30Wellington, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a nerd if we're going to be labeling people here. Into all that geeky shit as it were. Pretty open and understanding guy. Get passionate about my projects and dreams, and then I take a nap. I'm into disappointing pretty ladies oh so hard. Also... if I message you and it seems awkward, it's because I am hilariously bad at acting smooth.
What I’m doing with my life
In between careers and enjoying it. If you're asking outside of work, spending my time with video games, writing, and table top games. And trying to find other hobbies, like getting back into photography and video work if I can get the tools again.
I’m really good at
Anything I feel like putting more than 3 hours of work into. I've got a knack for learning quick talents. Being hilarious and keeping it real or something to that effect.
The first things people usually notice about me
My wicked beard and probably other stuff I don't really know what. Most likely my amazing choice in wardrobe and my personality that just lights up the room. Seriously, the room is on fire. Where's the damned fire extinguisher?!?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I read most anything when I remember to but love Sword of Truth, Dresden Files, Hyperion Canthos and other series I can't think of.

I'm weird with movies but what pops to mind right now or recently is Let Me In, Kick Ass, Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World, Zombie Land, Kung Pow Enter the Fist, old Kung Fu flicks, Star Wars, Labyrinth aka (That movie staring David Bowies pants.), All the comic book movies pretty much, Chronicle and various crap loads of other movies I cant think of right now.

Music...err wow...um I love music alot. But if I HAD to name some bands.... Megadeth, Murderdolls (Wednesday 13), Nine Inch Nails, Kidney Thieves, Breaking Benjamin, Korpiklaani, Dethklok, Andrew WK, Bang Camaro, Offspring, Social Distortion, Foxy Shazam, The Heavy, Streetlight Manifesto, Reel Big Fish, Michael Buble`... Wow that list went off the tracks at the end didn't it? Seriously, I love music and will try most bands/songs out. This list used to be bigger and ramble on. Fixed that shit in post yo.

I should watch TV shows. There is a surprising amount of good tv. But I don't have cable, and I'm too busy watching tons of other things.

As for foods I like food... I'm picky sometimes, but I like food. And I will consume all in my path if need be! I can even cook when I feel like it.
Six things I could never do without
Computer/Internet, Caffeine, Music, Mental Stimulation, -RANDOM OBJECTIVES-
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Very very very random shit...
How very terrible I am at not looking dumb.
On a typical Friday night I am
Sitting here finishing some random project or being dragged out to have a drink with a friend.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
This is easily my greatest creation.
You should message me if
If you feel like it. I like jokes, alcohol, brownies, dark humor, and witty banter. Seriously, I have fun discussing just about anything. People have a surprising amount of cool shit to talk about... I know I was surprised as well.

Disclaimer: I guess I need one of these considering my luck on here. So I guess if I message you, or I respond to a message that you send. Be prepared for me to actually be interested and try to talk to you a lot. Not trying to be a creeper or weirdo, but I'm honestly looking for someone and trying to get to know them and see if there is anything there. So ya, if you don't actually wanna talk or you're feeling overwhelmed. Let me know, I'm getting sick of getting the run around.
The two of us