35 Studio City, United States
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My self-summary

UPDATES since I haven´t been here for a while.

I no longer have dreadlocks. They looked great on me but I love change and off to new adventures.

Im a filmmaker and I work with two media companies as creative director and producer. I have a Master Degree and Im a kick ass Director. Plotting on three new projects and I need days of 36 hrs to achieve everything I need to do and still manage to get a life. Hence Im back here or else I would only be dating girls I meet on set... which is pretty much what I´ve been doing since I move to LA.

Films are my true passion and I love what I do.

Life feels so much easier when you are passionate about what you do and enjoy every second of it; even when you feel like punching people because of the stress, haha :D don´t get me wrong, being on set can get crazy sometimes.

Still I don´t punch people... well a little bit, but only because Im a a martial artist (Martial artist help me to feel relaxed and focus) and I do stunts as well for films in my free time… whenever that happens lol)

I do have an very dominant personality. In and out of set and the bedroom. There´s an interesting kinky side of me related to BDSM life and been learning for the last two years about Shibari (off to google you go for more info about this), still I balance perfectly every aspect of my life and this doesn´t mean it´s all I am and like or enjoy.

I have a fascination for vintage stuff. I only write in custom made leather notebooks with my fountain pen, well that or my laptop.

Also I love camping but I can be very indoorsy as well. I would love to meet someone to explore the world with me or at least explore CA and it´s surroundings.

Scotch or Whiskey! Yum. I don´t drink that often. But I do appreciate the taste. Also red wine. Wanna go on a road trip to Napa Valley? I have never been there and I´ve been dying to.

Im a very decent cook. I find cooking very relaxing and also I can eat healthier if I cook. This is only recent from the last three years but I have been improving and I love making breakfast, it´s my favorite meal now and I would certainly will bring breakfast in bed for you because I love being a good host.

Truth, respect and honor are the three pilars in my life. Im a quiet person who thinks out loud! Proactive, always working, stubborn as hell but really a funny man with a great sense of humor.

Carrying and friendly, Im really sociable. I don´t believe in impossibles, there are only obstacles. I hate tags, social tags and as I told you before Im a really honest person so open book here. Ask anything you want to know.

You´ve got a glimpse of me. Off you go now now. Have fun reading the rest.
What I’m doing with my life
Working on the ultimate plan to rule the world.

Since the last one is not working very well so far, Im making movies. Perhaps I can rule the world with fantastic stories that inspire the audience for good. That is actually my true goal with everything I work on.
I’m really good at
Making people laugh with uncomfortable comments -or not- (like pointing out the things that no one wants to say but everyone is thinking). Being sarcastic. Being an amazing friend (not sarcasm). Writing and making films, poetry, being brutally honest and jerking off...or at least I think Im good at it (be honest you laugh about this, at least a pity laugh ;) haha).

Also Im really good at having discussions, like clever arguments over a bottle of wine but I prefer relaxed conversations.

I love people who challenge me and/or give me a new point of view of the world.

Oh and I can give amazing massages, for real... Im better a receiving them, I love getting massages; my back it´s always killing me out of stress.
The first things people usually notice about me
That Im a very respectful happy person with a strong character, good leader, opinionated with a great witty dark sense of humor.

My smile. Im always smiling and I have a contagious laughter although it seems in most pictures I don´t smile.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
The perfume (Patrick Suskind), Six Feet Under (Alan Ball), all kind of music but since I am an 80s guy I do love grunge, all movies, cinema it´s my passion in life but probably my favorite one it´s Amadeus. Food, everything not spicy, or too spicy.

I read a lot and watch lots of movies but Im to lazy now to write all of them. Ask if you want something specific.

Recently I re read The unbearable lightness of being of Milan Kundera so I could have in fresh in my mind while watching the film which I never new existed. I didn´t like the film that much. The book is fantastic please go and look for it.

Also I´ve been cooking a lot of italian lately.
The six things I could never do without
Ill give you 5, if you want the sixth one, come and get it.

Women (Every writer needs his muse)
A fountain pen
A leather notebook
Good Food
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The stories Im going to write or that Im writing and sex (lets be honest we all do). Sometimes this two merge into a single strem of thoughts and yet my stories are non sexual...go figure.
On a typical Friday night I am
Martial Arts. My alter ego in this life is a stunt coordinator-performer-and now apparently teacher. So usually on fridays 7 to 10pm Im kicking ass or showing other people how to kick ass so they look good on camera. Wanna try it?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
;) ... I think Im willing to basically admit everything, just ask!

...ok I can be sort of a geek but not many people know this ;) Also I am a comic conoisseur, mostly because I use to read them when I was younger.

Then again most people dont know about this, but probably my perfect girl would be the one willing to spend a whole night watching SW with me cuddling, then go camping and return to our home and cook a little before we have raw passionate sex all night long.

Also that Im on Okcupid. There I said it. But LA sucks to meet people when you are working all the time.
You should message me if
You are a sexy geek!

If you enjoy inteligent coversations.

If you love exploring your sensual side and enjoy new adventures.

I message you, it´s just polite isn´t it?

Your guts tell you to do it.

Even if your guts tell you not to, they could be wrong! Add some risk to your life!

You´re drunk, high or intoxicated. It´s always nice to get an honest message without being filtered by all the social rules of etiquette and stupid protocols. I heard once only tree kind of people say the truth: kids, intoxicated people and people who are pissed off!

Do we actually need to make excuses in profiles for people to feel good about writing a stranger? Isn´t that the actual reasons why we are here anyway?