find "the one" for ourselves that we forget what life is really about; Family/Friends/Fun. in that order

I truely believe in such a thing as a mutual, trustworthy relationship between two people, but not a soulmate. I believe that two people have to work together using honesty and straightforwardness in order to work out as individual constants. Variables do just as they will, vary. But variables can remain constant as long as we want them to.

You see?

If we stay constants [without variables] then hope of finding "the one" get's thrown out the window. Because constants cannot be variables and variables are obviously a must when it comes to human nature. Yet, variables can be constants. I believe that when two people find enough common variables through change and adaptation in a monogomous relationship, then they can find their constant, as well.

Some of the relationships that I'm able to observe in every day life are rediculous to me. I know a couple that should never have been together, hate each other's guts, like, really hate each other's guts, and stay together fighting every second all the while having 4 children. I cannot tell you all how much I greatly dispise even the thought of such a relationship. The only reason I still see them at all is because those kids need to see that there's at least one level headed person in this world who won't judge or criticise them for being just that, a bunch of kids doing no harm. Yet, there's harm to them. This is why the institution of marriage should be banned, at least for a while. One can find their *cough cough "soulmate"* without having to marry them. But fidelity has become a thing of the past. Guess I don't even have to say that. It's a given.

People will tell us that they want nice things for us and then divorce us after they've gotten their's. Halffilled with single parents the United States has become nothing more than a breeding grounds for the tasteless and lost. A bumbling barrel of idiots saying, "Yes we can have another child out of wedlock," and "Yes we can do more meth than those other countries" at the same time. No wonder half of today's kids are either ADHD or undiagnosed.

I have no problems with people who are single parents. I simply detest any individual who does not know when to stop having children just for the hell of it. There are plenty of children today in foster systems without homes. Because of this fact I will not have a child of my own. I will adopt one already in need and help them to become a great person, and great citizen of this country, and a great parent for their own children or adoptees. And this is the attitude that most people should have about the issue of overpopulation in the united states and the well being of our young Americans.

Kids are great and I'm an uncle to many, although I have none of my own. I'm looking for someone who shares some of the same ideals about this issue as I do. That does not mean that I toss someone to the side for a "mistake" here or there, but if you have 5 of which and it's bringing you down, don't bother messaging me.

I maintain no drama in my life and I won't go for it at any time with anyone. I'm severely laid back and want someone who's kind of the same. Although, I do like a bit of sponteneity from time to time :x
What I’m doing with my life
about a year ago now I graduated from Lambuth with a degree in visual art, minoring in psychology. Needless to say the kinds of jobs are scarce right now. To compensate I've been working a decent job as a block layer and am currently pursuing my own business ventures.
I’m really good at
observation, sculpting, carpentry, cooking, gaming.
The first things people usually notice about me
How about you tell me the first time you see me and then we'll know :p
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
ask me later
I spend a lot of time thinking about
sex and honesty
On a typical Friday night I am
at home playing space invaders.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
sometimes... when i'm out of clean underwear... I go commando! >='D
You should message me if
you believe that the idea of a soulmate is unlikely, yet still wish to find a good companion for yourself through effort and communication.
The two of us