35Mexico City, Mexico
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My self-summary
Most of the women off OKCupid here so far have been rather insane or generally off in any way possible. This is more or less logical, as the ones that cannot find a partner in real life are going to end up here.

So, if you are a woman that is: bisexual, convinced of absolute female superiority and having to thwart and suffocate and corrupt/torture men in every way possible, cruel, violent, loose in the head, mired in egoism (placing your own activities and things above a person), treating men like machines designed to satisfy any female whim, hell-bent on wasting someone's time and inducing despair, careless and not knowing how to relate with anyone, etc. - bugger off. Just because someone else hurt you ages ago does not give you the right to keep hurting me at any opportunity. As one J. Christ used to say, forgive your enemies or you'll live in a fever of spite (all right, this is mixing old J. C. with David Gilmour, but you get the idea). Listen to Pink Floyd's "Division Bell". As in, really listen, chances are it won't leave anything in your head, but his point is that.

On the other hand, foreigners, musicians, artists, and just those who don't feel like they fit into regular society (which is rather hypocrite and insane/violent around here) are welcome. If not for a permanent affair or romance, then at least for general interest (this is also why the status is usually "looking for friendship" - a friendship can, with time, change into anything more serious if there are no stumbling blocks). Musicians can always learn a thing or two from a practising sound engineer, and art is always harmonic.

So far the only real contacts made on OKC have been mostly professional, and that is telling in a way.

Some useful information:

Addicted to tea. Not coffee. Tea.
Electronic musician, though mostly sound engineer.
Has a large music collection.
Occasional photographer.
Occasional writer (short absurd/surrealistic stories, philosophy, psychology and such). Also a technical writer.
Plays guitar and synthesisers.
What I’m doing with my life
Sound engineering. Yes, this also includes recording live gigs and if necessary setting up stage sound systems. Mostly though it's the likes of mixing, sampling, and some music/sound creation.

A bit of writing (mostly technical, sometimes audio gear reviews).
I’m really good at
Technology. Engineering in general (this also includes fixing stuff up).
Sоund engineering.
Writing (mostly English, occasionally Russian and Spanish).
Some computer games.
The first things people usually notice about me
Now that is the great mystery... Maybe the longish hair ("Alice-in-wonderland" style). It's thin and soft, dark brown. Or the fancy headphones. There's not much else special, is there?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books... Uhm. Too long a list. The Book of Changes first, C. G. Jung, and from there a big eclectic list starting with Scandinavian magic story writers (Tove Jansson, etc.) and ending with Phillip K. Dick and Stanislaw Lem, passing through some Russian writers not very known outside their homeland (it's been changing though, Pelevin & others are getting recognised in translation).

Movies & shows: Scandinavian movies (you know, the warm-yet-depressive-and-somewhat-sick-of-it-all flair). Aki Kaurismiaki (esp. the Leningrad Cowboys), Polish directors, classic French cinema (Godard, Lelouch...). Chinese & Asian movies are welcome. And heaven forbid Tarkovskyi. Jeeves & Wooster (also the books and P. G. Wodehouse), Blackadder, a bit of Mr. Bean is all right, "A Bit of Fry & Laurie".

Music... This could go on forever. It's easier for you to examine the collection in real life and see whether there's anything you're familiar with (and likely there's a lot you're not familiar with).

Just some names: Final, Jesu, Godflesh, Fall of Because, Edgard Varese, Aquarium, Bjorn Lynne, Ketil Bjornstad, Mick Harris, Oleg Caravaichouk, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Evangelios Papathanassiou, Zvouki Mou, Soft Cell, Loop, Taiga, Edward Artem'iev, John Cale, Velvet Underground, Obermannequin, No Smoking Orchestra, Enya, Alan Parsons' Project, Solaris B. C., Bill Laswell, Blackstar, Conjure One, Klaus Schulze, DDT, Firebird, George Gershwin, Goran Bregovic, Robert Hampson, Main, Mooze, Jean-Michel Jarre, Justin K. Broadrick, Keith Jarrett, Karelia, Ken Hensley, Kevin Schilder, Kim Jensen, Nakaido Reichi, Mark Saul, Misery Loves Co., Ministry, Nautilus Pompilius, Napalm Death, Praxis, Scorn, Techno Animal, Vitriol, Igor' Vdovin, etc. etc.

Tea is a staple. Chinese tea, Japanese tea, Indian Tea, Ceylon tea, oolong, lapsang souchang, pu-er, darjeeling, Earl Grey, Lady Grey, jasmine tea, etc. etc.

Otherwise anything out of food, except maybe coarse fast-food stuff like McDonalds' hamburgers.

Books - too many to list.
Six things I could never do without
MIDI keyboards.
All of the many music-playing devices (speakers, headphones, etc.).
Cell phone (this is just practical).
Tea-making utensils and tea.
On a typical Friday night I am
Possibly stuck editing recorded takes, doing something else sound/music-related, or maybe recording a live gig.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Private is just that.
You should message me if
...curious. Or bored. There's no "if" really.
The two of us